Rape Charges Dropped Against Toney Converse of ‘Pit Bulls and Parolees’

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Toney Converse Pit Bulls and Parolees

According to a lawsuit filed in June 2015 by Jennifer Stampfel, after she visited Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC), the rescue on Animal Planet’s “Pit Bulls and Parolees,” Toney Converse, a parolee featured on the reality show, “drugged her, raped her twice, stole her virginity, transmitted an STD to her, impregnated (her) and threatened to kill her,” the New Orleans Advocate reported.

Stampfel, a seminary student from Pittsburgh, Pa., wanted her name to be made public to “bring awareness to the situation,” her attorney, Charles Marshall III, told news sources at the time.

Stampfel didn’t only sue Converse. She also sued VRC, its owner Tia Torres, Tahyo Tavern (a bar owned by Torres) and 44 Blue, the production company for “Pit Bulls and Parolees,” all for failing to supervise Converse.

“The true and innocent victims here are the dogs of Villalobos Rescue Center,” Torres said in a statement last year. “What did they ever do to her that warrants taking away the donations used to feed them, house them, treat them for deadly heartworm disease and ultimately get them to a new home? What kind of person wants to be responsible for causing irreparable damage to hundreds…no, thousands of homeless dogs?”

To prepare financially for the lawsuit, VRC closed two satellite locations and consolidated the dogs on a donated property in rural Louisiana. The past season of “Pit Bulls and Parolees” didn’t mention the lawsuits but showed Torres and her family, along with volunteers, getting the new property ready for the dogs.

One year later, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office has decided not to prosecute Converse.

“Our office has concluded that based on the facts presented, the witnesses interviewed and the circumstances described in the report, the matter does not merit prosecution,” wrote First Assistant District Attorney Graymond Martin in a letter to New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison, the Times-Picayune reports.

The civil suit, however, is still pending.

Stampfel’s ‘Disgusting’ Allegations

These are the pretty far-fetched facts of the case, according to Stampfel’s lawsuit.

Stampfel said she first met Converse in April 2014, when she was visiting New Orleans and stopped by VRC. She returned to the city two months later to attend the Summer Hebrew Institute at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

While she and Converse were at Tahyo Tavern, a bar owned by Torres, Stampfel says Converse drugged her soda and later raped her at the house where he was living. She did not report the rape until two weeks later, after finding out she was pregnant.

Stampfel then signed up for VRC’s Bully Boot Camp program for the purpose of confronting Converse about the rape and telling Torres, according to the lawsuit. In August 2014, while confronting Converse at the same house where the rape had allegedly occurred, Stampfel said he again sexually assaulted her.

I don’t understand why Stampfel would return to VRC and Converse — and why she would sue VRC, which is only punishing the dogs.

“I have been raped and NEVER did I go back for it to happen again!!!” wrote a commenter on my June 2015 story about the lawsuits. “I don’t know this girl but something just don’t sound right. Just not believable.”

Converse’s attorneys called Stampfel’s allegations disgusting and defamatory. Converse planned to countersue for defamation.

“Everything about our relationship was consensual from the day she came down to the day she left, to my knowledge,” Converse told WDSU.

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  • Sherry Stock

    I’ve always loved dogs and just added a new breed to my favorite dog breed list…I’m adding Pit Bulls to my list of favorites.
    I admire anyone who helps animals who have been mistreated or abused. Tia Marie Torres is someone I could be lifelong friends with. What this special woman does for “Pitbulls and Parolees” is a blessing!! With her , man and man’s best friend both get second chances at life.
    May God bless her work…now and always!!

  • Sherry Landry

    Hello my comment will be brief. I do not take the word rape lightly however, miss Purity, went into a bar in the French Quarter, a popular bar, drink Soda, and went back to a strange man’s home. Then returned to talk about the rape at a later date. Do I have that Straight? Now because she is knocked up and her family is disappoint in her, Tony is the second coming of satan. It’s all about the money, it always is. Pitbull have enough negative bullshit that they do not deserve to pay the price of a naive girl who wanted to play in a big girls world and now has the walk of shame and wants to blame a man. Sorry honey boo hook. Normally I am not this callus but Really? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see how this played out. All I can say is Tony be a bit more selective my friend. Live and learn.

