Due to ‘Pit Bulls and Parolees’ Lawsuit, New Villalobos Sanctuary Planned

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JUNE 2, 2016 UPDATE: The rape charges have been dropped against Toney Converse. The civil suit, however, is still pending.

Villalobos Sanctuary

Four years ago, the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC), featured on Animal Planet’s “Pit Bulls and Parolees,” moved from Southern California to New Orleans, mostly because of the opposition it faced at its original location.

As I wrote at the time in a story for i Love Dogs (that happened to be briefly featured in the “Pit Bulls and Parolees” episode, “New Orleans, Here We Come”), Kern County officials denied a request by Tia Torres, owner of the rescue and rehabilitation facility, to move VRC from Agua Dulce to Tehachapi, Calif.

So Torres packed up the dogs and relocated VRC to a former warehouse in New Orleans, where things have gone more smoothly. The shelter even survived natural disasters, including Hurricane Isaac in 2012.

But VRC may now be facing one of its biggest challenges ever. A lawsuit filed June 13 by Jennifer Stampfel claims that Toney Converse, one of the parolees featured on the reality show, “drugged her, raped her twice, stole her virginity, transmitted an STD to her, impregnated (her) and threatened to kill her,” according to the New Orleans Advocate.

Stampfel, a seminary student from Pittsburgh, Pa., wanted her name to be made public to “bring awareness to the situation,” her attorney, Charles Marshall III, told news sources.

In addition to Converse, Stampfel is suing Torres, VRC, Tahyo Tavern (a bar owned by Torres) and 44 Blue, the production company for “Pit Bulls and Parolees,” all for failure to supervise the former Tulane Green Wave running back who served more than eight years of an 18-year sentence from a 2002 drug conviction.

According to the Times-Picayune, Stampfel wants a trial by jury as well as general and special damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish and emotional distress. The lawsuit does not mention a dollar amount.

Toney Converse Villalobos Pit Bulls and Parolees

Stampfel’s ‘Disgusting, Defamatory’ Allegations

In the lawsuit, Stampfel said she first met Converse in April 2014, when she was visiting New Orleans and stopped by VRC. She returned to the city two months later to attend the Summer Hebrew Institute at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

While she and Converse were at Tahyo Tavern, a bar owned by Torres, Stampfel says Converse drugged her soda, and later raped her at the house where he was living. She reported the rape 14 days later, after finding out she was pregnant.

Stampfel then signed up for VRC’s Bully Boot Camp program for the purpose of confronting Converse about the rape and telling Torres, according to the lawsuit. In August, while confronting Converse at the same house where the rape had allegedly occurred, Stampfel said he again sexually assaulted her.

Converse’s attorneys told the New Orleans Advocate that Stampfel’s allegations were “disgusting, defamatory.” Converse insists the sex was consensual and plans to countersue for defamation.

Torres also said she will file a countersuit. “The true and innocent victims here are the dogs of Villalobos Rescue Center,” she said in a statement.

“What did they ever do to her that warrants taking away the donations used to feed them, house them, treat them for deadly heartworm disease and ultimately get them to a new home? What kind of person wants to be responsible for causing irreparable damage to hundreds…no, thousands of homeless dogs?”

I’m with Torres. If Stampfel’s allegations are true, I don’t understand why — and think it’s very unfortunate — that she is including VRC in her lawsuit. The rescue had no direct involvement with the two incidents. Suing VRC just creates more victims.

Two Satellite VRC Locations to Close, Sanctuary to Open

“This horrific lawsuit is not only draining us emotionally and physically, but financially,” VRC wrote in a news release today. “So with much thought, we have decided to close down two of our main satellite locations and consolidate the dogs onto a property that we have been given out in a rural country environment of Louisiana.”

The new site will become the Villalobos Sanctuary.

“Although it will take quite a bit of time to get things settled in and built, this is a project we need to begin immediately if we are to get through these difficult times,” VRC wrote, adding that the project could begin to be organized as early as next week.

“In so many ways having a TV show can have its perks, but in other ways he can bring out the ‘ugly’ in some people,” VRC wrote.

“And the saddest part of all is that we as humans will move on and survive, but our dogs will not.”

The Villalobos Rescue Sanctuary Fund has raised over $137,000 as of October 2016.

“Pit Bulls and Parolees” will return with new episodes on Animal Planet in 2018.

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  • JudyHelen Pauke

    I agree with the writer. What in the world type of involvement could VRC have in this situation? This non-profit rescue is hard working and deserving of any donations available. Have recently set up a monthly donation myself.

    • Laura Bishop

      Thank you for donating-it is truly sad what this woman is trying to do. As I see it, the dogs are going to be the ones to really suffer because of this frivolous lawsuit.

  • Sarah W

    This disgusts me. This lawsuit will cost this shelter thousands of dollars, and they may end up having to euthanize dogs for time and space because of the impact it will have on their budget. The victim was raped IN A BAR, it has NOTHING to do with the shelter. I think that the victim deserves everything she got if she thinks it’s okay to do this to these dogs. And I am saying this as a rape victim. But I also work at an animal shelter and I know what happens when funding is lost for bullshit reasons. I’m no longer sorry that she was raped, impregnated and got an STD. When it happened to me I blamed THE RAPIST, not an INNOCENT COMPANY AND INNOCENT DOGS!!!

  • Sarah W

    I hope the shelter sues her back for the pain and suffering she is causing these animals due to lack of funding. I work at a shelter and I know what happens when shelters lose money for terrible reasons like this. It is extremely likely that they will end up having to euthanize healthy dogs for time and space due to the decrease in budget. The shelter I work at costs $4 million a year to run, and the majority of this money goes directly into the mouths of the animals we save. Facing lawsuits is usually a death sentence for many animals. This person was not raped in the shelter. The shelter did not cause her rapist to be a rapist. The shelter did not have anything to do with this situation, they are innocent bystanders.

    • doglover

      AND even the bar couldn’t be counted at fault. It is up to every young woman to keep track of her drink and not let it out of her sight. I have told that to my daughters for years.

      • Jae

        Okay, agreed…the shelter and bar are not responsible, and i doubt she was actually raped, (more like “opps got pregnant, now I cant be a minister….ohhhh but I have an idea, I’ll just claim rape and then its not my fault”. THAT is how it plays out IMHO with just this little info even). However, let’s not use the “you should have” attitide when discussing woman’s actions. Rape happens because of rapists, not because of unattended drinks. Period.

        • doglover

          Jae–You are very right. A rape is no one else’s fault but the rapist. I never meant to say anything else. But the bad guys are everywhere and they will attack when they see a chance. So we have to start off defensive and teach our children to stay defensive. If you haven’t heard of the book,”The Gift of Fear,” it would be good to read. I got a copy for each of my daughters. The point is that God gave intuition, maybe it is body language, but we can often sense something is not right. Then don’t be afraid to say NO as loudly as you can. Trust your instinct. So I have reasons to not believe this lady. However let all women enter the world with our eyes open and playing it smart and safe.

          • OnlyWink

            You said nothing wrong and we all need to be vigilant in the interest of our own safety. I am a survivor and there was nothing I did wrong or could have done differently, but if there had been I would have done it.

        • OnlyWink

          You aren’t doing a service to yourg women adopting that attitude because while rape is never right or the victim’s fault being careless and not taking responsibiility for yourself is your fault. Yes, she should darned sure have monitored her drink if that is what happned just like I keep my purse in my lap even while dining out so that it is not stolen. This is 2016 and women having drinks drugged has been a topic in the news since the 80’s no one can say they are unaware of the potenttial of it. We live in a world that requires us to be vigilant and alert to dangers and not doing so can have very bad consequences and we need to teach that to young people.

          • Jae

            Oh good lord! I never said that PEOPLE (not just women) shouldn’t monitor their drinks and just throw caution to the wind. I said it’s wrong to (after the fact) lecture someone about it. As you said- people know they should be mindful but a rapist that wants to rape you will work very hard at it, and THAT IS NOT A WOMAN’S FAULT!
            I’ve had my own drink spiked, and I had friends with me because I’m not an idiot, they noticed what was happening and took me home. Thank goodness! I never left my drink unattended! It was RIGHT NEXT to me the whole damn time, and someone still managed to spike it. But yeah…keep telling me about how I’m not doing any service to women adopting an “attitude”.
            This is STILL victim blaming, and I really don’t give a rats ass if the drink was left unattended or not. It’s not her fault. A woman (or man) should be able to have fun w/friends, be cautious, and NOT be accused of “well you shoulda X,Y,Z” after something LIFE CHANGING and horrible happens to her. THAT attitude is what isn’t a service to young woman. **eye roll**

          • OnlyWink

            It’s not victim blaming it’s telling people that they too need to be accountable for their own safety. That may not sound pretty to you in this PC age of constant victimhood, but I am a rape survivor and believe me if there had been one single thing I could have done to protect myself in even the smallest way I would have. Rape is wrong under any circumstances, but I also see young women and girls putting themselves in situations that make them easy targets for predators. Just like you can’t walk nonchalantly in a jungle crawling with Tigers and not expect to be eaten you cannot act as if bars and places where people go to meet other people isn’t very much the same. You have to view everyone as if they could potentially harm you because that’s sadly the case rapist don’t come with warning signs and you cannot depend on anyone else to protect you.

            I never said anyone should lecture after the fact. YES leaving a drink unattended places some of the onus on her carelessness that’s not victim shaming that is stating a fact. Just like if she went out and played in heavy traffic and got hit by a car she has to take some responsibility for her own safety. There are many instances where nothing can be done to protect oneself from rape, but not guarding your drink in a bar is not one. You don’t leave it beside you you place your hands around it or one hand around it at all times or better yet do not drink at all. I’m sorry if you don’t like hearing that it’s just another one of those sad facts. We live in a world now where date rape drugs exist and any number of ways to administer them from accomplice bartenders to men working in pairs that’s what we need to lecture young women about just like we do self defense.

          • Jae

            You assume a lot about what you think “don’t like to hear”. That wording is condescending. As sexual assault survivor myself (who is afflicted with PTSD from the experience), i’m just gonna have to agree to disagree with you on some points.
            It is victim blaming when you tell a woman “You *should have* your drink in your hand *at all times*, you *should’ve* done this you *should’ve* done that. Telling someone “you should’ve” after the fact (which is what some people on this article are stating…after the fact hindsight). I’m not talking about warning your daughter (I have one too) that some men are up to no good and to be aware. That’s not what I was saying. What I was saying, was blaming people; and yes that’s what it is by using the phrase -should or would- whe there is NO way to go back and change it, is still blaming women who are assaulted and can those women feel as if they are responsible for their own assault.
            That’s like telling a robbery gone bad victim it was their fault because they happened to walk into a convenient store where a gunman was, even though they didn’t know he was there. then saying to that victim “well robberies happen all the time at convenience stores… you should’ve been on your guard”.
            To be perpetually nervous about the boogie man that might be in the room? No thank you. Being cautious is good, expecting someone to be “on watch” at all times is completely impractical.
            With the focus so much on making sure the girls are hyper aware that our daughters we don’t even focus on the fact that we are not checking our boys. We’re all too busy telling girls what they should have done. That’s awesome.

          • Jae

            You assume a lot about what you think I “don’t like to hear”. That wording is so condescending. As a sexual assault survivor myself (who is afflicted with PTSD from the experience), I’m just gonna have to agree to disagree with you on some points.
            It is victim blaming when you tell a woman “You *should have* your drink in your hand *at all times* (btw- thank you for that subtle chastising about The incident that happened TO ME ((not because of me)) in the example I gave. Your words come after the fact…irony? Yup). Also I was actually at a formal military event when this took place, not a dive bar full of shady people. Assholes wear tuxes too.
            Saying: you *should’ve* done this, you *should’ve* done that…Telling someone “you should’ve” after the fact (which is what some people on this article are stating…after the fact hindsight).
            I’m not talking about warning your daughter (I have one too) that some men are up to no good and to be *aware*. That’s not what I was saying. What I was saying, was blaming people; when there is NO way to go back and change it, is still blaming women who are assaulted. those women can feel as if they are responsible for their own assault due to callous afterthoughts like that!
            That’s like telling a robbery gone bad victim it was their fault because they happened to walk into a convenient store where a gunman was, even though they didn’t know he was there. then saying to that victim “well robberies happen all the time at convenience stores… you should’ve been on your guard”.
            To be perpetually nervous about the boogie man that might be in the room? No thank you. Being cautious is good, expecting someone to be “on watch” at all times is completely impractical.
            With the focus so much on making sure the girls are hyper aware we don’t even focus on the fact that we are not checking our boys. We’re all too busy telling girls what they should have done. That’s awesome.

          • OnlyWink

            OH FFS I never engaged in victim blaming this whole thing is about a woman that went back again to the man she said raped her so what the hell are you on about or why you think it applies I don’t know. Why did you even bring up drugging in the first place it had nothing to do with THIS situation. Your analogy about walking in on a robbery bears no resemblance to anything I said. The only thing I said to you is stop making women totally unaccountable for anything that happens to them no matter how irresponsible they act because it can cost them their lives. That’s not victim blaming or shaming it is making them aware, alert and safer. I also don’t know why you keep banging on about talking to them after the fact I spoke of not fostering a mindset in them BEFORE the fact.

            Look I have almost untreatable PTSD myself so the comparing scars thing can stop now. At this point I don’t care what you say, keep promoting victimhood tell them not to be on guard at all times in this present world we live in that’s your lookout, but no thanks I will not because they need to be hyper aware it can save their lives and I would rather there be NO rape victims at all.

          • Jae

            You stuck your two cents into a conversation I was having with Doglover initially that talked about spiked drinks…which is exactly what the supposed victim said happened, lol. The article states he “drugged her, raped her twice, stole her virginity, transmitted an STD to her, impregnated (her) and threatened to kill her”.
            I wasn’t “comparing scars”… you brought up being a rape survivor 1st, I only related that I understood that feeling due to my own assault. Meaning, valid for you to bring up, but not for me…awesome. Your pain is the only one that counts, good to know.
            I wasn’t trying to get you to agree with me. I was just trying to give you my perspective on it. Like it or not. You make HUGE assumptions on my position about this topic based on squat. The conversation that I was having with doglover was about the phrase that they used their comment and not about *you and what you do* in the present before hand. But that’s what happens when your butt into the middle of a conversation.
            The woman in this article…I don’t believe the story because it doesn’t add up…and agian, I never said that people should not be held accountable for their actions. YOU have decided that is what I meant, even though it isn’t. All because you butted into a comment and didn’t follow the context. *shrugs*

          • OnlyWink

            Oh give it a rest, first it’s one thing then it’s another as you rant away. Comparing scars comes after we both know we have been victims of assault and you have to give me one more thing that you suffer with as a result of it. I base my assumptions on what you SAY so if that’s squat it isn’t my fault. You also hardly make it clear what you are alluding to and when first it’s the article then it’s directed at me then back to the article you go all over the map. I took your post at face value and going on long rants at me over and over doesn’t change my perspective of that, but no doubt you will keep ranting like the other poster that gave sermon after sermon about victim shaming when no one was victim blaming or shaming just like I’ve not shamed or blamed, but do carry one. I said what I said because like it or not when you take a position you send a message and while you may think this is a personal correspondence between yourself and Doglover you both aren’t the only ones reading it, get how boards work? Now I am positive another long self justifying diatribe is coming my way because others are always at fault and you’re point is misunderstood so knock yourself out.

          • COJenn

            You apparently don’t get how boards work because people talk about the article and then they talk about comments and then they talk about themselves or things that have happened to others… comment boards are for just that people to make comments on it…. It does not matter if they make a comment based strictly on the article or if they make a comment based strictly on the article and then it moves on from there, or even if they only comment directly about comments! Either way it’s still a comment board and we all still have the freedom of speech and apparently I’m not the only person that rants (find a mirror, but I am also not the only person you have decided rants!) either about this article or the comments, although the only reason I came back to the actual article page is to find this group of people since you said to me something about “ranting at us” about blah blah blah when really I was speaking to you and only you because you replied to me directly – and I directly replied back… you can certainly read other people’s conversations but that does not make you a part of them and if you choose to make yourself a part of them then that is your choice…. But then when they have moved past the article exclusively…that’s their choice!

            I really don’t think I missed an election where you got elected to be the president and Sheriff and be-all and end-all on anything and everything that can and should happen on a message board!

          • OnlyWink

            Well hallelujah here we go with another round of self justifications for your slamming anyone and everyone on the board for victim shaming because you’re just so sure it’s what they were doing. You even go after other people who are survivors of rape because they can’t have any other point of view but yours. Great we get it you’re the only one that know anything about it and have all the answers and thus get to school us all on the subject because no one can have had anything approaching the experience you had. So here comes 5 or 6 more pages of you going nuts and spewing obsessive justification for why you are perfect and can never misunderstand anything anyone says because everyone but YOU is a victim blamer even those who have been assaulted themselves. Congratulations to you who can never be wrong you are the expert on the subject. I’m sure there will be more endless blah blah blah from you. That’s what ends up being heard when sanctimonious people can’t listen to anyone but themselves as evidenced by your neuratic need to post to me 3 times in a row.

          • COJenn

            You can say whatever you want over and over but I did not go through the whole board and I did not shame anybody I thought that said something was wrong I did say something to a couple of people who made the blanket statements against rape survivors about things that could never happen that actually did happen to me or about things that could have happened to somebody else that I was also involved in so again with my personal life I’m not going to read your whole statement because you just blah blah blah and thank you know everything about what anybody else may have meant but if people write what they mean then there will be no confusion and since none of the people I commented directly to wrote back and said I didn’t mean it that way or anything else of the sort you have kind of decided to make it your own personal Crusade against me and someone else who I speak to now but this is how it works you write I reply but when you jump in the middle of a conversation between two people that has nothing to do with you and then you get upset because you didn’t read the whole conversation or your reading retention skills aren’t up to par so that you could remember the whole conversation and then you say something rude to them also people find that annoying particularly when they were not talking to you and they did not post a general comment just about the article they wrote something specific to someone that was not you!

