Grrr: UPS Driver Kicks Therapy Dog, Injures Owner’s Rib

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UPS driver kicks dog

Based on a shocking video released yesterday, you might think UPS stands for Unnecessarily Pugnacious Scoundrels.

In late May, a surveillance camera outside of an assisted-living facility in Atascadero, Calif., captured a UPS driver kicking Patch, a small, 10-year-old American Eskimo dog. Patch let out a cry as she was sent tumbling backward.

When Patch’s dog dad, Timothy Paulsen, ran up to the driver, the driver shoved him in the chest, apparently dislocating and re-breaking a rib that had been previously broken in a motorcycle accident.

“This assault was completely unprovoked,” Paulsen told Cal Coast News yesterday. “I nor my dogs did anything to deserve this attack. The driver threatened to kick me as I tried to calm the situation down.”

Although Paulsen’s fist is clenched in the video, he told KSBY he was just pointing his thumb at himself in a non-threatening manner.

“It was a reaction. I said, ‘Hey man, I was sitting right there,’” Paulsen said. “And that’s when he just clobbered me.”

Paulsen regularly brings Patch and his other dog, a Scottish Terrier named Bonnie Bell, to the facility to interact with the residents, many of whom suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

A resident who asked to be identified only as Richard told Cal Coast News the dogs are always friendly. He said Patch was not acting aggressively toward the UPS driver.

“The dogs were just barking and did not attack anyone,” Richard said. “He kicked the dog twice and it screamed.”

Paulsen contacted the Atascadero Police Department and filed battery charges against the driver. Cmdr. Joe Allen told Cal Coast News the police department is preparing a report to be sent to the San Luis Obispo County district attorney’s office.

The UPS driver, who has not been identified, told police he felt threatened by Patch, who was not on a leash, and by Paulsen.

In an email to KSBY, UPS spokesman Dan Cardillo said the company trains its drivers to be cautious when confronted by dogs and to protect themselves if necessary.

However, “UPS does not condone this driver’s behavior and took disciplinary action,” Cardillo said. “We have contacted the customer and apologized.”

Cardillo did not specify what disciplinary action was taken. Paulsen told KSBY he doesn’t want the driver fired, but hopes UPS will “reevaluate” him.

“He definitely needs some sort of therapy,” Paulsen said.

Many of the comments on the Cal Coast News and KSBY stories support the UPS driver, saying he was just trying to defend himself. What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

Photo via YouTube

  • Merci

    This is an outrage the employee needs more than evaluation there is no reason why that had to happen.If you look at all the things that happened with UPS and Fed X any postal service has had some issues. Good example look at the Holidays i know that has nothing to do with this. But some pissed off employee is having a rough day or whatever. There is no reason for abuse especially when the dog or dogs are not aggressive towards unless provoked. Now if you provoke the animal to attack mode of course your going to get a reaction. Hell wouldn’t you fight back if you were provoked ? Apparently the dog did nothing wrong but what ? BARK! Is that a reason to kick a little dog that only weighs 10 pounds WTH ? And yes i work with animals i work with a no kill rescue. This person needs to be on unpaid leave no excuses. If you have witnesses and the cameras Oops! Then again people will do anything to get and seen and heard with the wrong information and don’t care who they hurt. Who is going lean towards more and have the evidences all caught on tape. The owner and the dog if you pay off people to not squeal but we know what happens then that is just giving more to put into the fire. I wish and hope the owners of the dog will be fine . I hoe things will turn out for the better.I hope the right actions will be done and served. And yes i have dealt with situations similar to this back in Los Angeles Animal Control in hoarding and bait cases. Fortunately it was settled out of court .