Someone Really Wonderful Put $8,000 in Pasadena Humane Society Donation Box

cash donation of $8,000 to Pasadena Humane SocietyWith the constant bombardment of bad news, some days it seems like the world is pretty much an overfilled dog poop bag. September 21, however, was not one of those days.

Why? Because a very generous donor left $8,000, in cash, in a donation box at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA in California. You have restored my faith in humanity, you amazing mystery person, you.

“This was a wonderful surprise,” spokeswoman Jamie Holeman told the Pasadena Star News. “The donation is going to really help us.”

The 400 $20 bills were discovered in a collection box in the shelter’s Neely Cat Center yesterday morning.

“It was an anonymous donation,” Holeman told the Pasadena Star News. “If they want to come forward and identify themselves, we’d love to thank them in person.”

Holeman told Pasadena Now the philanthropist may have been a woman visiting the shelter who was seen near the donation box yesterday morning.

“She also expressed interested to our staff about adopting a cat, but did not visit the adoptions office,” Holeman said. “We can only guess it was this person, as the donation was left anonymously.”

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA takes in 12,000 unwanted pets every year, Holeman said, and relies on donations to help keep it running.

“This $8,000 donation is going to go a long away to provide help, food and shelter for the critters that we have in our care,” she told the Pasadena Star News.

Photo via Twitter

Laura Goldman

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