Starving Dogs Held as Evidence at High-Kill Downey Shelter

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OCT. 27, 2015 UPDATE: Just three weeks later, all the dogs have been rehabilitated and are ready for adoption. You won’t believe their amazing transformation!

starving dogs pico rivera

It’s hard enough to see a photo of one starving dog, but to see an emaciated mother dog and her three Pit Bull puppies huddling together really makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with people.

The heartbreaking photo of the dogs, taken before they and five other dogs were seized from their Pico Rivera, Calif., home last night, has gone viral since it was posted by Janette Gonzalez on Facebook yesterday afternoon. A friend of hers alerted her to the starving dogs in the backyard of a home on Coffman Pico Road.

“I have so much pain in my heart right now,” Gonzalez wrote in the caption. “I don’t know what else to do but out these horrible people on blast. Help make this go viral. Something needs to happen.”

Rescue groups have offered to take in the dogs and animal lovers have pledged to pay for their care. Some GoFundMe accounts have sprung up that could possibly be scams, but more likely were started by people just trying to help the poor dogs.

The nine dogs were taken to the high-kill Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) shelter in Downey, Calif., where they are being held as evidence during the animal cruelty investigation, and will not be released to rescue organizations. According to ABC7, the shelter won’t give out any further information about the dogs.

We rescued our dog Ella from SEAACA in 2010. She had kennel cough, and when we came to pick her up, we were sent to the shelter’s animal hospital. We found her crouching in a urine-soaked cage, ignored by the one employee working there. Her kennel cough developed into pneumonia but, fortunately, she survived. I can only hope SEAACA’s treatment of sick animals has improved since then.

Let’s keep these poor dogs in our thoughts and prayers — they really need them.

Photo via Facebook

  • Cheryl Janachione

    Didn’t anybody see these dogs before? Don’t these people have neighbors or doesn’t anybody care in that neighborhood? This is absolutely disgusting and the shelter they are in is terrible. I am hoping a rescue can take them.

    • Blanca Benson

      too bad they are not letting any rescues take them right now due to investigation but they need to be taken urgently! Poor mama and pups. I have a pit bull my self and I cant imagine him starving like this. Or my other dog and cats Ugh! People are so cruel. Why have animals if you cant take care of them? Right?

    • Leah M

      rescues are lined up to take them. They are being held as “evidence”

    • Mercedes Frank

      It’s pretty sad when the neighbors don’t want to get involved with stuff like this because just maybe they threatened by that person this stuff happens. So people don’t speak up. Or they think why should we / i care it’s not my problem we hear this all the time at the rescues or shelter on a daily basis. How i know this cause i work for one and the animal pays the heavy price unfortunately . I hope in the end these pups knows that someone did try to care before they pass away or what their fate will allow. This is the hard truth we see it as rescuers and shelters and other organizations. But this right here is bullshit no rescue or shelter should never be at that extreme and if they are they know to call out for help. Let’s all hope for the best for these dogs .Never give up trying !

  • Blanca Benson

    I hope they take pictures and videos at the shelter to show us how mama and pups are doing. Are they eating right have they been getting proper treatment. We animal lovers are on the lookout.

  • Leah M

    There is something very wrong with a system that removes starving dogs from Hell and delivers them to a different Hell. Imagine the victim of abuse, found at home with the abuser at home too. The VICTIM is taken to jail to sleep in a cement cell and the abuser sleeps at home. As for being kept at that horrible shelter as “evidence”, why not take photos, notes, etc… and then release the dogs to the rescues lined up to take these dogs? They are all hoping that this fades from the public eye and that everyone will go on to thinking about other things and that the DA will quietly make a statement in 6 months along the lines of “we didn’t have enough evidence to move forward…” PLEASE, EVERYONE, KEEP THE PRESSURE UP!

  • Leah M

    And, the owners of the property are Juan C. and Claudia Jimenez…

  • CJ

    Something needs to change as far as shelters keeping the dogs as evidence, what’s wrong with taking videos and pictures and allow rescues and fosters to care for the dogs immediately. I hear this all the time and no matter what shelter, some are definitely worse than others, dogs need to be where they can get the best care when they are in the condition of these poor dogs.