    • Regina Knott

      Ignorant fool; Going into a bar is not a rite of passage to be raped.

      • Voice Of Reason

        No, but it indicates she’s not the wholesome innocent she’s claiming to be. The story sounds sketchy at BEST-especially the 2nd alleged rape.

      • sherry wiscovich

        I believe Sherry was just drawing attention to the fact that she’s supposed to be attending a seminary school (which was her purpose for being in NOLA) and was hanging in a bar in FQ, then made the smart decision to go to the apartment of a man she did NOT know, then made the decision to see him twice more…a real rape victim would never want to see that man again unless it was in court! Come on Regina….who’s acting ignorant in your statement? duh.

  • KansasGuest

    This event apparently happened in 2014. So, did the woman have a baby? Was there a paternity test done? Can you imagine having to co-parent with someone who accused you of rape, then tried to sue you & your non-profit employer? If the child was born, I feel bad he/she has a wackadoodle for a mom who prefers to sue people to make a living instead of have a job.

    • Saltporkdoc

      Who knows they are pregnant within 7 days of impregnation? Last MD I talked to said it took 6 weeks to be sure!

      • joyce taylor

        A blood test can tell much earlier , not urine.

        • Savannah Hunter

          Not that early. I’m a nurse in Obstetrics. A month at the earliest.

      • Haleene

        He said they had consensual sex. Any baby could have been his, but I don’t think she was rapped. If you feel that strong about getting revenge you would kill them, not set yourself up for rape again. Redicules.

    • Worship Dancer

      I heard she had an abortion.

      • AngelGirl803

        Another article claims she had a miscarriage.

    • AngelGirl803

      I read another article that said the girl had a miscarriage. How fortunate. It didn’t say whether a paternity test was done. But the DA decided NOT to prosecute.

      At this point, her only option is a civil suit. I don’t understand why she’s suing the bar, the production company, VRC and Tia. This is just a desperate money grab at this point. I hope she fails miserably.

      I also read text messages between Tony &
      Jennifer Stampfel where she called him “baby” and was excited to start a family with him. Of course, her lawyer claimed it was doctored & offered his client to take a lie detector test. I didn’t see whether she actually took it. But regardless, the DA said there wasn’t a sufficient amount evidence to prosecute.

      I really hope Tony, VRC & Tia counter sue for libel, defamation of character, and for damages done to the reputation of this wonderful rescue organization. This lady is pure evil, in my opinion.