            If you keep writing me I will likely eventually write you back as I have done over and over because it’s called replying to somebody who has written you so if you don’t want to hear from me there’s a very simple way to not you don’t hit the reply button it’s not that hard I mean apparently it is for you but it’s just not that hard since you were not involved in any of the before comments that happened so so many months ago…

            But the answer to free speech you don’t like is not less speech it is more speech and just because I believe that people should say what they mean and mean what they say and not make blanket statements and that are untrue about any group of people then I have the right to comment about that.
            The only blanket statement about rape survivors that is actually true is that we’ve all been raped not it can’t happen twice by one man and not I don’t know what some girls are thinking which implies that they brought it on themselves and not any other blanket statement that covers a group of people any group of people.

          • OnlyWink

            For the last time NO ONE spoke about ALL girls who have been raped twice by the same man they simply questioned THIS woman’s story. That you feel some obsessive need to see this as an attack on YOU for having been raped twice by the same man is not THEIR problem it’s YOURS and YOU are the one that’s made this a crusade on this board. It was never a blanket statement about ALL rape victims you simple made the CHOICE to see it that way and again if you can’t understand it because you make the CHOICE to be literal minded that’s YOUR problem.

          • COJenn

            It’s your opinion that this statement is only speaking of the article… (its also obviously wrong since she said clearly her saying she has been raped too – nothing to do with the article!). Then she said – “There is absolutely no way it happens twice with the same man!” (so either you don’t understand English or you do what you blame me of doing – but I went back and reread everything and looked for the different statements and even slept on it – my opionion didn’t change.. Not even a little. Had Mrs. Lee commented on the ARTICLE – then the argument could be made she was only speaking of that, but she REPLIED on a presons comment – that makes her words a REPLY to someone’s comment on the article – she didn’t comment on the article itself – had she replied to just the article only (just like you reply to me over and over and over and pretend others also belive as you do- I only found people that agree that you get into conversations not strictly about the article and they upvote my answers, showing agreement) – that is the difference between a comment and a reply…they are very different since a reply is a response to someone not the REALLY OLD article…that when I comment on ONLY when I stumble on another disqus topic and I write there, then I look at outstanding new notifications – info had none other than the upvoted…I wouldn’t reply to you. Instead your the only one who first said I should only be on your soap box of fake rape claims – but I am a different stalking, drugging, and multiple molestation suvior – not victim.

            I did ask if you copy pasted – but I didn’t say you did… Your stuff is just very very redundant… I don’t know where you live, but I live in America and I am able to post my feelings, my thoughts, and whatever I want – but I will use my first Amendment forever – you won’t be infringing on that freedom – and as long as you know you are pushing hard on the harrassmemt line – in case your unaware of the definition of
            – harassment it is the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group,(including after being told the actions continue and are unwanted and/or annoying), including threats and demands.

            You are continuing unwanted a and annoying actions of one party – you have been told that this is redicoulois, that we need to agree to disagree because I will never agreee with you since I understand the difference between commenting to an article and to someone’s post – I also understand when Mrs. Lee (who I am sure could write back if she felt I was taking her post wrong…), so if Mrs. Lee has an issue, ment something different than what she wrote word for word – since she wrote once- I am sure she is capable of replying back to me directly, she doesn’t need you to decide what she ment. – I am not the only person that has commented on this who’s opinion is opposite of yours!

            The first part of her reply is “I too have been raped, there is absolutely no way it happens twice with the same man.” this is obviously about her and then her statement on her experience – IN RESPONCE TO THE AUTHOR OF THE COMMENT NOT THE ARTICLE! Therefore you can be ignorant and not learn the difference between a comment and a reply – plus the difference that makes! But the only part I will agree with you on is the 2nd half is receding to the article, but even half of that is about her feelings also! – that quote is “This is extortion! My heart is broken.” So her article portion is only that she believes the case to be extortion (witch is something I said in response to her comment also) and that her heart is broken…so again something personal – not about the article!

            I do believe her last 2 statements are about the article only – she said it’s extortion (witch in my very first note to her a and many others – I agreed with) and I also belive her heart being broken is about the dogs, tia, the rescue group- obviously not the extortion case! “I too have been raped, there is absolutely no way it happens twice with the same man. This is extortion! My heart is broken.”

            I know we have an orange President that has Twitter tantrums much like I feel you do on here – maybe should run next time – it seems like you qualify and you also seem to not believe in the constitution either- much like POTUS. The difference being that he isn’t into all that he doesn’t believe in part of the fondation on of the country on the statue of liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

            You seem to not believe in my right to free speech, witch covers my right to read what is written- as it is written- and not make assumptions about what someone MIGHT have ment! Plus I have the right to respond to it – I can do all of this as long as I don’t continue to bombard and harass anyone… And I belive you have been told before – in case you haven’t – further communication with your rude, holier than thou, harassing, annoying, irritating, notea about an article that is over two years old will be considered harassment and I will act accordingly.

          • OnlyWink

            It’s rich saying I’m redundant coming from a person who harps on one note all the time and talks about themselves more than the topic of the discussion. News flash this isn’t about YOU as much as you seem to think it is it’s not. What I think you are is unhinged and obsessive and are totally incapable of dealing with anyone that doesn’t agree with you. I also think you a time suck. Do what you have to do because it’s you that are harassing and your many posts counted next to mine prove it and I wail;l also act accordingly and your threatening me will count against you also since you seem to think I haven’t as much right to free speech as you and are trying to use threats and intimidation to silence me which is the tactic of the very bully you try to paint me as.

            Like I said I think you are not right in the head and threatening me as if you are being victimized since all you need to do to stop this is stop your self justifying attacks and rants. You are incapable of stopping because you appear pathological about self justification when confronted or not agreed with. The moderators of this board set the rules here not you and playing the constant victim doesn’t work for everything so let those you think to act with read your posts and mine then decide for themselves however YOU are the one that’s made more posts per reply than I have and YOU are the one making threats.

            I am not surprised by any of this since you took one reply to an article then high jacked it so that it is now everything is ALL ABOUT YOU.

          • COJenn

            I have only replied to you when notification said you have written me, so when it says you have written Me 3 times or 4 times I have written you 3 or 4 times but the bottom line is someone said it can NEVER happen twice by the same man and NEVER is a very long time and that makes it feel like to a person that went through being raped by the same man 2+ times because it can happen and it does happen that they should have some shame and/or responsibility, but you have not been raped, so I don’t feel your answers or comments on what rape survivors do or do not do or need to do or do not need to do even matter.

          • OnlyWink

            NO actually you didn’t, I would come in and read post after post from you as you compulsively in replied to the same post by me and so I answered them and THAT was what generated your notifications. It was like you just had to keep adding to the replies in a spate. So yes it you surely did write 3 posts to my one several times, but keep lying to justify yourself; you’re the worst kind of hypocrite and a lot of people on the board are apparently pretty fed up with you not just me. So what, someone said “NEVER” in a sentence and it obviously triggered your unhinged mind to such an extent that you went on to obsessively hog the whole board while castigating and lecturing everyone endlessly and I’m not the only one that’s pointed that out.

            “but you have not been raped, so I don’t feel your answers or comments on what rape survivors do or do not do or need to do or do not need to do even matter.”

            YOU are the lowest kind of offensive and detestable person, because I SPECIFICALLY STATED I WAS A RAPE SURVIVOR SEVERAL TIMES and by conveniently letting that fact escape your completely self absorbed notice I am now beginning to suspect your ever escalating stories where I had always given you the benefit of the doubt before. I doubt it because you seem to CRAVE endless attention and think to get it by making yourself the BE ALL AND END ALL OF VICTIMS that demands everyone’s focus by making this whole board all about YOU and I have come to the conclusion that you are psychotic and need help.

          • COJenn

            Well I didn’t read your whole message but either way just like today I got an email I picked reply and then I replied to it or the little button that says notifications the second choice next to home on the bottom said new notification and I would click on that and it would take me so much and it would sound super familiar but since it said it was new I believe the computer and it’s not like email or notifications could ever make a mistake it’s definitely got to be me lying and self-justifying cuz there’s absolutely no other possibility that could have happened you’re absolutely correct I mean the President should definitely hire you so that he can figure everything out that the world has to offer that way no technical errors are ever made that you get and as I have written in previous conversations with other people or maybe yourself I typically only right on here when I am ill like ill enough to be hospitalized with multiple IVs and I can’t sleep because the hospital doesn’t care if you sleep or if you don’t so then I get bored after several days and very difficult when you cannot type do two IVs and other monitors and things to do punctuation and editing but it is what it is as long as the notification thing still says new I go to it and then I go to the new message and then I write back but it’s been like 2 years now so maybe somebody could just stop replying or assuming they have all the answers to everything in the world and that their point of view is the only valid point of view… But I live in a democracy found it on Free Speech and I will make as much or as little Free Speech as I feel like about whatever I would like but I am pretty sure you’re the one that said if this happened to you and is that happened to you and you think that you’re not a shamer and a blamer… I guess maybe you don’t know it all

          • COJenn

            Oh and FYI this is a second reply to the same text or notification whatever but you don’t get notifications when you reply you get notifications when somebody has replied to you… Why would it tell you if you wrote somebody? That’s like the stupid HIPAA laws that we have that require me to physically go into my doctor’s office and sign a release that they can mail or fax me my own records because like anybody on the face of the Earth would deny them self records when they’re calling to request them… So it obviously isn’t going to give me a notification that I got a new message or was uploaded or whatever else it notifies about Since I no longer remember and then I reply but it couldn’t be that I answered the email and the notification or it gave me the notification more than once as I have noticed it has done in the past 2 years after all this bullshit with you and you calling people named Saul you must be a doctor because now you’ve diagnosed me with a mental condition so maybe you should call my gastroenterologist because it should be covered under continuity of care and also my spine surgeon and let them know also since you’ve obviously been through medical school and read the DSM on the conditions that you claim I have.

          • COJenn

            3 replies to the same message just for you… I learned how to block… now hopefully you won’t show up in my email box or my notifications box and that would just make my month.

            I am sincerely sorry that I did not remember your story that may have happened to you or your username it went with it or whatever else and that you’ve had potentially a similar experience because when I wrote that I sincerely thought you were somebody different is that had not experience rape nor molestation or stalking and that is not something I would ever do intentionally even though you think the worst of me and many others. If you right back you’ll likely be talking to yourself just FYI.

          • OnlyWink

            Good then I won’t hear from you either, you monumental hypocrite I never thought the worst of others on the board that is YOUR spin. You were the one shaming rape survivors on this board for not agreeing with you and voicing their opinions, however I do think the worst of YOU and you gave me ample cause. I also question to use your words “your story that may have happened to you or your username” because you just kept adding details that escalated each time and because not long ago I watched one of the forensic cop shows on TV and low and behold there was a plot about a woman getting raped twice with IDENTICAL details to yours point for point and the fact that you always find ways to justify EVERYTHING you say while castigating everyone else.


            You aren’t sorry sincerely or otherwise that you questioned me, you just know you can’t wiggle out of being called out for your despicable behavior this time. You didn’t remember it because everything is always all about YOU and YOUR story and YOUR opinions and no one else can possibly have gone through anything approaching your experiences. Which just makes you a fraud with all your high flown rhetoric about how people should treat rape survivors. Notice I don’t say VICTIM, I say SURVIVOR because I AM A SURVIVOR not a victim and I try to help women look at themselves the same way and help those that haven’t had that happen yet to NEVER have it happen and I don’t give a happy dam what you or anyone else thinks of it.

            I’m glad I’ll never talk to you again you are possibly one of the most unpleasant self -righteous and offensive people I have ever come across on any board with your totally self-absorbed preachy holier than thou moralizing at everyone. Especially those that don’t word their posts to suit your exacting standards which then entitles you to take over the whole board and make it all about YOU.

            PS if you’re too lazy to read the whole post when someone posts to you then refrain from replying it’s snotty and arrogant.

          • COJenn

            You base your assumptions on what YOU think people mean not on what they wrote which is something that you have said I should do. That I should know what they mean or might have ment…but since I go based on what they wrote not what they could have meant I don’t ass-u-me – just FYI although I am not a part of this conversation you are having with Jae – I can comment, but about the conversation, not just the article from my point of view.

          • OnlyWink

            No you act literal minded to the point of being simple.

          • COJenn

            Or I act literal-minded because I don’t want to put words in people’s mouths particularly on a subject as sensitive as rape is especially to people who have survived it…

            You are the simple minded person that doesn’t like the tone in which I typed which doesn’t even make sense since if you read the same note and a happy tone of voice it means one thing but if you read it in a mean or cranky or grouchy or offensive tone then it comes off that way and the words you insert then between the ones that are actually written are formed by your own bias and the tone you chose to read in and you not understanding that makes you simple-minded. Of course sodas continuing to bother people that don’t want to hear from you anymore I never wanted to hear from you in the first place.

            And just so you know I used talk to text for you and I do not spell check it make sure it the right word then or anything else because I just don’t find writing you is worth the time of checking to make sure talk to text wrote it right and editing the frequent mistakes that it makes. It’s close enough for a rock that believes there’s only one side to any issue and that they’re always on the right side of it and the dad’s appropriate dick comment back for someone who was written something that was very personal because of a blanket statement that they made and you felt it necessary to jump in between that conversation and say what was really meant when in reality I would bet not only do you not know the person that the message was specifically written to in real life but you also don’t even know them online so you just make assumptions on what they meant or how they meant it but people need to know and people need to learn that what they write online is forever because delete isn’t delete forever it can still be found and brought back up and so you might want to read what you’ve written so that if you don’t mean it the way it’s coming off you can change it before you send it to somebody or out into the world in general especially when discussing such a sensitive topic as rape

          • OnlyWink

            Geeze more self justifying blah blah from you get some help.

          • COJenn

            Oh how sweet I mentioned in your rants to other people….

          • OnlyWink

            Yeah yeah you are are the only one with it all figured out anyone saying different is victim shaming blaming poor woman was just misunderstood no matter what happened.

          • COJenn

            So do you just copy paste your rants because although they change in link since I’m not reading them completely I do notice a lot of the same words used over and over and over since you’re now saying I’m always right when it’s come up since the beginning that you think your point of view is the only right one and that is that people that claim rape when they haven’t been raped are the problem when in real life every problem is multi-dimensional and coming off as a cyber bullying especially in the topic of rape is awful and you’re the only one that comes off that way to me and several other people so I would like to agree to disagree as I have said before rather than continuing to circle the same tree whose words by the way aren’t mine but they are good words and it would make me happy if you left me alone particulars since none of the things you’re supposedly upset about or ever said to you and they also weren’t said in the general article forum they were said in response to someone specific..

            I also found the club or whatever that you mention the last time I got online which is probably been a couple 3 months for months whatever on her own broom and I found the very large number of people that agree with you so that would be you yourself and you so maybe you can just have a meeting with the whole club and let them know that I think enough is enough because badgering somebody over and over is also a form of bullying….

            But a good one more time just so you know for sure just because somebody said that they were raped and I was also raped does not mean that they cannot make a blanket statement about rape survivors that is both offensive and Survivor shaming you don’t get a free pass just because you’re a survivor I don’t think I deserve one and the one person who I thought I may have shamed I did not because I asked them specifically.

          • OnlyWink

            No I don’t cut and paste and an intelligent person would understand that if someone is saying something over and over again it’s because they figure you aren’t getting the point. However, if you declare you don’t read posts before replying to them it just reflects on you not on the poster. It also proves what I suspected you don’t get the point because you are incapable of admitting anyone except you has one..

            What I think is you have very limited comprehension skills, you’re obsessive to the point of being unhinged and you think you’re the definition of a rape victim and wrote the book on it and cannot listen to anything but your own voice. The way you seem to compulsively post over and over and over again in answer to a single reply also makes it very clear you cannot tolerate anyone disagreeing with you on the subject of rape to the point of being pathological. Being a right fighter and incapable of entertaining even the notion you’re opinions aren’t the only valid ones and are absolutely engraved in stone makes dealing with you an exercise in futility.

            As for bullying see how many posts you’ve made to my one so don’t pull that victim card on me because no one was doing any such thing to you. You’re the one that decided to sit in judgment on others posting here and brow beating them with sanctimonious sermons. If you continue to post excessive rants at people you can’t cry harassment if they post back so if you think enough is enough and want it to stop then STOP IT. Trying to have the last word after posting a long diatribe by claiming to be a victim of bullying is just a form of manipulation.

          • COJenn

            Jae, I am sad that happened to you and that one person on here likes to tell people what they think, how they feel, what is/isn’t survivor shaming, said I should be on there soap box of fake rape… As if everyone who is forced into the survivor of rape club should feel the same way about everything and they can’t think that both things are wrong! I am supposedly holier-than-thou because the very first comment I read said there’s no way it happens twice with the same man but it happened more than twice with the same person for me – so I really feel what you are saying when you’re talking about Survivor shaming from your point of view and what happened to you… I am sorry it happened to you and that the same person that likes to tell me I preach to much, I am on the wrong soap box, and I know the person that said it doesn’t happen twice is a survivor – so therfore me saying that’s is untrue, it does happen and I know from personal experience – and saying that to a survivor is shaming a victim.

