RECALL ALERT: Himalayan Ruff Roots All-Natural Dog Chew Toys

Updated May 29, 2015 with information provided from the Himalayan Corporation.

himalayan ruff roots recall

Some lots of Himalayan Ruff Roots All-Natural Dog Chew Toys sold at PetSmart are being voluntarily recalled because of possible metal contamination.

“Though the amount of metal is negligible, the Ruff Root toys were only taken off the shelf as a safety precaution,” their manufacturer, the Himalayan Corporation, said in a statement. “We have since implemented additional procedures to ensure the safety of Ruff Roots.”

According to the Himalayan Corporation, only the following products sold at PetSmart are included in this voluntary recall. The lot number is branded on the chew toy.

  • Ruff Roots Sprout — Lot Number SP001
  • Ruff Roots Stump — Lot Number ST001
  • Ruff Roots Stalk — Lot Number SA001

If you purchased one of these products, return it to PetSmart for a full refund.

If your dog appears to be ill after chewing one of these toys, take him to a veterinarian or animal emergency hospital.

For more information about this recall, visit the Himalayan Dog Chew website or email

The Himalayan Corporation is based in Mukilteo, Wash. This year both PetSmart and Petco stopped selling pet treats made in China because thousands of dogs have become sickened or died after eating jerky treats manufactured there. The cause of the illness is still unknown.

Laura Goldman

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