  • Michelle Stephenson-Webb

    I’m going to start by saying I call bullshit on this want to be “angel of mercy”! I’m going to cuss a lot here so if you don’t want to hear it or see it turn the page! I am a rate victim ‼️‼️ So, you money hungry bitch, if you’re reading this I hope you take it all in! Why in the hell would you be in the bar if you were a seminary student,no less in the French quarter ‼️you must know that that is the party life you were NOT going in there to talk about the Bible or to try and convert people let’s be realistic ! Secondly you premeditated your entire confrontation not just with Tony, but with Tia! You planned it joined a Boot Camp that Tia was presenting to the public , and sought out your whatever revenge for the nothingness and nonsensical bullshit that you premeditated to put your plan into place !it’s called money !! i’m gonna jump to myself for a moment here, let me explain the definition of a rape victim and the hell that goes down in the moments days and weeks after. You sure as fuck do not sit around and think about how you’re going to Polian your revenge to get close to them to expose them perhaps maybe go to their boss who is on public television maybe! That would be a fucking NO! You cry, you scream,the moment that you are free from that situation you grab the phone you go screaming to the first person you see for help! And they abruptly and whisk you off to the hospital to obtain a rape kit right then and the police are not far from it they are right there to get the information while it’s fresh in your mind and the days after that follow and the months even years it’s never out of your mind your trust is always teetering on your gut instinct, and it never fully leaves you! It happened to me in February 2002 it is now August 2016 and trust me not a fucking moment goes by that something doesn’t take me to that moment because I have permanent damage that I deal with daily and you are a sorry fucking person not only have you destroyed a man’s life ,you have tried to destroy a woman ,her family and their livelihood and the livelihood of some thousands Of beautiful helpless dogs !that if it weren’t for VRC and yes the show,where would they be ?where would they go ?they would die and you the sorriest fucking example of cry rape because your family scowled at the very thought that you’re pregnant , and I damn well know that that’s what it’s about I do know that’s what it’s about you got caught up in what’s the best way to turn that fucking situation around oh I will just premeditate a fucking story and I’ll take down a guy that I know who’s been in jail for something super bad and entire family who happens to be on TV that will work for me ‼️ Thank God you got called on your bullshit! I think cheeses that the prosecutors shot so many holes in your story that you were called out and what has to be the most disgusting disgraceful thing that a woman could deal!v thank God you got called on your bullshit! I think cheeses that the prosecutors shot so many holes in your story that you were called out on what has to be the most disgusting disgraceful thing that a woman could possibly ever do! You are the very reason it is so hard for a woman to go through a rape trial when in fact there has been a rape or a multiple rape ‼️you are disgusting and have no business representing any part of any Church !! How the fuck do you get up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror and go about your day like nothing happened nobody was injured or hurt you didn’t almost put a man back into prison probably for the rest of his life after he so greatly has turned his life around in the best possible of ways and you didn’t almost ruinTia Torres and her family’s entire lifelong ,blood,sweat,& a hell of a lot of tears Dear Jesus, super hard work for the greater good of the pitbull rescue and she extended that into a lot of other animals and now you’ve left them no choice but to rebuild and you almost caused thousands of helpless pit bulls and other dogs and I might say cats because she does rescue them ,all a certain hellish existence until they finally succumbed to a horrific painful death ‼️ And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the parolee program that is so very much a vital part of VRC! That she, Ms. Torres, feels just as passionate about and it’s called believing in someone even when they don’t believe in themselves building up their character building up their self-esteem something you would know anything about because you’re about tearing the fuck out of somebody ‼️Tearing out their soul stomping on it perhaps that’s what you do! That’s what in fact you have done to Tony, to Tia, to her entire family, to all of her animals, to all of her workers and the parolees that she has taken as her family to get them a better life! So, I could go on and on because I have met Tia, I have met probably just about every worker every parolee several of her children seen just about every animal every beautiful pitbull that she has at her rescue several many many times as I live in Baton Rouge and I visited several times when I lived in Ohio and flew down to New Orleans !! Only one question left! How long is it gonna take for you to drop the civil suit? How long until you realize that you and your lies and your nonsense are literally affecting thousands ??you need to stop !!right now !!! I’m just going to sign this a true rape victim !you’re disgusting!!! Praying for Tony for Tia and her family ,for everyone for every single animal ,bully’s and others🙏🙏🐾🐾🐾 One last thing, I’ll tell you what my mama always said to me, & I to my daughter, “Jesus,don’t like ugly” ‼️

    • joyce taylor

      The charges have been dropped against the guy that was accused

      • Worship Dancer

        not the civil lawsuit. she’s still going forward with her BS lawsuit.

        • Tammie Black

          What i dont understand is how you can still sue someone, if the case is dropped or im O.J. case, was acquitted? He was basically found not guilty by a Jury of his peers, so how could the Goldman family still file a civil lawsuit.(i think he quilty), but thats not the point. You’re found not quilty but we’re still gonna penalize you like you were. Just dont understand it.
          You should not be able to file a civil lawsuit if you haven’t been found quilty or charges have been dropped. Sure hope the hell she looses big time and Tia and tony win their counterclaims.
          Its EXACTLY as Michelle said, you dont go into a bar if you’re a seminary student, much less go to the french quarters of NOLA. Then you sure as hell dont go back to comfront the guy, you go to the police. As for her to say she only knew she had been raped because she was pregnant and that he took her virginity, really, cause if you’re a virgin, you’re as sure gell gonna no the next day that something happened down between your legs. She got caught drinking a few drinks, said yes ti a man, ended up pregnant and knew her parents would be disgusted with her, so she made up the whole story to cover her ass. Point blank.

