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Watch Hero Officers Rescue a Bloodhound Trapped under a Car on Busy Freeway

Officers save dog trapped under car's tire on busy freeway

During rush hour Wednesday morning, Placer County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Stan Semenuk was driving westbound on the busy I-80 in Northern California when he spotted a young Bloodhound darting across the interstate. The Bloodhound, named Ruger, somehow made it safely…
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Dog OK After Being Snatched by Eagle and Dropped 4 Miles from Home

dog survives being snatched by eagle

As Felipe Rodriguez watched in horror, an eagle swooped down and snatched his sister’s Bichon Frise, Zoey, from her backyard in Bowmanstown, Penn., Tuesday afternoon. Rodriguez, who was visiting from Chicago, thought he might be hallucinating. “It seemed like something from the…
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