            At this point since I was told about my tone (but most know when reading something the tone you give it in your mind or out loud…can change the whole feel and even meaning of what the actual words say), but I hope you don’t take it personally or hard, especially when it keeps coming. It was implied that there is a club/group of people against what I said however long ago, except for direct replies that I answer, so I haven’t been back to this article since the first time – I hope my sharing my experience with you doesn’t make you feel bad, shamed, or any negative way – I am truly sorry for your experience and I understand having things from molestation to several rapes that I too could not have prevented either and hopefully me sharing my comment experience helps you in some small way. I hope it teaches me to respond to people that don’t tell me what I should be mad about, how I feel, or anything else I have been told about me! I thought I had commented to your note about watching the cups, witch is important and myself and a friend would go together to keep a better eye and it was later found the drink she was sent through the bartender because we wouldn’t except direct bringing of drinks, but it was on camera he handed the money passing the drink and blocking the bartenders and everyone else’s view, so I ended up taking her to the er so she was luckily saved from “the club” and I am so thankful for that, but I feel I read your first note and went right to what if I went to the bathroom a few minutes after she drank the “fresh from the bar drink” and he took her out of the bar or whatever else and she wasn’t protected from the guy that tried 4 different women just that night – so I hope if I did say something that caused you pain – that you know what I ment is exactly what you said… You can only do so much, but even if you get over drunk, to twice, don’t watch your drink, except drinks from people that don’t work there or even show up half or more naked – it’s never your fault, nor are you even partly at fault…like playing in the busy road… They aren’t close to the same thing, since the only way you have a chance at taking being drugged off the table would be if bar’s allowed outside drinks and you had a sippy cup or something else with no way in without work!

            I wish you the best in your recovery/treatment, and if you choose to keep replying or not.

          • Jae

            I appreciate your message Jenn. I Wish the best for you as well, and even for the combative “wink”. I will agree to disagree on many of her opinions and drop it, as Ive said all I wanted to at this point and dont wosh to continue to circle the same tree…lol, so to speak. One thing we all have in common I think, is that none of us wish the horror of sexual assault does to people mentally or physically on ANYONE. And from that point we can work together instead of against each other.

            All the best,

          • COJenn

            I agree all the best YOU TOO! Unfortunately I think I have a new wink… Its like they don’t know bow OLD this is now! But somebody named Sam just told me that I live like a crazy person, I’m paranoid and that type of thing, but the fact is once you’ve been molested or sexually assaulted the risk that it will happen again goes up substantially (they think the lack of empathy causes them to be able to see tha change), so he says I’m a crazy person because what just so happened to me is – that I was at a housewarming party and I was raped and robbed really, but they got my address as well, so then I was stalked and because of our lovely bond court – they were out on Bond and raped Me 2 more times, but I wouldn’t go anywhere alone like back to where it happened not even with the cops alone because I needed the emotional support and just the support in General and I wasn’t ready to just like go out and do things like life was normal, so I would bring somebody with me kind of like a security blanket but I don’t think in the immediate weeks following somebody raping and robbing you and beginning to stalk you – that support is an abnormal need. I don’t think that it’s out of line at all and he’s telling me now I should go see a doctor because at the time I needed support and I still don’t carry my address even though he is locked up but that’s where he belongs! I did however send him a change of address because with the permanent restraining order that’s one of my responsibilities is to give my addresss so he knows ” where not to go” but I decided recently something different was better for me – so it’s not where I live, but the person that does live there is armed and not afraid to use it! Which is part of why I pretended I moved!
            I think that everybody agrees that she who cried rape wasn’t raped and that false accusations are bad and Survivor shaming is bad and if some of the people just opened their mind a little bit they would realize that just because somebody decided to say something from one of the point of view that they hold that doesn’t mean they don’t also hold the other point of you as well!

        • doglover


      • COJenn

        I agree none of the places are at fault (only the rapist/or in this story lack there of is responsible…I tell my nephew and everyone to get the app that records concent, you have to sing in to your account, great one if you don’t have one, it asks you are you sober, have you drank but aren’t drunk, or even a we need to talk button-it logs where you where and who you asked and the answer to prevent 1 said this, the other that since it’s not always be said she said), but even if you do watch your drink it doesn’t mean the bartender he’s making it for you isn’t slipping it in as you’re getting out the money it happens and the Survivor is never at fault. I have been there and I have done way more things then I was suggested to do to help prevent it from happening again but it’s still did, so now I do even more and I don’t drink so there is no blaming it on I was drunk or any of that and yes people should keep their drinks and things with them and keep an eye on them but you can’t be one hundred percent on that regardless because just like sleight of hand with magic – people have chosen to put roofies and whatever else and people’s cocktails with the same kind of slick maneuver that you don’t even see….it’s not particularly suspect for someone to reach for napkins or salt in a bar and it’s just that quick… Really disgusting people have paid the bartender to send drugged drinks – there is 0 ways to prevent it entirely but that doesn’t eliminate the responsibility of people to be able to go out and have a drink and remain a me to care for themselves to the best of their abilities.

  • Tina P

    This is one of the things wrong with the world today greedy people that get sue happy and the lawyers that take the cases and the innocent suffer. I know from experience about being drugged and raped. I would never have confronted anyone in their home by myself nor sued them and anything associated with them trying to get money. I would go to the police and file charges not hire a lawyer. Seems to me she is an opportunist who is taking advantage of people and lying.

    • COJenn

      I am sorry your in the survivors club too… I took great offence to many people saying blame the survivor type stuff-not the story teller issues since there is a huge difference! (like it absolutely never happens twice with the same guy – but it does when they stock, steal personal information like home address-been there, so I know it happens 3 times-really no limit) or be one that said “I was wondering the same thing! Stupidit or asking for trouble! Both. Idk about some women.” Plus some others about the woman’s decisions on clothes, having a drink and other survivor blaming comments really made me livid… because I know I said it somewhere else, but I don’t care of the woman shows up 2, 3, 4 times naked if she says no it’s a no, same thing if you swap the genders or in same-gender situation.

      I believe she is a story teller who is looking for a quick dollar who is a bad story teller since she has no idea the things that happen in someone’s head after being assulted in that way and the resulting anxiety, fear – so maybe someone who was assaulted physically, like slapped, they might not press charges right away and choose to confront their attacker, but not someone sexually assaulted (in my experiences personally and with people I’ve met), when it becomes sexual assault for most I know, they see the person in random places, the area of town especially the place are an issue for at least a while – so it all adds to poor story telling to me.

  • Laura Scheffler

    So sorry to hear about the news. I will pray she drops the case against VRC as this would really be screwed up. On a happier note can’t help but notice AJ should be rejoining the family soon. Keep your heads up you have lots of people including myself who love and care about your family and what you do.

    • Cheryl

      I was checking internet to see if new season would be coming when I saw this article. I am so disappointed to hear of the troubles for the rescue. I have fell in love with pitbulls & plan to get one. I had hoped to rescue from VRC but not sure they can survive. Tia is an awesome person who goes far beyond to help these poor dogs and doesn’t deserve this as well as the dogs.!

      • JudyHelen Pauke

        Cheryl, I won’t give up on them yet. They have been down before (many a time) but Tia and the family all seem to rise again from the ashes… Please, if you want to adopt go for it. Her dogs are the best!

  • Linda Robison

    My question is whats a seminary student doing in a bar? It’s obviously some greedy person out for cash who does not have any morals at all! I believe the truth will prevail and she will have to pay for what she is trying to do.

    • lilywhiteowl

      I agree, why was she in a bar, and what happened to the baby? Why did she wait to report this, and why did she go back. Just so you know, your sins will find you out. Just ask Josh Duggar.

  • Mary Ann Redfern


  • Fawna
  • Lisa M

    There is no way in hell you would confront your rapist on your own. The trauma experienced by the rape would force intense feeling of fear and dread! No way would you put yourself in a position of intense mortal danger. She is after money bottom line, strategically placed herself in a place that has high reviews being televised and punched in for her free ride!! Makes me sick there are true rapes out there happening every second that bring terror and devastation in its wake!

    • Jane Reddel

      my thots exactly!

    • moms2cool

      You are correct, she would be too traumatized to confront him. I know from personal experience. Thank you for your comment.

  • Darcy DeBlanc

    what i am not understanding is if he “raped” her once, why would she go back?? I have been raped and NEVER did I go back for it to happen again!!! I don’t know this girl but something just don’t sound right. just not believable. I hope there is a Lawyer out there who takes this pro bono, if only for the dogs sake. And I don’t not believe any dogs will be put down because of this. VRC loves dogs way too much and have fought way too hard for any dog to be put down!!

    • Vanessa Lee

      I too have been raped, there is absolutely no way it happens twice with the same man. This is extortion! My heart is broken.

      • COJenn

        Unfortunately it does happen twice by the same guy -when they find your address (I no longer carry an ID, my checks have name only, I keep 0 extra or required paperwork in the car/purse/walet – I rather prove I have insurance and registration later if I get pulled over) or your place of work/school and then they stock you and then they do it again. NOW this story – I don’t buy that she went there got raped and went again. There are depraved and sick people out there, so it does happen twice, to me more than twice despite all the changes – I have been there even though I changed the job, my routine, my routes to and from work on a very regular basis, when and where I shopped, for a couple years I didn’t drive my car at all or even shop alone, yet it can still happen again even three times as it did to me. There is no number of times with a single person can happen – just like lightning can hit the same place twice. But the bottom line is real rape suviviors change their lives, routines, defiantly plans especially close ones, and most don’t return to the scene unless they have to (like house or work – but still patterns, locks, alarms, and all of that your detective and S.A.N.E. nurse strongly recommend-because of how many suvivors are re-assulted by the same person or someone else…even both) for a LONG time at least – I had my people go with me and the police, but wouldn’t go with just them, not near the time of day, nothing similar – 2 detectives or not! But this story doesn’t have anything but story, no facts in it…

        • Jackie Johnson

          I think your situation is a result of a rapist stalking you. In this circumstance, I believe Stampfel is stalking Converse. There is clearly no evidence for a criminal trial, even when the laws ALWAYS favors the victim in a rape trial, and this is why the criminal case has been dropped. (in a situation everyone should be familiar with, O.J. was found not guilty in the criminal trial, but the civil suit stripped him of everything had ever earned and every WOULD earn.) The burden of proof is different in civil court and depending on the state’s laws Stampfel could win a case by a simple majority, by a two thirds vote, three quarters… I don’t know. But following this line of action could cost her, too. If a civil jury reads this the way I have, unless there is some overwhelming evidence I haven’t heard about, they could vote 100% AGAINST her. The court could find against her for frivolous use of the court’s time, and that’s just where she is going to start to pay. Converse could clearly sue for defamation if Stampfel loses her civil assault on him. There are actual damages (cost of hiring a legal team, loss of work time, etc.) and there are punitive damages. Punitive = punishment. The guidelines for punitive damages are set forth in the Constitution, which gives a round figure of ten times the amount the maximum cost that (Converse) could have suffered had he been convicted. I don’t know the sentencing recommendations for rape in LA but let’s say he was sentenced to ten years in prison. Ten years of salaries including potential salary increases for merit and cost of living. Lets say he’s working for $10/hr now and at the end of ten years would be making $20/hr. Can’t do the math, so figuring $15/hr times 2080 hours in a year times 10 years. $312,000. Now for the Constitution, which allows for ten times that. Looks like just over three MILLION dollars to me, or all the money Stampfel could ever make as a minister in her lifetime. And that’s just Converse’s suit. VRC has an equal opportunity to sue for defamation, and their potential for ACTUAL loss could be astronomical. It seems like a lot of money for a girl who got pregnant with her boyfriend after she’d signed a virginity pact and needed to blame her own lack of self-control on someone else without consideration for the damage that she could cause.

          • COJenn

            I am aware… I commented based on the blanket statement that said it doesn’t happen twice, but the fact is that rape survivor’s have a higher than average rate of being raped again reguardless if it’s the same person or a different one – it happens. And like I said before…I believe this person’s case is nothing more than a story and I don’t believe that anyone would believe the story or ever find the VRC or the production company at fault in anyway.

        • Ken

          You need help. Not carrying an insurance card? That’s a fine, regardless if you actually have it. Not to mention you are living like a paranoid crazy person. If you went through all of that trouble, why didn’t you just move instead? If you were assaulted, I feel terrible for you, but don’t live like a crazy person. Go see a Dr.

          • COJenn

            No, I am actually not. It does not affect my day-to-day life, but when you’ve been to a housewarming party and you’ve been raped and then they steal from you – cash, cards, my personal information and due to our wonderful bond court – he got out and raped me again two more times while stalking me. So me following directions protecting my address from people with acess to my purse or car – by just not keeping it in there and following the police and the detectives advice as well as the S.A.N.E nurse is important – Your thoughts… Not so much, but all I do differently is not carry stuff with my ADDRESS on it. If that makes me “living like a crazy person” or paranoid then you must not know that the statistics of having another person rape you. The statistics have shown for many many years that anybody that has been raped or molested is more likely to be raped in the future than the General Public! Also if my statement that related back to the article that said I would not go anywhere by myself for some time alone (weeks not years, but 3 rapes in a short time and being stalked will mess with a person’s head), certainly not to the place where it happened unaccompanied (girl who cried rape – said she did that and it is so far from the normal behavior – I find it unbelievable) and just because I needed emotional support when the police brought me back to walk through what happened I brought a friend or two friends (I don’t remember anymore), that is not living like a crazy person. That is getting the support that you need after being traumatized severely by first the rape and then the rape kit at the hospital that can take up to 7 hours and then being stalked because of our wonderful get out on Bond and participate in your own defense which to my stalker ment continue to stalk and rape again and again, but he is in prison where he belongs because there was more than enough evidence to go through trial which is exactly like reliving the rape especially with large photos that are poster size from the large camera looking inside you and outside of your private areas it’s a very traumatic thing for a woman to go through and just because I really don’t like having what happened to me being discounted by somebody that should understand having been raped herself – making a blanket statement that it can’t ever or doesn’t ever or whatever happen by the same man twice – makes me frusterated because it discounts what can and does happen (just not to the girl that cried rape and blamed uninvolved businesses), it doesn’t make me living like a crazy person or in the need of current help because I have already sought help with therapy and been part of a rape support group and just because I want to limit the possibility of me being stalked again since I cannot eliminate it and restraining orders should be written on toilet paper so you can use it for something doesn’t have anything to do with my life now.
            And it is none of your business why I cannot (or do not) move, but since he is in prison I don’t find it’s necessary that I am punished by having to move from a home that I have owned outright since I was in my late teens early twenties because I have been working full time since the minute that I could and usually two jobs and school – while taking care of my father who has a closed head injury and a traumatic brain injury, so removing him from his comfort zone where everything is familiar would be traumatizing on him. It would also cost a substantial amount of money our house was built and like the 1970 or 80’s and I have no use for remodeling (counter tops that are “in” just aren’t on my prorities), so things looking modern and pretty don’t mark the list for me – replacing carpet so it’s functional and redoing the wood floors so that they are functional does, but I have not redone the kitchens or the bathrooms nor do I plan on spending tens of thousands of dollars to do that so that I can sell the home and get a equally sized home and then put my dad through the trauma of that, so I just don’t carry my address. It’s not that hard (I don’t drive stupid so I don’t get pulled over), so to just not carry your address just don’t put it in the car or purse. It isnt involved or something that needs concerned every single day or even monthly. All it takes to keep up with it is every year when I register my car and pay the car insurance I don’t put it in the car! I put the stickers on the plate and I let them look it up If I was pulled over in their computer since they will not give me one without my address printed on it.
            Also with the statistics on previous rape victims being future rape victim even if I put myself and my father through the trauma of moving and the expense I still wouldn’t carry my address because I don’t feel it’s worth the risk. It’s not like I’m months down the road or years down the road and still won’t go somewhere by myself still won’t go by the area in which that it happened – the woman in the article said she went very shortly after and to confront her rapist which is why I wrote about the article and included that what I was told many people do to help them cope and get back out and living a normal life is going places with people you know love and Trust and so I did that for a while and that did include the walk through with the police because at that time I did not have a relationship with them and I did not know if I could trust them so I brought somebody I trusted but I really think it was two people that I trust it because I also needed the emotional support since at that time the stocking prior to the subsequent second and third rapes was happening while going to school and working 80 hours a week so sorry I’m not as strong as you and can’t just wash my hands and get over it but while I was going through the court process and doing the stuff that they needed me to do I personally was so weak that I needed some support from my friends and loved ones which according to everybody in the business that deals with people after this kind of trauma happens is perfectly normal and recommended so I will continue to live my life based on the experience of people that deal with it everyday not some random person online that doesn’t know $hit about me or my current life or anything else!

          • COJenn

            It might be a fine where you live for not carrying a car insurance card in your car but it is not a fine where I live if I go take it to the courthouse within 30 days and show it was active at the time I had been stopped and this was before I had my insurance companies app and can just pull them up card on the app I still didn’t have a fine or a trial or anything else it was just a matter of stopping by downtown and showing them my annual insurance card – I did receive a ticket with a fine amount on there for if I could not prove that I had insurance at the time but since I have paid my insurance for a year every February since I can remember that would never happen. but since I don’t drive stupid I don’t ever get pulled over so I never really had to do it – but I checked before I took that out of my car and I asked my insurance company to provide me one without the house number or if some kind of modified address for my car they said they could do it but wouldn’t so when the app came out and you could carry an electronic card I started doing that but I still never had a problem. If an insurance card that I have yearly statements going back since I bought the car in like 07 I guess it’s a no 7 is what makes you think I’m paranoid and crazy then that definition is very slim for you because not keeping it physical address card and your car is not that big of a deal especially with the way computers are anymore and they can look up whether or not you have active insurance by your registration here and many other states but if I were to travel I would put my insurance card in my registration back in my car like I did when I went to pick up my nephew in Texas, but it’s not a huge deal to keep my address as private as possible since my previous doctor is in prison where he belongs since he also stole from my purse and rape me three times he has little long sentence and I’m not worried about him but I am worried about the depraved people and that seem to have a sixth sense to notice people who have either been molested or raped previously and then choose to do it to them again and since that group of people who were assaulted before having another sexual assault in the next five years is very high I feel the need to keep my walls up and if you think that makes me crazy after having been stalked and everything else and then I think you don’t keep your walls up enough.