    • RiotGirl

      I think the issue here is society. She was a virgin, and anytime some has a first experiance with sex its discribed at “he took my virginity.” Or “i took her virginity ” or “i lost my virginity to him” it all sounds involuntary. Like the person has no choice. As a parolees your best staying away from virgins. Especially virgins bellow the age of 18 “because 17 will get you 20… 20 years in prison” as the saying goes.
      Regardless if she thinks VRC is at all responsible for the alleged rape it makes no sence using VRC to help confront the purp. What is odd to me is how willing she is to make her name pupblic but wasnt willing to go to the hospital after the rape? Pregnancy can be terminated but HIV is forever if you dont get treated immediately after transmited.
      Regardless we need to change the way we speak when our virtue is giving willingly. Alot of females feel like fools after giving our virtue. Alot of us regret it. But that doesnt change the concent at the time.

      • Julie Gonzales Fleiser

        No such word as alot. A lot.

    • Joseph Slabaugh

      “I am a rate victim”

      I dont believe I hever heard of that, what is it?

  • Angie Soldati

    As a rape victim, which the police could not find nor identify I did in fact go back to where the incident began, had the bartender call the police and did not put myself in danger…. that being said and if she possibly had the same intentions to meet him in public and get him to incriminate himself I understand that… but how on earth do you find yourself at his home again???? furthermore Tia and VRC is not responsible to supervising the parolees in terms of staying out of trouble… that is what parole officers are for… to monitor and make sure they are following their terms of being paroled …. now as far as Tia and the VRC crew, they are nothing more than a second chance job for this man… these dogs do not need to suffer by taking the little bit of money and donations they receive to maintain a shelter for them because of a possible rape that occurred at this man’s home , not at VRC not at the production studio , not at Tia’s home , not at Tia’s Bar but at the man’s home….. what does this girl want??? a 24/7 monitor at his home , with him at all times and for Tia and her crew to be his prison guards??? you want to sue…and Given that the Bar is Owned by Tia Torres I could see suing her if drinking or being at a bar was a violation of his parole and that Tia should be aware of something like that…. but since the police are dropping the case and find no merit then obviously being at a bar was not a violation ….. what is sad is that I am from PGH and am ashamed that this apparent gold digger is from my home town

    • joyce taylor

      The charges against the guy were dropped. It’s in one of these stories on this page.

      • Angie Soldati

        I saw that Joyce and I mentioned that in the comment … look at the last portion of my comment

      • LadyJ

        Much like a legal gun owner defending their property, a court may find no fault in your actions but the perps family has 7 yrs to file a civil suite against you! You could be liable for the death or injury of the perp. Even get you for lost wages if they actually worked, for taking their parent or sibling, etc. Pray for this guy, our jacked up system could still make him pay for some ridiculous reason.

        I would never deligitimize a womans claim of rape but something is fishy here & like a previous commentor noted … Why would a young girl in seminary school place herself in a bar? 🤔

        I just pray all works out & the rescue doesn’t suffer from it.

        • Joseph Slabaugh

          civil suite *civil suit

  • Kim Hayes

    I too call bullshit on her rape story, she was probably pregnant long b4 the supposed rape & confrontation. I think she found herself in a delicate situation of being pregnant while in an seminary college & knew she would be a disgrace to the seminary & her family for having broken her vow of chastity. So, quick what do I do, cry rape & play the victim, Actually, almost everything she claimed happened, sounds exactly like a big-time news story out of Texas. (I live in Texas) The rape happened about 6 yrs ago, only the rapist owned a pizza shop with a bar & the girl was trying to get a job there. He drugged her, then took her to a hotel & raped her repeatedly & gave her an STD. He confessed to it all. It’s only popped back up in the news in the last 2 yrs because of the civil suit. Have to give the girl credit for originality, she did her homework!! Where she lost it, is the whole confrontation part because no one who’s been brutally raped, would ever go back for more!! It’s blackmail pure & simple, & after the girl loses her civil suit, (because she was) I hope like hell that Tia turns around & slaps her with lawsuit because Tia will win!! Go Tia!!

  • Karen Bennett

    I was date raped at 17. I never saw him again. I would never put myself in a position to see him again. I gave very vague information to the police and physicians at the hospital because somehow I felt guilty and like it was my fault that I went out with this monster. This story does not add up. I’m 58 years old now and still can’t watch a movie with a rape in it without having nightmares. This girls story does not add up. I still have fear. The thought of lawsuits or going back again never entered my mind. I would give anything to get this out of my mind.

