Milk-Bone Survey Ranks the Most Puppy-Loving US States (Congrats, California)

happy puppy

California pet parents are the most loving to their dogs, according to the Milk-Bone “Doggy Love Index.” (Woo hoo! As a resident, that’s no surprise to me.)

The ranking is based on a December 2014 survey of 3,000 pet parents across the country, conducted by PRH Data Insights. The results were calculated “by averaging the percentage of a state’s dog parent population that says they regularly engage in seven different loving behaviors with their dog,” according to Milk-Bone.

Those “loving behaviors” included:

  • Telling their dog “I love you” at least once a month — Once a month? More like once an hour! Am I right, my fellow Californians?
  • Buying their dog a gift at least once a month — Um, premium dog food counts as a gift, right?
  • Allow their dogs to sleep with them at least once a month — Again, once a month?!

Congrats to California and the other nine states that made the top 10 puppy-loving list:

2.  New York
3.  Washington
4.  Tennessee
5.  Florida
6.  Massachusetts
7.  Texas
8.  Missouri
9.  Ohio
10.  Arizona

Here’s a Milk-Bone infographic with detailed results of the Doggy Love Index…and an ad for Milk-Bone products. (Incidentally, Big Heart Pet Brands, the company that makes Milk-Bones as well as Pup-Peroni, Kibbles ‘n Bits and Meow Mix, is being bought by J.M. Smucker, the Washington Post reported yesterday.)

If you want to be extra loving to your pup, google “homemade dog treats.”

Photo credit: Eric Danley

Laura Goldman

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