          • COJenn

            I guess I really don’t understand how removing a few pieces of paper from a car and a purse and a wallet is a big deal but it would be easier to traumatize my brain injured father spend all the money that it would take to move and to do all of those other things rather than removing pieces of paper when in the last decade I’ve probably been lit up by the cops twice and once was to see if I was OK because I pulled over to use my cell phone as we are supposed to do in my state and the second time was because I pulled over to use my cell phone GPS as we are to do in my state but they didn’t even ask for my license or my name they just asked if I was okay so since I don’t drive poorly I don’t worry about those things…

            But even if I did not have the app to use my fingerprint to unlock my phone and then enter the passcode and then get in the app and enter that passcode information I still have an insurance card at home if I were to be into an accident and need to exchange information with somebody so I would just call my disabled father and write down the information and give it to them I’ve known my license plate number my driver’s license number when it expires and all of that since I applied for parking permits in college so I was 17 so for me it’s just not worth the risk and I don’t know if you miss read what I wrote and you think I didn’t go anywhere for 2 years when I said two years ago or what else you think but I’ve already been through court with the person had personal therapy and group therapy and I talked to people that are fresh in it that needs support whether it be a stocking issue or a race issue because somebody was there for me to talk to you I feel the need to pay it forward but I don’t think that that makes me any of the things that are horrible that you said about me.

          • Trina Hoepner Gardner

            Interesting what people that have NOT ever been raped have to say in judgement of those who have! Until YOU walk in those shoes, you CANNOT say how your would feel, react or respond! Right? Been there, done that, more than once in my life time, regardless of what changes I made or how I behaved before, during and after it!!! It never goes away, you may put it in the background and have good control over your thinking, but it is ALWAYS there. I’ve had good support, good treatment from police, hospitals, friends, and family and I have a strong faith and belief in Christ and KNOW HE is with me always! HE is who has helped me keep my ‘balance’ through it all. But it’s still always THERE! In the background but THERE! DON’T JUDGE until YOU walk in those shoes! Now, I’m through with my rant.

          • COJenn

            Only wink says I rant too, even to other survivors I know are survivor’s because they said so…but that doesn’t make shaming survivor’s right!

            I do hope the blanket statement was made in error, like the girl (it takes more to be a woman or a lady) in the article… It wouldn’t happen twice as she said – in my experience as a survivor and working with people who where placed in a club most people wouldn’t wish on anyone- so I Do hope she ment for this person’s in this article, but I don’t read between lines and guess what people ment! (like other than my molestation survivor, rape survivor, dead mom by 22, primary caregiver to my parent when I was all of 14…so many clubs no one wants to be in and wouldn’t wish on anyone!)
            Some other various comment(s) that are blanket statements and are not true and I just believe that if you make a blanket statement it needs to be true – but none are…so don’t make them, especially about something like this!
            Anther person said something about dumb girl, they didn’t know about some people – and the wink didn’t like that I said it doesn’t matter if someone goes NAKED – still no is no and suvivor blaming is still horrible! But being in “the club” doesn’t let you make those kinds of comments – just because you have been through it! It is the problem I have with women in general (sometimes people in general), but it’s the turning on each other and cutting down other women! Like with cheating…how is it ever not the 2 people’s that took vows causing the problem when someone steps out! It’s the other woman that’s blamed… I don’t get it!
            Rant back it you like!

          • Sheri Bryan-Botzong

            Why did this all of a sudden become a forum about your rape and everything except the dogs…they are the real victims of this. Even if she were really raped, which I find hard to believe according to her “story”, why go for VRC and take from them, the reputation they have worked so hard to establish and the funds meant for the dogs? What a selfish young woman! And as for all these other rape stories, there are millions of rape victims in this country but it’s not about us, Focus, people!!

          • Judy Thiessen

            You do not need to explain yourself to this moron who has no idea what he is talking about!

          • COJenn

            I know I was just pointing out how stupid it was to say what he said when literally nobody is crazy for moving a few pieces of paper because that’s what it comes down to!

            Thank you for the support though it’s much appreciated! Feels way better than all the people/person calling me a victim blamer because just because someone said that they had experienced the trauma of rape, but still made a blanket statrment about what can never happen, so it just has a tendency to make somebody that it did happen to feel horrible, invalidated and things like that. I almost didn’t come on here to see what was said because of those people or person!

          • Troublechan

            As a rape victim myself I can say they are not ‘living like a crazy person’; they’re living in a way to be safe for themselves. When you’ve been raped and, in this poor person’s case, stalked as well then come back to us. Men get raped too, and by women as well as men, so it’s not like men are safe from it.

            As for this girl – I suspect her story; the fact that she went back voluntarily on her own volition is what I find suspect. I was raped twice by an ex-boyfriend, but he set me up the second time; asking to meet, begging for forgiveness….I was suckered.

            She’s also suing everyone she can find linked to the Torres family – how in the hell is it THEIR fault? That would be like me suing my ex’s employers. To me this is a girl is all about the money…..the whole returning to New Orleans for a religious festival (look at me I am a pious virginal maiden) was just ‘over egging the pudding’ as we say here in the UK.

          • COJenn

            Yeah crazy people don’t do what they can to prevent it or to at least make an attempt to prevent it again and some people that have not been there just don’t understand that!

            It also seems like he doesn’t know about apps for insurance or about computer and that the cop has run your tag before he’s pulled you over so your registration and insurance already been checked so as long as they’re the same driver as the car is registered to they pretty much already have that information unless for some reason their system is down in which case the app comes in to show the insurance card and then if that technology is also not working for some reason I can just bring the stupid card down to the courthouse! But the police have been looking up your information whether doing it themselves through their computer in their car or through dispatch since forever well technically not forever because computers and the internet haven’t been around forever but since at least the mid-to-late 90s!

            I would also guess he doesn’t know that restraining orders are somewhat like toilet paper in that there pretty much useless (ok tp has the 1 use) and can be walked right through especially since you HAVE to provide your work and home address if you apply for a new one. There for moving wouldn’t help since by law they have to be told where they cannot go – so had I chosen to move and hurt my dad then I would fix literally nothing! I was like I might as well mail him a change of address form because it would literally serve the same purpose!

            But I also do feel like he might be missing the emotion of empathy which if I remember correctly is part of being a psychopath. Or he just subscribes to the club of victim shaming and blaming because I don’t care if you fell for an exes words AND THEN showed up naked it’s still not your fault, you still had nothing to do with it, and he is still completely responsible!

          • Troublechan

            Thank you, thank you so much for saying we victims don’t deserve it no matter what, because I never reported my rape as I felt like I deserved it for being a fool and believing him the second time. I was 22 then and I am 52 now and it STILL haunts me. I HATE myself, my looks – everything. I am VERY fortunate I have a wonderful husband and a supportive daughter who never let my negative self loathing get in the way of me having fun and being happy. I think, to be truthful, they are the ONLY reason I am still here – without them in my life I would’ve topped myself years ago. Back then ‘date rape’ and rape by boyfriends/husbands was never really accepted. If you were dating/married to them then you were consenting full stop.

          • COJenn

            I am 38 now, but was first molested around the time of real k-12 school (not preschool) and again later, I too fell for date rape 2 times with the same guy – I wanted to get home safe and felt I wouldn’t if I didn’t comply, and then in my reply to the blanket statement that you can’t be raped by the same guy twice…well when your out at a function, then you get raped and your address stolen – they bond out and invite themselves into your home then bed…twice – that’s 3 times one guy.

            I hope you can start looking at yourself as a Survivor rather than a victim, having only positive self-talk can be a big benefit to how you feel about yourself. Another good thing to do is what you’re doing here and although you’re sharing it in a public forum in a public way talking about it in anyway can lessen the impact that it has. I know it’s been a long time but even seeing a therapist or counselor or preacher or a good friend would be up enough to talk to and things like exercise releases endorphins and will help you feel better also. I am not lucky enough to have a child but if I did I would definitely share this information at an appropriate time and age so that she is aware of what can happen and what does happen and that it still happens every day (well I have not been blessed with a child but it is something that I would share because the reason I did not share my first molestation is because they always talk about an adult or someone touching you where your private places are but they don’t say anything about you being pressured and forced into touching somebody else in their places, so I didn’t know if it was wrong or not especially since he told me he needed milk for his daughter who was my good friend who was not home that time when I came to see if she wanted to play and he took that opportunity and used my friendship and my care about her against me at a very young age especially since I went to kindergarten when I was 4 so I don’t remember exactly when it was but between 4 and 5 probably 6 at the latest…so sharing helps.)

            Anyway I hope this information helps and that it helps your daughter to!

          • Troublechan

            Thank you for the advice – I have had counselling and I am a recovering self-harmer. I haven’t cut for about 4 years now; I don’t fool myself that I’m ‘cured’ because, like every addiction, the need to do it is still there, just controlled and monitored by me. I know my triggers and tend to either avoid them or make myself hyper aware of where it can lead so I don’t fall down the rabbit hole so to speak. I refuse to fall off the wagon again, this is the longest I’ve gone without cutting.
            My daughter knows all about what happened to me; not just the rape, but the violence too. I want her to be aware that being too trusting and kind doesn’t work with everyone. I used to believe that there was good in everyone, you just had to dig a bit more in some people but, when they saw you cared, they’d let it show. I was swiftly disabused of that ridiculous notion. I don’t want her to end up like me, so I can be more than a bit of a ‘mama bear’. Not so much now she’s left school and college as she says she’s ‘an adult now, stop babying me’ – but certainly when she was at high school. I remember a boy insulting her and me threatening him – he forgot I wasn’t always local and had grown up in a VERY rough part of London, so his antics neither intimidated me nor scared me – far from it. He never got nasty with her again.
            I am so very sorry for what happened to you – it hurts my heart. I was lucky in that I was an adult when it happened to me; but a small child would be completely traumatised and unaware of what was happening. I can’t imagine the hell you were in. I was old enough to make decisions and move forward (perhaps not the best ones), but it was all me. At the age you were there was little to nothing you could do.
            I think that’s why women who make up rape claims and accusations of domestic abuse because of divorce, custody, etc make me so mad. THEY are doing the rest of us such a disservice – one person like that puts hundreds of genuine victims in the authorities ‘don’t listen’ pile.
            All information is welcome because I firmly believe that knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

          • COJenn

            No problem. I’m really glad that you were brave enough to share with your daughter. Another good thing to share with her though is that when your internal dialogue like things you say to yourself when you’re wearing an outfit or maybe you don’t like your hair or your makeup or your clothes that day or whatever the problem is but if you would not take that from a friend or a stranger it’s not something that you need to stay to yourself. But it’s really great that you not only stop self-harming and have made yourself aware of your triggers but are still self-aware enough to know that that doesn’t mean it’s the end. I would suggest you don’t write only wink on here because if you don’t read the whole thing and don’t remember that a person that’s bullying you online has had this kind of trauma also and then they like to also rant at many people since I started writing on here over 2 years ago I can’t exactly remember every single thing every single person has posted but I do know that a lot of us have spoken about only wink and the problems that this person seems to have and complain about – but they say that everything I say is a rant and I’m psychotic and I’m this and I’m that it’s just ridiculous and goes back to your comment about the good in people and you just have to dig a little further but sometimes you can’t find any good.

            And yes my first time I was very young like really young, but for the date rape I was in high school so I missed the molestation from my cousin when I was in late Elementary Early Middle School or the multiple rapes and stalking when I was an adult – I really believe the child stuff gave me the opportunity to learn early on that it wasn’t my fault and that I did not contribute to the problem regardless of what I was wearing or doing or any of those things since you get that message quite clear when you go over to play with your friend and then are presented with pornography magazines and has to help to get the milk out that there is no fault on your side. I do hate though that it seems that offenders at least here in the US I don’t know anything about the statistics in London but survivors are significantly more at risk to be offended on then almost anyone else yes. Because a mother that brings in a male who’s she is just dating and has a young daughter she has just by doing that simple Act of moving a boyfriend in has upped the child’s risk of being abused by more than 10 times our national average so that’s another super high risk category. But I feel like even when you’ve dealt with it and you do what you can to help other people deal with it and Lead support groups and try to really help people in the real world and there are these people that see that you have that scar no matter how well it’s healed and then I proceed after you it’s just sad and it really speaks to the lack of humanity. So does being bullied when you’re telling your story of Survival just because they think you should be mad about people who have made up a story as I believe is what happened in this article but you should not be mad about blanket statements that discount other people’s trauma then it’s just terrible all the way around. I do wish I got on this discuss Message Board more and new how to send you an email address or something privately but I just really don’t use this so I don’t know how to do that privately and I feel like if I put it on here the person that says that everyone in this discussion is tired of me and my Rants and my decision to speak about blanket statements made against victims and survivors of these types of incidence. But the same person doesn’t believe that there’s anyway that I could have gotten a notification that they wrote back more than once or anything else and that I always write them back three times of big long grants and it’s just so stupid and if it wasn’t over 2 years I would have ignored or block this person a number of months or years ago since it’s just ridiculous! If they want to and talk about other people’s conversations and then tell them what they should really be mad about instead of them bring something to somebody else’s attention – like that it can happen twice and never is a very long time and I feel like anytime somebody says that what has happened to a survivor could not have happened in any way that they are effectively Survivor blaming and shaming – I really don’t like or appreciate people coming with false allegations especially against nonprofits but really against anything that makes it more likely that a person that starts as a victim and has to work to become a survivor they effectively make it much more difficult and for that person to not only be believed but also to make that transition between victim and Survivor.

            So just so you know I typically don’t get on here unless I am physically in the hospital for either my spine trouble or my stomach trouble or the random pancreatitis I get since I’m not lucky enough to be able to just stop drinking or have my gallbladder removed to stop getting pancreatitis… Medically I’m one of those where if it can go wrong it will so after outpatient laparoscopic surgery I got to be in the hospital for two weeks and have five surgeries and two blood transfusions because for me anything that can go wrong will and then the doctors are still surprised that I got chicken pox three times because supposedly you can only get it once but if the strings are a little different you can get it more than once… But I also have a huge problem with both insomnia and chronic pain and that’s when I read stuff on the internet or whatever but since you said some really deeply personal stuff with me and I shared really deeply personal stuff with you when I saw that I had the email about the notifications on here I came right back so I can do that if you ever need or want to talk or write rather… I will write back as soon as I can because I find that talking can really help even if it only gets it off your mind for a little while or if it just helps you feel heard and understood or whatever the individual case may be… I don’t know what the time difference is but I am clearly in Colorado and I know today it’s almost 8 p.m. but I am typically up late into the night here or like today overnight since sometime yesterday in the morning… So if you would like to talk we can do that.

            By the way I forgot to mention that I think it’s great that you’re a mama bear… My father fought for custody for me really hard and long well I guess it couldn’t have been that long cuz I was still months old when he received custody I might have been two at the most and I have all the very cute stuff that my dad sent out about my birth announcement first when he was still married to my mother and then he sent a custody announcement and then he sent a custodial custody announcement or something else I don’t remember exactly but he was one of the first dads to get custody of their child especially because my mother had a son my brother who is 13 months older than me that was with her or was always with her and I went every other weekend in a month in the summer so I had a dad who played Mama Bear and Papa Bear and taught me early on in school about you know the basic stuff about Friday flip up dang when the little boys here would choose to flip up your skirt or dress if you were one on a Friday so when I forgot that it was a Friday and wear a skirt and then I punched a kid in the face and went to the principal’s office my God showed up with Dairy Queen and I sat and ate ice cream while he sat and talked to the principal and the principal gave him the third degree for rewarding me for defending myself when they weren’t doing anything about boys flipping up girls outfit and exposing them on the playground on Fridays even though it had been reported many times so my dad had to explain that if they were doing their job then I wouldn’t have had to do that and that I was not going to be punished so I don’t care if the parent is male or female or any of that it’s really great when they do everything they can to protect their child! Had I told my dad before I was 18 about what happened when I was little little I feel like he probably would have gone to jail because I don’t think he would have handled his temper well at that time or if I would have told him about what my cousin who’s in prison for doing it too someone else or my date rapist or my rapist stalker I know that he would have done everything he could even if that meant jail or prison and that’s part of why I didn’t tell him until I had been notified that the person was safely locked up because then I knew my dad would be safe too – not necessarily safe but able to be home with me because he wouldn’t be in huge trouble… but I love good parents and I hope I get the opportunity to be one after I have better control over my GI issues so that I could provide nutrition to a growing fetus because I won’t risk even the pregnancy with my health issues that have been up and down so it’s still my dream even though I know percentage-wise my chances are low of Ever Getting to carrying a baby and become a parent that way but it’s been a dream since I can remember so it is something that I will pursue just like I pursue I’m going back to my Elementary School in my junior high school and talking more in-depth than they talk about different things as far as date rape and child molestation and those kinds of things because you can’t just teach it one-sided where you’re taught that your stuff is your private stuff only because it’s hard to have a child that young that doesn’t even know what oral sex is and know that it’s wrong… Not that I didn’t feel like it was wrong cuz I felt like it was at the very least incredibly weird since I had never been exposed to dirty magazines like I was that day and I had never been more happy that it was dinner time in my brother came to get me when I was visiting my mom for the weekend at that time because he had almost perfect timing and I guess it was really my mom’s almost perfect timing since she’s the one that had dinner ready and sent my brother to come get me but since I’m not lucky enough to have babies of my own that don’t have any fur I take care of my disabled dad and try to prevent other people’s children from having done what I had done and other things like that because it can be really healing especially when the little kid comes up crying after and they tell you that something similar or they felt like the grooming process I described was happening to them and then you get to actually prevent it instead of helping after and that’s just amazing and with how many kids are bullied and self-harm with your child being an adult and in college that might be something for you to pour yourself into because you literally get at least as much out of it as you give. Anyway I hope your child knows what a lucky kid she is and you can tell her I’m older than her for sure or at least I believe I am and although I am not a parent I have learned after Burying my mother that I will always be my parents baby adult or not, being my dad’s primary caregiver and the caregiver to my mother when she had been diagnosed with cancer and died in 7 weeks… So much for the six months to a year the doctor said but if I have to go of that kind of cancer I would also choose seven weeks… But watching my dad watch me grieve for a woman that he had been divorced from almost my whole life hyphen and he also watched me grieve his mom who since my parents were divorced was much more of a mom to Grandma to me when I was growing up and it all just showed me how much of your grandparents baby or your parents baby you will always be even when rolls reverse and you are driving out to another city to shower your mom and do her laundry and make the dinner just so you can drive back to town and do it again for your other parent – you’re still the baby!