    • WesU

      Hi Karen, The only way to clear your mind of the tragedy is to find help from God to forgive. Put the vengeance in God’s hands. The prophets wrote the exact words from God: “vengeance in mine” and you must let it go through forgiveness. If God can forgive you, then you can forgive and be clear to exercise faith in God to bless you and protect you. He will. Try Him!

  • joz Harris

    If someone is drugged and then raped, it can take WEEKS for them to get full memory back! It is NOT the same as if you are lucid and raped at all. That doesn’t explain why she would go back without at least one person at her side to try to confront him or assess what happened.
    The bar is also a for-profit business owned by the family that advertises they donate what amounts to a small percentage of the profits to the shelter which gives them massive tax deductions on their earnings from the bar with no way to track what really is donated. it is vastly different from a business used to generate income for a shelter that is owned by the shelter itself.
    According to public records villalobos itself and not the family own several homes in the New Orleans area in addition to the shelter property shown in the show. No satellite adoption sites or shelters are listed so it would appear that the family and some workers live in those homes the same as they did in CA but more spread out in NO.
    It’s a whole murky mess on all sides.

  • Regina Knott

    Okay, for EVERYONE on in the comments section, just because a woman goes to a bar, whether in Seminary or not, does NOT mean that they are expecting to be raped! That part of her story, or her not immediately reporting the incident, or her wanting to confront her “rapist” has no bearing on whether or not she says that she was raped. Get over yourselves ! There is not a formula that is followed by rapists or most importantly, their victims! Each person is different, has different backgrounds and different methods. Yes, I AM speaking from experience. I was convinced by family not to press charges because of the shame that it would bring to my family and potentially me. That was how I was raised, so it worked on me. I had gone to a bar…I let them into my car, and I walked them to their room, which is where it happened. I was drunk and naive. Afterwards I didn’t want anything more than to see them punished, but I was not strong enough to go to the ER, or to stand up against my family. Shame has a powerful hold on many people. So..BEFORE you go and judge someone for what they DIDN’T do, remember that they are NOT YOU! Nor does it mean that the act did not occur.

    With that being said, it is hard to reconcile why this young lady feels as if she has to take every one down. The man’s actions are his own, and have nothing to do with the show. It may very well be a set-up for cash. Smells like remorse.

  • Frank

    Wrong place for a seminary student to be plus she knows what may happen in a place like that. Did she expect to find converts there? Listen to the lady here who is a rape victim, she knows much more because she has suffered and sadly has gone through it.

  • Tara Richards

    Really she doesn’t report the rape until 14 days yes days because she found out she was prego most pregnancy tests don’t even recognize the hormone of pregnancy till 4 to 6 weeks some might I stress might show at 3 weeks most people don’t even find out by there doctor till they are 4 to 6 weeks along. CALL BULL SHIT I’m calling more than that little miss got dumped prolly and tried the oldest trick in the book. At least the district attorney’s office called her on it and dropped the charges hope her ass gets laughed out of court on the civil suit. I get so sick of people.

  • tangledvine

    A seminary student walks into a bar…..’loses her virginity’ to a parolee….. Goes back for more….THEN two weeks later, finds out she’s pregnant. Now she can’t play pretty little virgin saint anymore. Oh No! Gotta play that rape card. I hope Villa Lobos sues her for some sort of defamation and material damage. She’s a ruinous c**t.
    The fact that all those dogs and the people caring for them have suffered and may suffer more because of this piece of shit is disgusting.

    • 1pitbull

      Does she have proof of her virginity? I ask this because I’m sure she feels that by claiming she was a virgin, people will look upon this as a rape plus and if they were to award her money, the prize would be higher than normal.

  • QuietOwl

    For crying out loud, this is the first I’ve heard of this story. This is all about the money. Miss Holier Than Thou got herself pregnant (or not–who has the PROOF??) & now wants to sponge money out of anyone associated with the show. If a prosecutor won’t touch it, along with the sensational way this girl went about getting back in contact with VRC, I’d say it just didn’t happen the way this woman says it did. All the best to all at VRC.