Dog and Goat BFFs Are Homeless No More

dog and goat best friends adopted together

A young Pit Bull mix named Felix and a young goat named Cinnamon grew up together in Raleigh, N.C., and became inseparable. Unfortunately, when their owner was no longer able to care for the BFFs, they were surrendered last month to the Wake County Animal Shelter.

“People often mischaracterize shelters as dog pounds, but the Wake County Animal Center takes in a huge variety of dogs, cats, mice and other critters,” said Wake County Commissioner Cheryl Stallings in a press release. “Still, to see such a strong bond between a goat and a dog is really special.”

Since goats and dogs are social animals, “it makes sense they would find friendship,” Wake County Animal Center Director Dr. Jennifer Federico said in the press release. “In many cases of interspecies friendship, the species are not normally seen together, and sometimes, one is of a species that ordinarily preys on the other in nature — whatever the reason for these two bonding, it’s clear what would be best for their well-being is to keep them together.”

(Speaking of interspecies friendships, back in 2015 a pot-bellied pig named Pickles and her two Chihuahua/Pomeranian BFFS were facing a similar situation at a Pennsylvania animal shelter. The trio was adopted by Blue Hound Farm in Lewisberry, Pa., and are hopefully living happily ever after together.)

homeless dog and goat best friends adopted together

While Felix might be lucky enough to be adopted, chances were pretty slim that someone would want to adopt Cinnamon along with him. To increase those chances, the Wake County Animal Shelter reached out to its rescue partners. “We’re so thankful that our center has established such great partnerships with local rescues so we can send out a plea for this sweet pair,” Stallings said.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes of the Mr. Mo Project, a New York-based rescue focused on senior pets, happened to know of the perfect forever home for the buddies. And that home just happened to be in North Carolina — and the Wake County Animal Shelter just happened to know the adopters, who have been fostering dogs for the past 10 years. Even cooler is that the Mr. Mo Project will pay Felix and Cinnamon’s veterinary bills for the rest of the pair’s lives.

Felix and Cinnamon’s new forever home has plenty of space, and, best of all, a herd of goats that will likely soon become BFFs with both Felix and Cinnamon. 

“I’m so excited they will be living their dream life in Johnston County with their new family,”  Shinica Thomas, chair of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, said in a press release. “The Wake County Animal Center has a fantastic rescue network and they focused on the best solution for this pair after getting custody of them. This was the best outcome we could hope for!”

You might say their rescue is … wait for it … the GOAT, at least as far as these lucky pals are concerned!

To make a donation to the Mr. Mo Project, click here.

Photos: Wake County; Wake County

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