Man and Dog Rescued from Tree above Raging L.A. River [Video]

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dog rescued from tree above los angeles river

The good news: Here in the Los Angeles, we got some much-needed rain this morning.

The bad news: Because it’s been so long, some people apparently forgot how dangerous the Los Angeles River can become when there’s a downpour.

At least four people and two dogs had to be rescued today from the raging river, including David Quinones and his Pit Bull. They were both able to climb a tree before a swift-water rescue team arrived.

Quinones, who is homeless, told ABC7 he was surprised by the storm this morning. He was with his dog in the riverbed near Shoredale Avenue in the Elysian Valley area.

“Me and my dog got caught by the rising water,” he said. “We basically had to climb up a tree to wait it out. We didn’t know if the water was going to rise. We were just kind of clinging on for dear life.”

He said his dog was “pretty banged up” and her paws were badly bruised. Quinones was treated by a paramedic. According to the Los Angeles FD Facebook page, the dog remained with Quinones.

Farther south down the river, a stray dog and three people who’d befriended him were rescued in Long Beach this morning after they all became trapped in the rising water.

Using ropes, firefighters pulled each of them to safety, the Long Beach Press Telegram reports. The dog, who has some health issues, was taken to Long Beach Animal Care Services for treatment.

The L.A.P.D. and L.A.F.D. are warning people to stay away from the L.A. River today — or whenever there is heavy rain.

  • river observer

    This same individual and same dog are repeatedly rescued from the river every year at an astronomical cost to City of Los Angeles. At this point the amount of money spent could have by now bought him, his girlfriend and dog a house in a pricy neighborhood. At what point do we decide living in the river is not ok and actually enforce the law? This is not only a fiscal matter of urgency but one of these days he will misjudge and end of dead from a storm.