          • COJenn

            Hey I know I congratulated you on the four years and one thing that I learned when I was studying addiction because my mom died when I was 22 – 7 weeks after being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and her drunk of a husband who she was getting ready to leave before he got in a DUI accident but wasn’t charged with a DUI because he only almost killed himself when he was three times the legal limit (they did a “scoop and run” because they thought he would die I guess-that’s was a cop said) after he drove an hour and a half (normal time, obeying laws and not being on the way to drunk) to get home from a construction job in Denver, they lived somewhere people that live an hour from it but don’t know the town and haven’t heard of it! But it’s called Ellicott and they lived on the road to Ellicott and it’s where my brother went to school, but he was home from work by 4:30 p.m. he was that drunk and had gone home and gotten his motorcycle and then went back into town to get the booze (about 6 miles one way) and drink it while driving because that’s his favorite thing to do…drink while driving, and he gets off work at 3:30! He was obviously speeding or he wouldn’t have been able to make it just to home. Certainty not to get out of work clothes and out of the company truck (that he was drinking in everyday), it was just a great weather day in January “to run the bike and keep everything charged and fresh” (aka he wanted too, so made a reason), so he took another drive around the country on his bike…drinking…and he did take the bike back into town for the liquor store, that is only about 5 miles. Then by the time he was where he was when he wrecked it was like behind the airport or something and it was another 40 miles and I don’t know how far he had gone, but he was on his way back towards the Highway he lived off of with my mother and brother. It happened to actually be the January of the same year my mother died in November so she chose not to leave him until he was back on his feet. Then when his spine (bones not cord), all but 3 ribs broken in a minimum on 1, but most were 3+, skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, broken leg, facial factures, and a Foley catheter, huge back/neck braces, and an air cast on one foot- so it took a while to recover…especially since he left the hospital (like we told them be would and that he needed a bed alarm, not to be in the corner farthest from staff, they put him in a “tent” rectangle tent made of a mesh with a roof – so “he couldn’t get out of alone” – we said he could and it needed zip ties to connect the zippers…they said no it’s not needed – he can’t get out bed and thought a construction foreman wouldn’t be able to work the zipper on the wrong side! They were wrong and he left in a gown not even shoe because we hid his clothes! (But no undies due to catheter reguardless), the aircast, the back and neck braces – and he just walked right out of the hospital like that without security batting and eye or any of the staff, police, ambulance, or fire that were at and all around since the hospital called them, Hospital staff or anyone else that was around saying hey something doesn’t look right here. It took somebody calling from the hospital and saying he was missing, the the liquor store and 7-11 called too (but people don’t leave the hospital that way, especially with an iv, a foley, no clothes, no shoes –
            but people don’t walk a mile that way and not in the 30° or lower night air, but since the hospital let a head injured man runaway… the health insurance decided not to cover him for inpatient rehabilitation for his head injury and the other injuries and then we thought he would go and he was getting drunk because he was tired of having the DTs and he went to 711 for a coffee – he had to call a friend in town for money because he didn’t think that far ahead!

            When he was back on his feet is when she started to be uncomfortable and felt bloated and like she was going through menopause since she had had to have a hysterectomy but not a complete hysterectomy so they were doing different tests and she was trying different meds and then she got sudden lower right quadrant pain and the doctor said when she called that she had to go to the emergency room immediately for gallstones and she said “not unless they grow back because I had my gallbladder out” and I don’t know how old she was for that but I know I was in Middle School Maybe and after she was admitted to the hospital it was literally 7 weeks from diagnosis to death so she never got to leave her drunk husband who I don’t even consider my stepdad because you know he was drunk and we didn’t really speak until her funeral… he was so drunk in fact that he did not even notice that my mom had packed up from the house over the course of a year because they kept questioning whether or not she wanted to leave because she committed till death (but 2 need to work at a relationship) and neither one of them had died obviously and then she finally settles on that she didn’t have to get a divorce which is what I was thinking along but that she could see if that would trigger a rock bottom in him by getting an apartment so that was a big long time mess.

            This is when I learned about addiction. A number of years ago when he got up to either 6 or 7 DUIs I did some more reading and studying about addiction and I know that the first year after is the toughest and the most likely to relapse – I don’t know if that translates to cutting but I hope so! It would mean that the worst part is behind you and if the numbers translate then you go from a chance of not relapsing to a big one at 5 years!

            “The most thorough attempt to understand what happens to addicts and alcoholics who stay sober is an eight-year study of nearly 1200 addicts. They were able to follow up on over 94% of the study participants, and they found that extended abstinence really does predict long term recovery. Some takeaways from this research are:

            Only about a third of people who are abstinent less than a year will remain abstinent.
            For those who achieve a year of sobriety, less than half will relapse.
            If you can make it to 5 years of sobriety, your chance of relapse is less than 15 percent.”

            I suggested to my mother’s Widow that he reads about post-acute withdrawal syndrome. It can help you recognize the signs and symptoms earlier then when it actually happens so you may want to read about that because addiction is a disease that has many different types so I would hope some of the tips would help but of course I can’t guarantee that.

          • Judy Thiessen

            As a health care professional, I have to say that Ken, you are the crazy person. Every person should have the right to live where they choose and moving is not always possible for everyone. Individual therapy can help almost anyone, including you, Ken.

            Rape is a very demeaning act and it takes a lot of power and control away from the victim. Rape victims sometimes must go to extraordinary lengths to feel safe and protected.

            That being said, VRC is totally off limits in the case at hand. It would be like a rapist following me from a convenient store and me suing the convenient store for what happened. Only in the case of VRC, they do extraordinary work for helpless animals and help to bring a way for parolees to be capable of being good citizens; this is true reform in my eyes.

            I love animals and what Maria Torres and her family do for these helpless dogs is true and wonderful! No one should be able to connect them with a rape that none of their family had part in.

          • COJenn

            I don’t know if you saw it in any of my posts but my point of view on the story is that her story is just that… Only a story because if it were true I don’t believe that she would feel comfortable enough to go by yourself to confront him and that’s just like 1% of why I believe it’s the story the other 99% is her bringing VRC the production company – anybody with money or that could have Deep Pockets into the lawsuit that just sort of pushes it over the top for me. The criminal case being dropped a LONG time ago also helps me believe it’s a story.

          • COJenn

            Ken, I don’t believe I remembered to tell you that even if I did have to pay a fine for not having my insurance card on me before computers and apps in the couple of years I could drive before that- then I would gladly do that to prevent additional stalking and rape… Plus I obviously did see a doctor and the police or I wouldn’t have a S.A.N.E. nurse who made the recommendations, did the 7 hour rape kit – (and the kit and Court are much like being raped again but with an audience!) and the person wouldn’t be in prison… but if you think even a $200 fine or whatever it might be where you live is a better option than lowering your risk of being stalked and potentially raped again then you’ve got to be absolutely insane!

            After you are stocked and raped three times though then you could go ahead and talk to me about it… Otherwise your opinion on what I do or do not do is of no consequence. And I still don’t drive like an idiot because the only times in the last 17 years or more that I’ve been contacted by the police is when I’ve been pulled over on the side of a country road to use my phone and or my GPS as I am required to do in my state and I wasn’t even ask for my name I was only asked if I was okay – because if you don’t drive like an idiot you don’t really get contacted by the police I need to show your card and your driver’s license terribly often… And here since I know my driver’s license number because I had to write it on a hundred forms for college and it doesn’t change they can look up every bit of information between my license plate number and my driver’s license number- computers and apps and dispatch are just amazing, when you get out of the paper era just let me know but only if you have a daughter and then you could tell me what you would be willing to do in order to prevent her from being stalked and raped three times by the same person because of our beautiful Bond system since people have the right to participate in their own defense and rack up more charges by walking through restraining orders that they know that they have to violate somebody again so they have to go through the 7 hour rape kit process again and they have to go to court again and they have to do it all again for the third time… So if you have a daughter or granddaughter or whatever the case may be then you could tell me what steps you would go through to prevent even your son or grandson from going through things that are that traumatic – and then let me know if moving a few pieces of paper out of the glove box I really such a big deal even if there is a nominal fee. Or if having people that make you feel more comfortable accompany you to the original crime scene because you don’t yet trust the police because you don’t know them and last time you were alone was less than 36 hours before when you were there being hurt and let’s see if it would make you living like a psycho or whatever else that’s BS that you said. Shoot I didn’t even want to be alone after I buried my mother after her 7-week fight of cancer so I had some friends come over to hang out and watch movies and order food in, does that make a 22 year old girl crazy too? But like I said before I didn’t want to go places alone for a little while and certainly not the place where it happened police or no police. But maybe everybody should take their sexual assault prevention advice from you rather than people that were trained to give it… Let me think about that for a while hmmmm I think I’m going to go with the people that treated me, gathered evidence, got a conviction, and many were not only trained but also had been through it so I think I’ll go ahead and take my advice from them not a random troll on the internet that likes to call people that have survived something horrible various names.

          • msutton7

            Ken, let us all know how you feel about this subject only when you have been stalked and raped numerical times. Otherwise no one is into in your opinion.

          • Ken

            First of all I have no idea what your talking about.
            Second, Fuck you.

    • babygirl23

      What they mean is the money they could use to save other dogs lives are going to this stupid lawsuit. The money could go to save dogs, find dogs homes etc. They have a show now and I’m sure money coming in from that but it wont last forever.

      • doglover

        The money from the show would not give them enough to pay for all the dogs they have now. they couldn’t feed them etc and pay the people that work for them with only that income. My guess is that her lawyer has told her that Tia is the only one with money available. When everyone give VRC money to help, the lawyer will either “settle” or sue to get all the donated money. What money would Toney Converse have? The family cannot do all the work themselves without some help and they have to eat and pay electric bills just like everyone else. I would sympathize with anyone raped, but suing the people she is suing doesn’t make me sympathize. She is not acting like a victim. She is acting like someone trying to capitalize on something whether or not it happened.

        • Cheri McDonough

          You’re right… She’s not acting like a victim, more like a predator. Shameful.

        • Kathy

          If she had a heart at all she would leave Tia completely out of this so called Lawsuit! Of course the attorney is going suggest that she includes everyone But that doesn’t mean that she has to. Ugh! *itch.

        • Judy Thiessen

          I agree. They have so many dogs now and I know first hand how expensive vet bills food, ect costs. Hopefully the suit was dropped against VRC.

      • Lovemesomerotties

        As long as she has a decent insurance policy, which I hope she does, they’ll defend her and the suit until all of the dogs have a home . . . and wouldn’t that be just awesome! CLEAR THE SHELTERS!

    • karrie

      yes Darcy exactly what i was thinking! something is very wrong…this girl was not rapped and tring to steal a buck,,

      • karrie

        i have no doubt since Tia has her daughters that she clearly loves would ever condone this type of behavior from her guys! this makes e so mad..now people like me that would be willing to travel from fl to new orleans to volunteer,may not be welcome?!

        • Marsha Cody Reece

          It’s so sad that the girl doing this is trying to become a preacher. Lying is not a good start to that kinda wrk. I pray she gets her act together and soon b4 she ruins ppls lives and these poor dogs lives

    • Marsha Cody Reece

      So true. All she wants is $ and she knows he don’t have none so she’s gonna sue Tia and animal planet. If shes gonna b a good honest preacher this is by far the totally wrong way to go about it.

      • gerald sornee

        few, if any, preachers are honest … simply promoting religion requires deception.

        • diana

          Most are very honest and good people.

          • gerald sornee

            some… not most.

          • diana

            All the ones I have known is my life were good people.

          • Native_Recon

            Most people are “good people” until you see them behind closed doors.

        • Ken

          You are a moron. Promoting religion requires deception, Really? You need to check yourself.

          • gerald sornee

            take off your blinders realty man…. your ad hominem attack speaks volumes. i wont descend to your level.

      • Bobba

        I think she drank too much and ended up pregnant and had to come up with something to explain away the baby. I do not think Tia or VRC or Animal Planet had anything to do with it and why she thinks they do just shows she is a greedy person and should never preach to anyone.

        • Chrisknowsbest

          We cant be sure of that and maybe we dont know but i do know that religious people would rather hurt someone else than have other religious people see what is truly in their bed with them. Maybe her blanket was pulled back when she ended up pregnant. Now let me clarify something. When I say religious people I am not talking about a true believer with a relationship with the lord. I am talking about those who raise their hands in church and their mugs at the club!!!. Mans religion is a filthy rag in the nostrils of God. Remember she was in New Orleans for religious schooling.

          • Bobba

            I agree 100% Sinner on Saturday and Saint on Sunday

      • Deb H.

        Given the reason she was in New Orleans, I’d like to know why she was in a bar. She may have only had a soda, but why not go to a restaurant for that. She was looking for trouble.

      • Judy Thiessen

        The show has taught me a great deal about pit bulls. However they have so many breeds now, they are simply a dog rescue now. I live in Texas and there are many areas of Texas where killing is done without thinking twice.

    • Kathy

      I was wondering the same thing! Stupidit or asking for trouble! Both. Idk about some women.

      • COJenn

        I don’t care if you went there twice on purpose naked rape is never the survivors fault never… I do believe she dropped the criminal case because it didn’t happen and she kept the other case for money and that she is not a survivor of any kind of assault but to blame a woman regardless what the woman it is never her fault I don’t care if her dress was short I don’t care if she went the same place twice none of that matters the Survivor is not the one that is at fault regardless however after it happened to me I changed many things and it happened again from the same person and I change many more things and it happened again and I wouldn’t even go to the same place with the police without having my people with me but it does happen more than once and I did nothing to provoke it and blaming the Survivor is sickening!

        • Eileen Cregg

          This is a woman that lives in story . The one she made up. I’m not add sure but if it went to court a private investigator would bring light to her story.
          In the mean time the entire Pit-bull Rescue is in jeopardy.
          This is awful , this family has dedicated their lives for theses wonderful dogs.
          Young lady go ask God for forgiveness and work at shelter. You might have an appreciation for what you are trying to destroy.

          • COJenn

            The criminal case was dismissed, I also said her story is just that a story, but to the woman that said it doesn’t happen with the same guy twice (men don’t rape), I said she is flat wrong and to the Kathy woman who said “I was wondering the same thing! Stupidit or asking for trouble! Both. Idk about some women.” So she doesn’t know about some women, that they are “stupidit or asking for trouble! Both. She doesn’t know… Its all real suvivor blaming and suvivor blaming is disgusting… (never did I say this story teller is a suvivor). To her I said “I don’t care if you went there twice on purpose naked rape is never the survivors fault never… I do believe she dropped the criminal case because it didn’t happen and she kept the other case for money and that she is not a survivor of any kind of assault but to blame a woman regardless what the woman it is never her fault I don’t care if her dress was short I don’t care if she went the same place twice none of that matters the Survivor is not the one that is at fault regardless however after it happened to me I changed many things and it happened again from the same person and I change many more things and it happened again and I wouldn’t even go to the same place with the police without having my people with me but it does happen more than once and I did nothing to provoke it and blaming the Survivor is sickening!”

          • OnlyWink

            No one is blaming any victim here so please stop using it as a soap box to preach to people that aren’t attacking anyone or making statements that you keep arguing with. This isn’t about you or your ordeal you are misunderstanding what is being said not sure why but you are. No one has said that it was OK to rape her just because she went there again or that no woman has ever been raped twice so read what people are actually saying instead of projecting your situation into this.

            What they and now I am saying is it’s seemed rather spurious that after the first torturous ordeal she alleged why would she go back to the place where it happened to confront her attacker alone yet again? I too am a survivor, but I don’t get so wound up in it that I think no woman has ever made a false claim that isn’t justice. I don’t think what she claimed added up either.and as a rape survivor I can absolutely say I would NEVER go back to the place I was raped to confront my assailant ALONE and if you cannot understand what I am saying or see it as a very valid point then I can’t help that..

            Regardless if it is fact or fiction this woman gets no sympathy for going after VRC because they sure as heck didn’t rape her and yet she is more than willing to ruin them and hurt a lot of innocent people and animals just for money..

          • COJenn

            There where/are many people suvivor blaming when I replied to the comments that were left directly to them, not just as a general post…

          • COJenn

            So Vanessa Lee didn’t write “I too have been raped, there is absolutely no way it happens twice with the same man. This is extortion! My heart is broken.”

            She is who I responded to when I said it does happen twice from the same man sometimes despite taking every precaution a S.A.N.E. nurse and the cops suggested.

