Abused Puppy Thrown in L.A. River Makes an Amazing Recovery (VIDEO)

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jordan puppy thrown in l.a. river

It’s really a miracle that a horrifically abused puppy named Jordan is alive today.

Someone saw the puppy being thrown 30 feet into a concrete portion of the Los Angeles River. The eyewitness contacted L.A. on Cloud 9, a local charity that helps homeless people and their pets.

That group contacted Hope for Paws, which made a video of its rescue of the starved, mange-covered puppy from the riverbed.

“Oh my god,” gasps Eldad Hagar, founder of the non-profit, as he lifts the frail puppy into his arms. “Someone literally cut off his foot.”

Hagar gently puts the puppy in a basket, and volunteers raise him to street level. On the way to an animal hospital, Hagar names the puppy Jordan.

jordan puppy thrown in river at animal hospital

The hospital staff bandaged Jordan’s rear leg and gave him a bath. He received a blood transfusion from Laila, a dog Hope for Paws had rescued earlier that week.

Four days later, Jordan was strong enough to have surgery on his leg. Unfortunately, it had to be amputated.

Jordan was released from the hospital and began to thrive at the home of his loving foster mom, Lisa Chiarelli. His fur-legged foster sisters, Lola and Frankie, were also happy to look after him.

jordan puppy thrown in river

After a few weeks of physical therapy, you’d never know that Jordan has fewer than four legs. The small pup has no problem keeping up with his big (literally) sisters.

“Though Jordan lost his leg, he never lost HOPE,” reads a title on Hagar’s video of the puppy’s amazing recovery.

jordan puppy thrown in river running

Hope for Paws is asking for a $5 donation; click here to help them make more miracles come true. Remember the viral 2012 video of a matted, blind Poodle named Fiona getting an amazing makeover? That was also the work of Hope for Paws.

Be warned that parts of this video are very graphic and difficult to watch. A longer, 9-minute version can be viewed on the Hope for Paws website.

Photos via YouTube

  • KM

    I can not believe that somebody could do this to a defenceless puppy I hope they find the person or persons and give them the max that puppy or no puppy or dog or child deserves to be treated like this they are defenceless beings, and they rely on us to keep them safe they need us, nobody deserves this it breaks my heart, I cried to my own dog and said to her you are so fortunate to have me in your life cause there are wackos out there that would do anything, my heart bleeds for this poor puppy I wish I was closer I would love to adopt him, the pain he went threw and all alone he must have been so scared. My thoughts and prayers are with you little Jordan, I hope you find the home you deserve and they will love you with all their hearts