Tampa Police Officers Stop Train and Rescue Dog Tied to Tracks

MARCH 11, 2015 UPDATE: Two 17-year-olds have been arrested and charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty in this case.

tampa police save dog shot and tied to train tracks

Talk about a couple of Supermen.

Just minutes before it would hit a Pit Bull mix that had been shot and tied to the railroad tracks, Nick Wilson and Sgt. R. Mills (in the photo above) of the Tampa, Fla., police department were able to stop a train and free the dog.

The officers found the dog last night as they were responding to multiple 911 calls about a shooting in the area. They rushed her to the Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Center.

Despite being shot twice in her neck and once in her right shoulder, the dog, who’s believed to be a year or two old, is expected to survive. Her front right leg will need to be amputated, however.

Dr. Jamie Davidson treated the dog and named her Cabela. She told CNN Cabela’s rehabilitation will take only a week.

“Dogs rebound quick,” Dr. Davidson said. “Really, after everything that this dog has gone through … she’s the sweetest. I mean she’s not angry with people. She’s not growling. She’s been really, really good.”

cabela dog tied to railroad tracks

According to the Tampa Police Department’s Facebook page, Cabela — who’s also being called “R&R” — is scheduled for surgery later today.

Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Center is covering the cost of Cabela’s care, which is expected to be several thousand dollars. To make a donation, contact the hospital.

Dr. Davidson said that once Cabela is healthy, spayed and vaccinated, she will be ready to be adopted by a “good family.”

The Tampa police department is asking anyone with information about this case to call 813-231-6130 or 800-873-TIPS, or submit a tip via Crime Stoppers of  Tampa Bay.

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