            Or the person that wrote “Stupidit or asking for trouble! Both. Idk about some women.”

            How is either of those two statements not suvivor shaming? Anyone that says it happened because a person is asking for it or is stupid- they are clearly taking the responsibility from where it belongs…. So is deciding when a real rape could or couldn’t of happened… It maybe unlikely, but when knocked out people don’t protect their address, or if they were followed from work or something like that- twice doesn’t make it not the aggressors fault nor does it make it the survivors fault – nothing makes it anything but the aggressors fault. Saying that the woman was stupid or asking for trouble or both, and that they don’t know about “some women” – it’s not the surviorors fault if it happens once, twice, or three times, if they wore a short dress or pants, none of it matters – it’s not the survivors fault. I have already said her story doesn’t make any sense. I also said I didn’t see any suvivor confonting there attacker alone under any circumstance, and that I believe her story is just that…a story. So if you don’t take just those 2 examples of survivor blaming, then we have different opinions of what blaming looks like. I am not going back through the other things I replied to to copy/paste more examples. I have already said many times her story, the dropping of criminal charges, and the choice of who to name on the civil suit all show her motives and lack of credibility. Again this is not a case where there is a survivor in my opionion. If there was then the person sued would be the aggressor, not random other groups that weren’t responsible.

          • OnlyWink

            I think you know she meant as it happened here in this story because every rape victim knows it can happen twice if the man stalks a woman. You also keep taking posts out of context and are still intentionally misunderstanding them just so you can make speechs like Moses from the mount and we are all clueless children. I fail to see how you could say these people are victim shaming since we are only talking about one woman that claims to have been raped a second time when she went alone to the alleged attackers house to confornt him alone which in ANYONE’S estimation is STUPID.

            No one here was speaking of ALL victims just this one alleged victim so yes I didn’t see anyone here talking about ANY rape victim other than this woman that no one believes so stop preaching to all of us becuase I find you insensitive in the extream when you do it to those of us that told you plainly we are rape survivors ourselves. Now please climb off your soapbox you don’t have the market cornered on pain nor do you know everything there is about the issue from every angle we all know the things you just keep repeating we don’t live under rocks.

          • COJenn

            You say I know what she meant but I was raised in a household with a parent with a head injury where you either ask the question that you wanted an answer to or you did not get one. Therefore I take things that people write or say as what they mean because I was brought up to say what I mean and also to mean what I say. No I did not intentionally take it some kind of way I read what she wrote and in my eyes it is a lie as it does happen and it’s victim shaming. If it is not in your eyes with what you read then that’s what you wanted to read into it, I don’t pretend to know what they may have meant… but either way I said what I did not agree with in their statement which was the survivor shaming and then addressed the story written that in my eyes is not believable and strictly for profit – not because of anything that could of happened to a survivor, especially since when you go through the several hour rape kit reliving it all over and over – but because of the people, companies, and nonprofit listed in the lawsuit.

            I am not psychic not a mind-reader so if someone writes one thing and wanted to say another thing – that is not what I am going to comment on, only what is written. So when I am asked “do you have a ____?” (pen, dollar, tissue, car, whatever – my reply will be to the question asked, so yes or no, but then I am going back to whatever. I refuse to guess at what people mean.

            Either way the other commenter still wrote “Stupidit or asking for trouble! Both. Idk about some women.” witch I guess if you decide that person ment that the woman that claims rape, but says she wants money with her actions is the only woman that is “Stupidit or asking for trouble!” and was the only woman she didn’t know about – then I would have taken it as that, not a general statement about women in general.

          • OnlyWink

            NO, what you did was blast the whole board and preach and rant at them in a holier than thou way to people that you saw said they were rape victims also. I( have a news flash for you, YOU are not the only person writing here who is a rape survivor many said they too are and I am one also. YOU are not the be all and end all of rape experiences and I find you offensive and insulting most of the time. Pedal this however you want but YOU yourself shamed victims for speaking their minds. Now stop posting to me I find you self serving and sanctimonious, while I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt by thinking you to close to this I do not anymore as you seem to have an excuse for everything while allowing no latitude to anyone else.

          • COJenn

            I have freedom of speech as do you I never said I was the only rape Survivor but I do find rape shaming disgusting and when people talk about women in general not the woman from the article and say things that are very general about a group of people that aren’t true or are just disgusting like the idk, some women comment – I find that wrong. I am free to say so… If you don’t like what I said or anyone else said….that’s also your choice to write or not. When I read something as written and don’t guess what may or may not have been ment – then I reply to that person and then I address the person in the article specifically – that I don’t buy what sounds like a story and a money grab, that too is my choice… If the commenters had as big of an issue with my comments as you apparently do…they would have or could have replied… Its not hard to do and just maybe in the future they will not say general statements if that’s not what they mean. I still won’t guess or assume – you can if you like – it’s not what I do. You can also continue to pretend you know what I ment, like you pretend to do with the people’s comments I replied to…but I ment what I wrote, nothing more, nothing less… But maybe your physic or personally know people’s who’s comments I replied to and you know what they ment, but not wrote…or you can assume for them, do what you want, but your opinion isn’t going to change mine…

            Have a good time deciding what people ment and who people are by some internet comments and I will continue to use my freedom of speech how I would like and not guessing or assuming for other’s…

          • OnlyWink

            Well you have the right to keep repeating and justifying yourself that’s for sure, but it pretty much changes nothing.However, by all means keep up with your sanctimonious holier than thou preachy tone since apparently only you understand what’s everyone else means yourself. I think you’re rather unhinged since you seem to keep obsessing on this and justifying your obsession with a single comment about ‘some women” and have blown it completely out of proportion. So I’m sure we’ll all expect another spate from you chastising us for what YOU considered victim shaming while trying to shame the people you are accusing who survivors themselves. I’m sure we’ll see another lengthy self justification from you since you don’t seem to be able to stop.

          • COJenn

            The “tone” you put on my words is your own… That’s the thing with typing vs conversation since you don’t get tone or any other non verbal c communication… and you can read it in a holier-than-thou tone if you would like but it was written in a different tone. I have also explained if you don’t want a response…don’t write me back…

            And to address what you call my obsession with somebody referring to “some women” when the real quote is “Stupidit or asking for trouble! Both. Idk about some women.” That is a big difference since it says the woman can be asking for trouble… I obviously believe that even naked women can’t be asking to be raped or for other trouble…. And I also told you in my very first reply that I was only taking the time to give you 2 examples… You can look for what else I have written or whatever else, but you will see I came on here and read the article and some commments, the one time… Anything else I said was in response to a notification and I haven’t been back to the comments – that’s your imagination or something. I am also unaware of this group you joined since you said “So I’m sure we’ll…”
            But just fyi, comment sections are where people express their opinions and views… So why you think I don’t have the right to do that or respond to blanket statements that aren’t true – written by a survivor or not, since if it’s not true it doesn’t matter what the history of that person is. I was hurt when I read someone who happened to share a similar horrible experience to some of mine – it feels like I am being discounted, not believed, and brings up the traumatic event and being told I was wrong because “it doesn’t happen twice by the same person” from some uneducated medical staff that was later told by the S.A.N.E nurse but that was after being called a liar (well being told I was not correct in what happened to me, not the actual word liar – same result though). It happened several times before I even got to the police where it happened more… so you can take it as me being holier than thou but I was trying to let someone else know that the words that they chose have hurt at least one person and are likely to hurt others because it does happen and rape survivors are discounted enough…. you clearly have a problem with my opinion on other people’s comment and that is certainly your choice… I can be holier than thou in your eyes and you can be the person that believes I should edit everything I say based on someone else’s history instead of what most survivors want and that is to be treated like you would treat everybody else again instead of like you’re made of glass – but not having their experience discounted either… my comment came more from the FYI it can and does happen twice and that I don’t find it okay to make blanket statements that discount real things that have and may happen again to people.

            I still 100% believe that the “victim” in this story is telling nothing but a story.

            Again in case you forgot…. I am not going to the article and making new comments, I went once and have replied only since… So if you don’t want me to reply to you – then make a general statement or whatever you want that isn’t directed to me.

          • OnlyWink

            And more blah blah neuratic self justifying blah, but the thing is you were bashing survivors for what YOU assumed was victim blaming and at this point I really don’t give a happy damn why, how or what was your reasons are.

          • COJenn

            Just FYI blaming and shaming are different words with different meanings and you can tell by the spelling. It does shame a victim when you say something that happened to them is not possible to have happened to any Survivor whether you believe it or not it is still true and it still hurts the person who went through it… who has now read the statement saying what they went through could not have happened in any way possible but you’re welcome to think what you like…
            Also just because someone is also in a club that they didn’t want to join called the rape survivors Club it does not to give them a blanket waiver to say whatever they want about the topic or about anything else…

          • OnlyWink

            “Also just because someone is also in a club that they didn’t want to join called the rape survivors Club it does not to give them a blanket waiver to say whatever they want about the topic or about anything else…”

            Why, you seem to think you can and that you can translate what other people’s posts mean and interpret it for others on the board and then lecture and sermonize about it?

            Not one person said anything about possibilities for ALL rape victims they were speaking of ONE WOMAN the one in this story and you decided to carry on some holy campaign against them and interpret their words to mean ALL rape victims because they didn’t say it exactly the way your literal mind needed it said. I have said you are too close to this and can only see this in terms of yourself, but let me reiterate this wasn’t about YOU or any other rape victims it was about the woman in this article and ONLY her. By all means carry on right fighting and keep posting justifications for your reactions because you seem totally obsessed with being right and cannot admit for a second you might have gotten anyone’s message wrong.

            For your information I am also a rape survivor and you have no earthly idea what the situations was or my level of trauma, but I NEVER once took anything posted here as some personal affront to the point it caused me pain. I had the wits to know they were simply posting in reaction to this SINGLE event not attacking all rape survivors which is something it seems you are incapable of doing.

            I am NO LONGER a victim of my attacker by MY CHOICE and I am NOT a victim of anyone’s opinions about this greedy woman. While I may be in the unenviable club of rape survivors I will NEVER be in the club of PERENNIAL VICTIMHOOD and if you don’t like it TOUGH.

          • Susan

            My goodness does COJenn never stop. She has completely taken over the board with the same repetitive comments. I and everyone else reading this, I am sure, agree that victim shaming is not correct and that rape is a terrible thing to go through, but we were talking about one incident that alot of people do not believe occurred. This has nothing to do with victim shaming or what happened to you. ENOUGH. The criminal case against Tony Converse as most of you know was dropped, but she is going ahead with a Civil suit. I dont understand what money she thinks she is going to get from Converse, as he has none. He is an employee at a pit bull rescue and makes an appearance on the show once in a while. It is not the Tony Converse show. He does not have any money. I truly hope this never occurred, but somehow the story does not sound valid. If she loses and he sues her for slander and counter sues, she may come to regret her decision. I truly hope that who ever is telling the truth gets justice. Rape is not forgiveable but slandering a person isnt either.

          • OnlyWink

            Sadly it won’t end there is something morbidly pathological at play here heaven help us all.

          • COJenn

            People may have written things that you don’t take as victim shaming but when people write things like – I don’t know about some women, maybe she was stupid, that never happens, and other things of the sort apparently some people can take it as victim shaming or Survivor shaming yet still think that the person that this story is about is a liar because of who is named in the suit. Not only did VRC not rape her, but neither did the production company, or Tia, or any of the other individuals named in the lawsuit at least in my opinion – since everything about the story screams I want money… I will see who I believe has the biggest pockets and the most to lose if they don’t settle… but I already said that too…

        • OnlyWink

          You know what you should be preaching about is the same thing that has me livid regarding this and it’s the fact that women who make false claims victimize all of us who have or will ever suffer from rape. They open the door for having our lives and characters questioned and make us have to prove over and over we are not lying. Women who make false claims help to victimize all women who have been raped over and over again every time someone in their lives hears their stories and then doubts them because of women like this.

          • COJenn

            I think people deciding what could of or couldn’t of happened without any accurate information and suvivor blaming is just as big of a problem – however like I said many times, this story doesn’t make sense due to the people named in the law suit, so personally I don’t buy it – yet I don’t find it ok to suvivor blame under any circumstances…

            Your welcome to “preach” about anything you like… And I will comment on statements I agree with or don’t, and/or based on the article…

          • Catherine McLellan

            1hat I don’t understand is what an employee does have to do with his employer or his work place??? Sure It’s very sad this woman endured such a thing… She says every episode that she gives DOGS and people a second chance (notice dogs come first little faith in humans) How could she or her family be personally responsible for an employee especially one out on parole ??? At least in Canda that would be the Government’s problem!!!!! move to Canada bring your dogs and your beautiful people we need you here!!!

          • OnlyWink

            This woman only wants money and obviously she doesn’t care whom she hurts to get it. I find her whole story suspicious it just doesn’t add up so my opinion of her is that she planned most of this out for the purpose of getting something out of it for herself.

          • Catherine McLellan

            I agree!!! If that be truth why are we having such a hard time wrapping our heads about it?? The same kind of person that beats dogs !!

          • Trina Hoepner Gardner

            So very well put! Thank You from one that knows!

    • flora68

      Taking care of each dog costs money, LIMITED money, that does not grow on trees. This lawsuit takes a LOT of money. Get it?

      • gerald sornee

        paper ‘money’ is made from wood or other natural fibers which actually come from living vegetation. so, some money does indeed grow naturally, before being processed.

    • diana

      also she should have reported it straight away when she may have had bruises and they could have taken dna.

    • Deborah Revell

      Good point.

    • Katrina

      I’m with you . Shame on this woman . SHAME ON YOU LADY . I’M SORRY BUT YOU ARE A LIER ….

    • Hannahoneybee

      Maybe she is.braver than you.

  • Cindy m

    This is so stupid! If you where really drugged and raped why make it public. It is just someone trying to get a few seconds of fame. She doesn’t care about what vrc is about. I’m sorry but I would really have to see some hard evidence to believe what she is claiming happened

  • romagirl

    So she was o.k. with being “drugged and raped” until she found out she was pregnant two weeks later? Something just does not add up here. In any case. VRC has nothing to do with this! Shame on her

    • Jane Reddel


  • Dawn C

    That woman reeks of a scammer! Her whole story is bizarre. Personally I don’t believe a word of it.

    • Marsha Cody Reece

      Me either. It screams $ $ $. Why would a girl wanting to b a preacher meet a guy n a bar, go home with him, then when he supposedly raped her she never reported it then goes back again. U don’t return to someone u said raped you house a second time. And Tia didn’t rape her animal planet didn’t rape her so why sue them? She’s full of it. She’s in love with him and he didn’t feel the same way. It’s so sad she’d stoop to this level though

  • Pat Trubey

    Where is Mondo?. he is not in the new season.

  • Michelle Velez

    THis whole issue sadden me! as others have stated this does not sound right! 1st of all Why would she include the Production Company? She went there had an affair with this man, returned 2 months later, has another Booty Call, then 2-3 weeks later does another Booty Call then claims Rape on the last one and the prior sexual encounter.. I have do a lot of research into criminal behavior, it appears that VRC and the Parolee were Targeted by this woman. I looked at the filings(court records) and it appears when she found out she was pregnant or planned to get pregnant by one of individuals and either get into the program and hit pay dirt! or Sue to get Famous.. It is very rare that a victim allows their name to be published,because by Law her identity is protected, The fact that she hires a Lawyer to sue is again out of Character, all before the police were even called and allowed to conduct an investigation: If this Man is acquitted in a court of Law he and VRC, and the Production Company have Bigger legs to stand on.. My first instinct would be to do a great deal of Back ground checking in her prior state that would also include medical records which includes the Health Department to find out when she was told of her Sexually transmitted decease, also her internet connections and FB Insta- Gram pages and her Research pages, to see if she looked up any of the persons in the programs back ground and then did she have prior knowledge of this mans prior criminal history? This whole situation make sense to me but in the reverse, I think that from the information I have gathered that not only was this Man a Target, but so was VRC and the Production Co. How on Earth in any way are they a party to this! That means any and every program on TV in production or in the movies are subject to a suit because some one thy hired have been Listed in a Lawsuit as a predator, even though it did not occur during the course of production or at the site of a current production site.. I hope that the police are doing a complete investigation of this alleged Crime not just allowing a Law to be filed.. I know that certain issue must happen when you sue someone for committing a crime they must be charged with the crime of Rape and allow the Criminal proceedings to take place. the biggest Hurdle is for this woman to explain why she went back 2 more time and then after the Alleged Rape wouldn’t she have called the police to accompany her to the Home or even another person? Who Confronts a Rapist then waits weeks to report it? This is sad that innocent people and Animals are drug into such an issue. The act of rejection can cause people to act in vindictive ways, I hope that this does go through the proper legal Process and the truth is revealed. If intact this Rape occured then this man should be punished, However again this did not happen at the VRC Center, It happened in a Private residence. That would hold all land lords responsible for any and all tenants actions while living in a property. The fact that is Very Clear is that VRC and the Program of PitBulls and Parolee’s is being Targeted and of course This is a Crime that too should be investigated, The unethical Attorney that filed these as inclusive parties, should have a Judicial Review Board Grievance filed against him and his license should be Revoked if they find he acted in a manner that is Un-becomming of an officer of the court. THe fact that it can and has caused interruption in the daily running of VRC and the possible donations that have been Loss is staggering and this part of the lawsuit can be settled rapidly, one just because this man was on the program how does it hold VRC and the Production a liable to the suit! I sincerely hope this is not a via for Fame and Fortune, because a lot of people and Animals have already been Harmed. I have never condoned any Sexual Assault, or taken sides against a victim in my life and I AM 54 YRS OLD, However I find that with all the information that I have obtained and read that are a part of public record, I find the allegations of Rape, Assault to be a fabrication and that in fact this is a case of Targeted persons for Finacial. and Fame Gain! I pray the Judicial System works in this matter because if in fact this man did nothing to violate the Laws of New Orleans or the State of LA.

