Good Cops! Watch Police Officers Rescue Dog from Raging Colombia River

colombia police officers rescue dog from river

When police officers saw a dog being swept away in Colombia’s Liboriana River earlier this week, they wasted no time in saving his life. Their heroic actions were captured on video.

Torrential rainstorms in the Salgar area resulted in the raging river as well as mudslides that have killed more than 60 people. This is Colombia’s worst disaster of its kind in 10 years, according to news reports.

As the dog was pulled down the river, smashing into rocks and debris, the officers ran alongside him on the rocky river bank, shouting in Spanish, “Jump in, jump in!” When they were finally able to get ahead of him, one of the officers, risking his life, waded into the river and grabbed the unconscious dog. He carried him safely to shore under his arm.

Back on land, the officers gave the dog CPR while one of them gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Thanks to these heroes, the dog gained consciousness and was even able to stand up. The officers carried him to their truck and administered IV fluids.

Although the dog did suffer some injuries, he is expected to make a full recovery.

“The courage and training of our Carabineros helped save a dog who fell into the murky waters,” wrote the Colombia Ministry of Defense on its website. “His life is most important to us, so we did not hesitate to rescue him and bring him to safety.”

dog rescued from colombia river

The officers have named the lucky dog Principe (Prince). If no one claims him, he will become an honorary K-9 officer.

“Por tu bienestar, nuestra labor. Por una vida TODO,” Policía Nacional de los Colombianos wrote on its Facebook page Wednesday. Loosely translated, that means, “Our work for your well-being. For ALL lives.”

Photos via YouTube; Facebook

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