Watch Heroes Rescue Woman and Dog Trapped in Louisiana Flood

woman and dog rescued from Louisiana floodA woman and her dog are alive today thanks to the heroic actions of David Phung and two other men in a boat who spotted her car sinking on a flooded street in Baton Rouge, La. The rescue was captured on video by WAFB reporter Robbie Reynold.

“Oh my God, I’m drowning,” the woman can be heard saying inside her car, its front end sinking into the water.

“We’re coming, we’re coming!” the men assured her. “We’re breaking a window!”

When the men were unable to break the window with a pole, Phung jumped out of the boat and onto the sinking car. He was able to tear through the convertible’s cloth top. As the car became almost completely submerged, he was finally able to pull the woman out.

But she wasn’t alone in her car. “My dog, get my dog!” she cried.

At first Phung was unable to find the dog, and told her her pet might be gone.

“No, she better not be!” the woman said.

And sure enough, the dog popped her head out of the water, which by then was up to the hero’s shoulders. The three were able to swim to the boat.

‘Historic’ Rain and Flooding

Southeastern Louisiana has been experiencing what’s being called historic torrential rain and flooding. During just the past 24 hours, the Louisiana National Guard has rescued nearly 500 people and 61 pets.

At least three people have died — and this woman is really very fortunate not to be one of them.

“Do not drive your car through a flooded area, as it does not take much water to carry away a vehicle,” warns the Louisiana state government. “Do not drive around road barriers, because you do not know if the road of a bridge has been washed out.”

Hopefully Phung will be honored for risking his life to save the woman and her dog.

To make a donation to help people displaced by the flooding, visit the American Red Cross website.

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