    • doglover

      Totally agree, but the lawyer’s ethics will never be questioned. I am sure he either told her to sue VRC or encouraged her to do it because they are the only people who have the money she wants. My brother-in-law is a lawyer and would never take on this case, but there are lots and lots of other lawyers who would do anything for the money and for the publicity that this lawsuit will bring. We are in a good time to sue for rape with the Bill Cosby suit going on. That is why she wants a jury. She knows the judge would throw it out, but she figures she can convince people that she should have the money. Another point to make Michelle, is that if VCR and the bar etc are responsible because they hired someone and didn’t supervise them, then every single employee in the US who was raped by someone in the same company could sue the company for the same reasons. It makes the head of companies babysitters.

  • disqus_zIPJhRp8oI

    What kind of person lies and take away from homeless animals to cover her “sinful ways” since she goes to seminary and got pregnant out wedlock… it seems she had to make up something to covered up her hypocrisy and not to be shame by her peers…. Horrible,.. She is a hypocrite and a liar in my opinion… money hungry… and what is seminary girl doing in a bar anyways???!

  • Emma

    What the fuck is wrong with her. She’s lying! Stupid bitch.

    • Cheryl Lindberg

      I think exactly the same way you do!

    • Amy

      my issue with this is if you’re drugged, you usually lose all memory of what happened. How does she know who did it or where? She went to his house to confront him 14 days later… How did she know where he lived? If he had to drug her for the 1st time, how’d it happen a 2nd time? He offer he a drink while they talked it out?! Most rape victims want to report it and do so ASAP. For the ones that don’t, they usually go get a Plan B pill. Not a pregnancy test.

  • Patty

    “How dare you” Jennifer stampfel,you are a disgrace to this world !! For one,it seems awfully fishy that you would wait 14 after the 2nd time you were raped and two,you bring miss Tia and her family AND those INNOCENT DOGS into this as well,she IS or WAS the parolees parent ! Have you completely gone off your rocker ! I hope and pray to the good lord that you do not get away w/ this and there is also a law against making false statements. You’re definitely not the tastiest sandwich in the basket for going back to a place where you were raped,”HELLO”!!! . DO NOT make VRC and its employees and owner the victims here,that is unjust and downright selfish ! Think about what ur doing and think about the dogs,do you really want to be responsible for their uthanization ? Believe me,if I were wealthy,which I’m not,I would without NO hesitation give them all of the funds needed for their new sanctuary. DO the RIGHT thing !!!!! 😞

  • Patty

    He’ll while you’re at it why not get her pregnant too ! Think about what ur doing and think about the dogs,do you want to be the one responsible for them having to be uthanized because of your stupidity ? Believe me,if I were wealthy I would without NO hesitation give them the funds needed for them to be able to run the new VRC sanctuary so they wouldn’t have to worry no longer. DO the RIGHT thing and step up and be a REAL human being that really cares about dogs !!!!

  • Andrea Dorethy Delgado

    I think she is lying her ass off cause she saw the show is on TV thinks she can get money out of her being a flussy didn’t it say something about her and church? she is trying to cover up the fact she so easy and make money at the same karma is a bitch if this really happened she should only hurt the one who hurt her . Tia what you do is awesome you deserve so much more than this good luck and know that people out there see what I do you guys will get through this. Always Andrea from Tucson

  • Daenarys Targarean

    Ok so in 14 days she found out she was pregnant AND then reported the rape? Suspicious.

    • Jane Reddel

      Can you even know in two weeks?

  • April Karmaville

    Even if the parolee did drug/rape her one why would she keep going back to him to get “raped” . Tia isn’t responsible for a parolee actions.. Sue the right person. She just greedy $$$$$$$$

  • Pam Hall

    If she was raped why did she wait 2 weeks to report it?Sounds to me like she is trying to cover her own ass because she didn’t want her family or church ti know what she has willingly done,she wasn’t planning on getting pregnant ,,safe sex ppl,,, This whole story is nonsense,,own what’s yours and stop trying to get something for nothing,

  • EyeOn

    Girls go after guys that are on TV all the time. Add to that, Toney is good looking, and my guess is that she came on to him. Would not be the first time that a girl who got pregnant claimed rape, after the fact, to try to make it look like it wasn’t her own fault that she got pregnant. If that’s the case, then it’s the most self-centered, selfish and heartless things a person can do … falsely accusing an innocent person of a crime. Especially cruel when that person has made mistakes with serious consequences and then changed his life for the better. Even if/when she gets caught in her own lies, there is so much damage done. His reputation is shot and VRC gets shafted. Things are tough enough without this crap to deal with. Her version just does not add up, and her claims do not sound true. If she was victimized, then I apologize for being judgmental. But, my instincts tell me that it is Toney that has been victimized.
    So questionable! It’s easy to claim to have been drugged. How does one prove that they did not drug someone claiming it? The STD mentioned could be a relevant twist that helps to unravel someone’s story. She is accusing him of several crimes, not just 2 counts of rape. If it’s not true, then I am sickened by these claims. Regarding the involvement of VRC and the show, ridiculous! He’s a grown man and any claims against him have no relationship to his employer. If you work for McDonalds and you commit a crime, is it somehow the fault of McDonalds that they didn’t control your behavior? That’s nuts!

    • Olu Bukonla

      Over 80% of the adult population has HPV

  • Heather Dawson

    This has nothing to do with the dogs. She is a christian? She should ask for forgiveness for herself. I am a christian and I believe that God will provide a path, especially for the dogs. I am a recovering addict, been to prison, and will always have a passion for dogs. There is a connection that could save the lives instead of destroy them.

  • Laddy Ward

    Thank you Dawn and Darcy! I feel the same Way.Is there Revenge for something
    involved? Is she trying to hang her Pregnancy on ‘someone’? And trying to get
    Ms.Torres also.Who has shown nothing but caring,Love and hard Work in all
    she does. She can’t possibly babysit those Guys.So,I hope it all turns out

  • Jordan Ray-Rogers

    Here’s the thing… why is a seminary student at a bar with a man she doesn’t know in the first place? And if she was indeed drugged and raped, why not report it the next day so they could have run a rape kit and tox screen? If she suffered such emotional and physical trauma, there is no way she would have gone back to confront him. And why did she allow herself to be alone with him again? This woman found out she was pregnant and then cried rape. Rape is a sickening crime, and an even more sickening false accusation. She doesn’t want to look like a whore to her family (not to say she is one in any way) but her background has to be taken into consideration. This is completely disgusting, and her story can be ripped apart. I hope the defense rips her apart and the countersuing measure is successful. God Bless Villalobos and all its leaders, parolees, and dogs.

    • cyndyt

      That was my first question, What was she doing in a bar ?
      I am also wondering did she give birth or get an abortion. Personally, I have serious doubts she was a virgin or raped.

      • moms2cool

        Probably said she had miscarriage. Then she was pregnant but no way to prove a miscarriage in first trimester unless you need a D&C for excessive bleeding. Then they can inspect it and see if fetal tissue. I doubt she did anything like that, and was already pregnant before “incident” and needed a scapegoat because being an unmarried seminary student shouldn’t show up being pregnant. So this was her out, or if she wasn’t pregnant is filing a bogus suit to get money and fame. I hope they counter sue the heck out of her.

        • COJenn

          That use to be true but now from mom’s blood they can tell the gender and do DNA tests way earlier and without an amnio. But I don’t buy her story she is trying to tell, so I doubt there was a pregnancy. As a suvivor her story -sent back alone to confront him- there is no suvior I know that could go back to the same place or even part of town alone. I wouldn’t go with just the 2 detctives for part of the investigation, so I brought 2 people… Her story doesn’t make sense at all, so I too hope they counter sue for defamation the production company and the rescue and the bar and the individual!

    • Dianne Mullinnix Jones

      that’s what happened, her’s a girl, going to theology school, never had fun in HS. She goes to NOLA, prob 1st time on her own. Goes to a bar to party, not a soda. met Toney, and went home with him. That would of been the end of it, but she got pregnant, she had to think of a cover. She came back and slept with Tony again. my page isn’t responding darnnit

  • AnimalRescuer

    Exactly. It doesnt sound right. A rapr victim is SO traumatized they HARDLY EVER releasr their names publicly if it’s in a case like this!!!! Involving “celebrities”!! Wth! And ok so maybe it takes a day or 2 some times for some n others ARE different yes BUT 14days later!!!??? And she doesn’t go straight to police first!? ESP knowing it IS celebrity standing and involving popular tv show etc ummmm any girl and in mean ANY AND EVERY would DAMN sure KNOW they BETTER get a GREAT lawyer THEN go to police…
    ….NOT to CONFRONT the GUY /ppl she feels r “involved” at an EVENT that she had to obviously be CLEAR minded enough since she HAD TO AND DID SIGN UP FOR IT!!!! WTF?!? I think its Pretty obvious that she went as a fan girl….((**OF** –HIM– ORRR hell maybe ANY or ALL?! Of the PAROLEES?!)) Ya know… Since she was only there to “check it out” since its a tv show AND hmm idk about anyonebelse BUT …. IM thinking….no offense, and god forgive me (since rape to ME is NO joke like it IS to soo many who cry out rape unfortunately, wen its convenience FOR them…..)……. hot guys slutty girl???? She was there probably checking it out looking all decked out… Since WOW…. NO BRAINER here ….THEY MET n she was ALL about going out?!….to their BAR!!!!???? No mentions of being there originally to look at OR ADOPT!!!!?!!!!! dogs AND shes trying to SCREW the innocent dogs worlds UP so muchworse …..then wat it ALWAYS ALREADY IS EVERYDAY!!! UNFORTUNATELY!!!! (THANK GOD FOR ANIMAL RESCUE. we bust our butts and habe broken hearts daily bc we have to deal with and SEE the HELL that others cause….. AND thank GOD for TIA!!+her family…. Pitbulls ESP r amazing dogs who have it the absolute WORST bc of PEOPLE!!!! DON’T LET ANYONE STOP TIAS FIGHT AGAINST THAT!!!! DON’T TAKE AWAY TIAS RIGHTS TO RESCUE!!!! The show has been a godsend for her rescue BUT it unfortunately DOES bring out ppl like JENNIFER STAMPFEL….)

    Im just now hearing this. Sooo… Hmm… NOT THAT much attention to the matter i guess huh Jenny…? SO much for you releasing your name….. like SO many traumatized victims… DONOTDO!!!

    NEXTtime you try to screw ppl over…. ESP after you, SCREW,…. Maybe you need a lesson in PTSD? YEA… it sucks… Its hard…. I could never SO EASILY confront the person who fd up my life. AND…. Watch some damn LAW AN ORDER SVU!!!

    i REALLY HOPE this issue has RESOLVED and gone AWAY!!!! If it DID god i HOPE SO!!….i STILL had to rant my 25cents in anyway; )

  • ShadyPines

    Yes, you can know 14 days after conception (sometimes a day or two less, but it’s not as accurate). Pregnancy tests are 99%+ accurate at that point. This chick is not right in the head. She’s just looking for money, clearly, and to shake down a non-profit takes a special kind of awful person.

  • roberta leaman

    This situation truly saddens my heart. Will tia still be rescuing?
    Where are the dogs, we love them all, we know their individual stories, im just sic

  • Brittany

    I love pit bulls they are my favorite breed

  • umystifyme

    It is not for me to say I believe or disbelieve either party. What I do not understand is what VRC has to do with this. As far as I am aware, this is the accused place of employment. Is Ms. Torres a parol officer? Was this man released to her custody? If not, then how is she & VRC responsible? Plus, as I read it, the crimes took place at a location other than VRC. If Toney committed a crime against this woman then he should be on trial & not a bunch of “locations” & “businesses” he is associated with… JMHO

  • a james

    Any good lawyer will tear her story to shreds. She is a seminary student who got pregnant with some other one night stand and made up this whole story to be a victim and not ruin her reputation as being a “Godly woman”. Why was she in a bar, why did she go to a house with him, why did she see him again, what happened to the pregnancy, does he even have the same STD, etc. Most defense lawyers would be dying to throw this back at her in court.

    • Cheri McDonough

      I totally agree. It sounds as if she was having a little fun with a ‘bad boy’ and she wound up getting pregnant. Of course, the truth would stain her lily white reputation so she had to cry rape in order to save face. And now she’s being greedy and looking for fame and $$.

    • marilyn

      What a horrible girl she is Tia her family and the parolees work so damn hard at looking after those beautiful animals and a little evil thing wants to destroy it hope karma bits her real hard

    • OnlyWink

      Not to mention the whole “found out she was pregnant 14 days later”, was she taking a pregnancy test every day after the event which I suppose might be true if rape had occurred, but pregnant and a STD does seem like a bit of overkill. I think pperhaps she got pregnant and/or perhaps a STD and then it was holy cow I need to find a way to explain this and this guy on parole from prison attached to a well known rescue organization on TV seem a convenient target. I dare say she thought in her avericious little mind that they would settle without a peep to avoid any unpleasant scandal.

  • Alan Frost

    Money grab pure and simple, I hope VRC wins the counter suit and is awarded enough in damages to cover their costs.

  • Catherine Gristina-Rushin

    That girl is wacko! As a rape victim i tell you it would not have happened twice!!! And yes tia, dont sue the dogs over your greedy lie!!! Shes wanting $$$$ thats her scam! Lol

  • Maryellen Elizabeth

    I don’t believe this woman. She’s nothing but a greedy liar, and I feel sorry all the innocent parties whose world is being turned upside down.

  • Cyndi16 Middleton

    who in the world that honestly gets raped (a virgin no less, so she says) waits 14 days to report it, and then joins a group to confront him? Looks preety obvious the “virgin”?? hebrew?? whatever, what in the world was she doing in a bar? looks as if she seeked out Tony has sex with him, got pg couldnt explain that one away without blaming someone else being a “holy virgin” and all. And WTF does VRC have to do with any of it. Hope God forgives this obvious money grubbing, life destroying, fame whore. sorry for the aggressive attitude, and good luck to Tia, VRC and Tony

    • doglover

      One point is unfair that we are all saying–why did she wait 14 days. I have known young woman who have been date raped and they were so mortified they swore everyone to secrecy. By the time people talked some sense into them it was too late. Although one young man had been reported to have done the same thing to another girl, the district attorney said you couldn’t bring in past actions and it was just his work against hers. Now, if we look at that example, why isn’t it the same thing? His vs her word. That must be why she wants a jury–she figures they would believe her. But even if I believed everything she said, why would she involve Tia and VRC. It is because those are the people they can get money out of.

  • Val Marler

    I agree with everyone but there is a bigger issue being missed. Between the first and the second rape, she SIGNED UP for a boot camp, to “confront him” that placed her IN HIS IMMEDIATE SPACE, not for moments, but for the duration of the boot camp, of which I’m not clear? And she claimed to have needed to confront him 14 days later when she found out she was pregnant? No signs, no symptoms, but she’s going to go have the VERY expensive pregnancy test that identifies if you’re pregnant in a week? Who does that? Like others, been there too. Its not something you want to know. In fact, most woman would overlook many symptoms for months being in denial. This is wrong. She’s greedy, or she wouldn’t be going after anyone BUT the accused.

    • Laura Bishop

      That jumped out at me also! She gets raped and then goes right back into the thick of it with the alleged rapist?! Insane. She’s lying if you ask me…..

  • Janice Golding

    this is just bull sorry she is just looking for money and the animals are paying for her crap VRC and the production company had nothing to do with any of this and I don’t believe that she was Raped because those of us that have don’t want our names in writing ever. She is no good and when this storm blows over VRC needs to sue her for defamation of char and abuse to animals ( min is 8 yrs or 5000.00 dollars )

    • Laura Bishop

      I 100% agree with you.


    I have been raped and I would not go back for a 2nd time. She is supposed to be going to a seminary,she doesn’t act like she’s altogether all she wants is money for her college ,if that what a lire and ficious human to blame the blameless .we got a mental problem .

  • Tracey J Kelley

    I believe that she was already pregnant and had sex freely with him. Why else would she wait 14 days to report the so called rape!

  • Haliwell Hobbs

    I rescue dogs in Mexico and have over 300 in my care with very little help from anyone. Check our our Saint Vincents Home Guadalajara facebook page and my webpage. Need help urgently. thanks http://www.gofundme.com/4ej3ic

  • babygirl23

    She is a scammer. I hope that HER lawsuit is thrown out and they sue HER for damages. How dare she. IF she was raped she wouldn’t have gone back.. and um 14 days later she found out she was pregnant… Really… It usually takes at least a month to find out. Plus. DO a DNA test to see if he is the baby daddy. Plus she can sue him but VRC has NOTHING to do with it. Shame on her.

    • Olu Bukonla

      She was probably pregnant when she slept well him

  • joz molody

    When someone is drugged like that it can take weeks for them to get their head clear and have maximum recall of events. For days you may not even remember anything more than a fog or flashes of things that happened. It’s especially difficult when the attacker sounds sympathetic or strongly accuses you of behavior you don’t remember.
    You do NOT just wake up clear and refreshed with total recall of events. Many people drugged this way never achieve full recall of events. Some even die from the drugs.
    I also find it horrible that on public record Villalobos purchased several homes around Villa Lobos where it seems she and her children live. The animal shelter has no need of multiple private homes-none of which have any kennel licenses. These are not listed as rental properties generating an income for the animal shelter either.
    The show even featured the waterfront home bought for the “boys” to live in with dogs featured because of medical reasons but not available for adoption according to what I’ve read.
    No surprise that the “charity” refuses to list any financial information anywhere as above board charities do to let donors know they are spending their money wisely.

  • Ladybug’s Sissy

    OMG. This is horrible. Why would she sue Villalobos for something an individual did? This, I agree, is keeping monies from our beloved dogs. Go Tia…. Maybe you should start a “gofundme” website. While I sympathize and am appalled IF this situation did occur, don’t make the dogs suffer. Please.

  • Tara Crabtree

    She wouldn’t have so much dogs , and money problems if torra put the unadoptable pittbulls to sleep, and put time into the adoptable dogs , shes a dog hoarder , not a rescuer , none of the dogs on the show are trained , they walk the dog most on harnesses , and let the dogs drag on the lead , jump on people and they have no people training , these dogs are out of control , she should train the dogs to walk next to them , on a collar or choke chain , they dont know what there doing

    • Cheryl Lindberg

      Tara, obviously you are one of the people that Tia rescues dogs from, either you don’t like dogs or don’t like pitbulls and I have been a volunteer dog walker at VRC. I went to New Orleans just to volunteer and it was the most rewarding experience of my life and the dogs, they were not all in harnesses and they didn’t jump on one person. Yeah, they do have a tendency to pull but that is a trait of terriers and pits are from the terrier family. Tia does the most wonderful thing in the world to take on these dogs and to rehome them, to call her a hoarder and claim she doesn’t know what she is doing is stupid. To suggest euthanization, there are too many high kill shelters in the U.S. already. I know a lot of people that I think have too many kids, so should they euthanize the older ones so the younger ones have a better chance in life. The more I learn about people, the more I love my dogs. You are stupid and you cant fix stupid. In fact duct tape cant fix stupid but it can muffle the sound. Some one needs to muffle the noise and nonsense coming out of your pie hole.

      • Tara Crabtree

        No , i am not , i would never own dog that would try to kill me , and tia doesnt rescue dogs she hourds them , these dogs walk out a head , they drag , and not once are they walking next to the dog walkers , a rescue , puts unadoptable dogs to sleep, but tian keeps them in tiny little cages , they can t even play other dogs , why would you keep a fighting dog alive , she have over 100 or 200 unadoptable pittbulls , and now there full and cant take any more dogs in

        Sent from Samsung tablet.

        ——– Original message ——–

        • Annoyed

          You know what would a better use of your time? Instead of spending time criticizing a woman/organization who does wonderful work, maybe you should spend time working on basic spelling, grammar and punctuation. Maybe once you get a grasp on that, you can try educating yourself on what exactly a rescue does. There is this thing, it’s called a dictionary. It can help you with your apparent educational deficiencies. It will even tell you what the word rescue means. You don’t euthanize a dog because of what humans have cruelly done to them.

          I’m sure you have a problem with undesirable humans being euthanized, but dogs? Apparently not.

        • Rick Coppess

          Where you dropped on your head to many times as a child? Pitbulls are some of the most loving dogs in the world, more chihuahuas bite people every year then pitbulls. Have you ever trained a dog in your life, by hearing the garbage that you have spewed I can guarantee that you haven’t. Chock chain are negative reinforcement and when you have a traumatized animal that’s the last way you want to train them. You are just a Internet troll that has nothing better in their life to do but run your uneducated, ignorant hole under your nose. Get a life and a clue and grow the hell up.

          • Tara Crabtree

            Ha ha i havent laughed so hard in my life, pitbulls are banned in so many US states, in many countries around the world including Australia, so tell me what countries or states chihuahuas are banned from, ha ha you were dropped on more then your head as a baby, and yes i have trained many dogs , dogs that were going to be put down as their owners couldnt handle them, you are some crazy guy that is stupid and knows nothing about dogs, we have being to America and on cruise ships with my service dog chihuahua, so tell me how many pitbulls service dogs have being anywhere in the world, answer none, as most of the US states are banning them, i have never being nasty or cruel to you, so you are just some idiot that thinks he knows what he is talking about, so good luck in your life, as i have a life, im educated and love dogs, these pitbull are turning on their familes for no reasons, they all should be banned.
            Sent from Samsung tablet.

            ——– Original message ——–

          • Shawn Meredith

            Tara, I have a pitboxer, and she pulls. You do not know anything on dogs. The reason she does not have the dogs together cause some dogs do not like to be around other dogs, but are fine with humans.

          • Tara Crabtree

            What is the point of keeping these dogs alive then , dog aggressive pittbulls can’t be adopted out , so why keep them alive , shes meant to be a rescue , but instead shes hourding unadoptable dogs , that are dangerous and would kill any dogs there put with , why doesnt she put the unadoptable dogs to sleep then ? Know wonder why shes overun with dogs , and cant take any in , what live do those poor dogs have , i have a german shepherd, whos 1 year old and he is my service dog , he behaves better then those pittbulls , she teaches those dog that they can , jump on people , lick there faces and lips , let those dogs drag people on lead when walking , she doesnt know how to even train a dog , those dogs are out of control , how is she a pittbull expert and one of the best trainers , ceaser millarn trains dogs better , she is hourding dangerous dogs and they would kill other dogs , if the aspca took all off the dogs and done behaviors test and adoption test , all those dogs would fail and be put to sleep , villalobos should be shut down

            Sent from Samsung tablet.

            ——– Original message ——–

      • Tara Crabtree

        Yes she does , when tia was using a face harnses , she said dont the the dogs , use treats to get there attention, she should use choke chains and if they pull , pull the choke chain , and make the dogs walk behind them , she has no idea how to walk a dog

        Sent from Samsung tablet.

        ——– Original message ——–

        • Cheryl Lindberg

          and what exactly makes you an expert on walking dogs? You are as ignorant like a lot of people that don’t understand bully dogs, they are not born mean but the lack of training and the mentality of the people that own them is the problem and your solution is to kill them, you obviously are an ignorant inbreed and would really like to know the reason why you don’t like Tia, what has she ever done to you? but I will just consider the source because you are only one person out of millions who doesn’t respect Tia or the wonderful things she does. Does having a face muzzle on mean a dog is mean and should be put down? then I guess my mini schnauzer is mean cause she has to have one on at the groomers because she doesn’t like her feet messed with. I certainly am not going to put her down. dogs react to things like this out of fear. All I can say to you is stupid people shouldn’t breed cause they just create more stupid people, just look in the mirror. you really shouldn’t express such negative thoughts about a subject you obviously know nothing about and if you don’t like Tia, nobody is twisting your arm to watch the tv show.

          • Tara Crabtree

            Ive seen how they walk the dogs on the show , those dogs , drag the people , and are allowd to walk how they want , they should walk behind , not in a frenzy, these dogs have no training , a dog should jump on people and lick peoples faces , that is all a dominant behavior if they jumped on me i would knee v the dog in the face , why would you keep dog aggressive dogs alive

            Sent from Samsung tablet.

            ——– Original message ——–

          • Cheryl Lindberg

            Why keep stupid, ignorant people alive,you rescue, feed, clean and take dogs to the vet constantly and try to train over 400 dogs, Tia does the very best she can with the resources she has available and to one stupid person[ you] it just isn’t good enough. stop watching the show if it upsets you so much that they obviously cant do things your way. Fortunately for the rest of us it isn’t your show and we don’t have to watch an hour of killing dogs. you are some twisted sister and your opinions don’t really matter to the millions of us who are compassionate folks and appreciate all that Villalobos and Tia do for the dogs that cant help themselves. Remember, opinions are like assholes and everyone has one, you are the biggest one ive encountered in 64 years and I am done with you. Bye

    • Cheryl Lindberg

      and they are not in little cages, they are in large kennels and kept to the highest standard of cleanliness, you are just ignorant

  • imani1962

    How sad. What happens in the dark will shine through in the light. I feel really bad because these pit bulls really need a sanctuary and these men need a second chance. I have a pit bull rescue mix and she has saved my life. She may not be trained as a therapy dog but she is better than the therapist I have been seeing for years and years. For this woman to make up these serious allegations is beyond cruel. I hope she never has to find out what it really means to be a victim of rape. There are a lot of men who are paroled and don’t appreciate the second chance but others do. And for her to make up this bull is beyond evil. What a b i t c h. Like I said I hope she does not go through an actual rape. She won’t be worrying about her virginity she will be begging for her life. If a man is on parole and rapes a woman he is not going to let her live and then do it twice. That is ridiculous. Maybe she does need to experience what real rape victims go through. That would be perfect Karma for her.

  • Cheryl Lindberg

    Jennifer Stampfel is a lying gold digger and she will be caught up in her own web of lies and hopefully punished for trying to ruin so many peoples lives and the most important of all the dogs. No one believes her because it doesn’t make sense and she isn’t even a good liar because she cant keep her lies straight. The truth will prevail and this whole country will be laughing at her. She will be lucky to ever date again because men are wary of women like this. She set her sites on Toney and when it didn’t go her way, well ya all know a women scorned. She is a media whore whether it be positive or negative but she has cut off her nose to spite her face. Best advice for Jennifer, go to another country where maybe no one knows of her and her web of deceipt, if that’s possible with the popularity of the show. Tia didn’t lay down with her or 44 blue and as the old adage says you cant rape the willing. Jennifer, there isn’t a drug to fix stupid!

  • moms2cool

    A rape victim would NEVER go back to the location alone and see her rapist.She would be too traumatized way too upset, unable to function,depressed, I can go on and on.Plus most women do not know you are pregnant 14 days later. I hope if and when the baby is due they do a paternity test asap. But she “probably suffers a miscarriage” .Then it is her side versus his side. It has been 30 years since I was raped by a physician, in his office and I will NEVER go see a new male doctor without my husband present. This is after 30 years and I have a chronic disease that makes seeing specialists routine. My rapist was convicted after it came out that 47 other women had been raped by him. Since it was in the courts already, I didn’t have to testify and I am grateful for that. His ass was deported back to Central America where he belonged. The only thing that sucks is he didn’t do one day of jail time. He made a plea deal that he would just be deported.He did not lose his ability to practice medicine back home. His only slap on the wrist was he couldn’t practice medicine in USA and being deported to his birth country. I think that is evil but remember it was 30 years ago so there was no internet, or a way for us victims could connect with each other. The DA’s office just wanted it to go away. So no jail. NOT ONE FRICKING DAY OF JAIL. He was just deported,which means he could continue to practice medicine and prey on other women for years. This was devastating but at least he was gone from US. For all of us rape victims I beg that a huge law firm in New Orleans takes this case pro bono for VRC because this is disgusting. This is what I think happened. She needed to cry rape being a seminary student who found herself pregnant. How would she explain that to her school, her family that she was pregnant and no longer a virgin? So she concocted this story. Tia doesn’t employ any convicts that have been convicted sexual predators. I hope Tia sues the ass off this woman I really do. And she wants fame, I would never allow my name to be published . People would start to look at me funny, differently etc, and I worked very hard to get over this incident in my life. I was young 18 when this happened to me and before I was sexually active. It is so traumatizing that no victim would go confront their rapist in this way. I am disgusted that she is getting away with this. And to any true rape victims reading this get help. There are support groups etc etc don’t let your rapist win by taking over your entire life. He’s not worth it.

  • Cheryl Lindberg

    No proof anywhere, she was drugged,did she have a baby, miscarry,abortion, Jennifer stalked Toney for a long time before she even went to New Orleans to make sure he wasn’t in prison for any sexual deviances. This women is in her 30’s, What women doesn’t know to report a rape immediately, get a rape kit done and if suspicious have a blood test done to see if drugs were in her system. Its all bologna probably because Toney didn’t reciprocate her feelings and as a last ditch effort, she went back,didnt receive things as she had thought, signed up for boot camp to try to win Tia over and that didn’t work either so revenge. Now she is demanding a jury trial, who does that? Maybe because of the tv show she thinks media and press will be in the courtroom and the media whore will get her moment of fame. He or she who laughs last laughs loudest. I hope VRC and company nail her to the cross, she is afterall a Christian LOL

  • Jen

    how dare she!!! These innocent dogs and the rescue center have nothing to do with this! Sorry I don’t give a shit about her rape claims! She is taking away second lives of these amazing aninals for her own self promotion this Stampfle girl. This is sickening. And any good lawyer will rip this bitches claims to shreds!!! Please animal planet you have plenty of money! Help Tia and her family fight this insanity. Of all things get rid of the parolee who she claims did this until he is cleared. Leave the dogs out of this!

  • Sassy Chero

    I don’t believe nearly anything this girl/woman says. She gets raped, doesn’t go to police for 14 days then goes back to “present” herself for another assault? Sounds to me like a good girl that got a bit of alcohol for the first time, met a good looking guy, they ended up in a 1 night stand situation and after feeling so overcome with guilt she concocts this “drugged/raped” story. She needs to come clean and tell the truth before this goes any further. My final thought on her lawsuit extending to VRC, just seems like she realized that Toney alone didn’t have the money pile she was entertaining in her fantasy story so thought she’d go after someone who potentially had a bigger payday. She couldn’t have guessed more wrong on BOTH counts. For anyone that has been raped or suffered through any other type of victimization either at the hands of a stranger, friend or family member, we NEVER EVER get ourselves in a situation that even remotely holds the risk of revictimization. I hope she gets shut down big time and maybe even do a bit of time (15? 30? 60!! days) for falsifying a police report and filing a frivolous lawsuit. Her attorney needs to tell her how ludicrous her story is and send her on her way. VRC you STILL have my support 100%.

  • Norma Knight

    All this girl is looking for is MONEY and her 15 minutes of fame. Somebody should sit her down and straighten her out. She is only hurting the dogs. She should know that she does not have a prayer in hell of winning this law suit. Nobody would be stupid enough to go back for seconds unless they liked it. As far as I am concerned this girl is disgusting and I wish they would just get this settled so that Tia and Villalobos can get back to their life without all this commotion in their lives. Tony and Tia I hope you win the counter suit and set this girl straight.

  • Aerogenous

    Story sounds off, but I am not saying what happened or probably happened or didn’t happen because anything is possible and I wasn’t there. What is just wrong in all of this is the inclusion of Villalobos in the suit. That is what makes this all completely fishy to me. I think she is simply trying to discredit the program that tries to give ex cons a second chance. Like it’s their fault she met up with this guy. Sad.

  • Beth Coen

    This entire situation sickens me!
    Villalobos Sanctuary is a Godsend for all of these poor animals that have no one but the Torres and family, including parolees, are angels to these dogs! All who have donated to them to help plus Animal Planet putting them on TV for all of the rest of us to share in the suffering and happiness of this family and their efforts for these beautiful animals, who just need love and attention. We all need to help them in this effort across the country!
    This woman has no right to sue Villalobos! Shame her for not caring about these innocent dogs and people who save, protect, and try to find better lives for them. Isn’t that what a Woman of God should care about? The safety and sanctity of life, rather than destroying it!
    I myself want to open a shelter where I live because we do not have one other than a pound. All animal’s deserve care and love just like people should. People make choices, some bad but mostly good. All animals want is to please us and be loved in return.
    I am sorry if that woman was raped, but the shelter and dogs didn’t rape you!!!!
    If it is true, it was a man, like you are saying!!!!!

  • jennifer

    Why wait 14 days to report it? Why go to his place of business and confront him alone? Why go at all? $$$$$$$$$$! She was told, or figured out who they all were. Sad.

  • jennifer

    No arrest? I would want him off the streets! Lawsuit instead? Sounds like $$ hungry to me!

  • doglover

    I would like to give money to VRC. I was looking up how to do it when I saw this article and was appalled. However, if I give money to them, then the money might end up in this girls hands or even worse, in her lawyers hands. Maybe better to buy specific things like dog food etc that can go straight to the dogs and can’t be claimed by unscrupulous people.

  • Lupe Keil

    i dont believe her, no one forced her to leave the bar with him. much less go to his house. no one made her go to the bar. To me it feels like she had a plan. how was she dressed that night? Why out of all the bars she piked that 1 to go to? It just not right what she is doing. I also would NEVER go back, not by choice anyway. But to sue VRC i dont understand. the dogs didnt do anything, maybe licked her. Tia, she didnt take her to bed. I think she is just looking for attention her 15 minutes of fame, at others peoples cost. i dont know if you can tell your pregnant in 2 weeks. who says she wasnt already pregnant and needed a fall guy? Maybe in her mind its easier to cry wolf to make herself look innocent in her parents eyes. Maybe she wasnt a VIRGIN anymore and is using Toney, because its all just a lie and now she is in way to deep….thats only my opinion..Good luck VRC your all in my prayers. God will Bless you for all the wonderful things you all do for HIS critters.

  • Joy Bet

    well I just found out about this and I just do not and will not believe this girl she is just a money hungry liar she didn’t know where to stop the story to make it believable so just kept adding on which made it that much more unbelievable what rape victim would go back to confront the rapist alone how dumb is this chick. I don’t believe it ever happened she is out for money and it just angers me to no end to think she is taking from the dog . I am a very much Pitt bull lover and have one that is such a gentle giant and also a rescue she just makes my blood boil

    • Melissa

      Your right she is taking money from the dogs, my brother rescued a bit bull she had had puppies & the owner was throwing the puppies up against his garage killing them. Jim “brother” was at his friends house they heard some noise went next door
      Jim being an animal lover hit the guy while his friend John called the cops. Needless to say the guy went to jail Jim brought the dog home & has had her for about 10 years now. She is a great dog & I mean that!!!

  • Mark Scheer

    Seens to me the woman is a gold digger,trying to take advantage of a parolee,and smelling money from VRC,good luck ,y’all deserve better than this .Tia you and your people are doing the Lords work,by the way I have 2 Pit Bulls myself,Sammy and Bonnie,greatest dog breed in the world.

  • karrie

    SHAME SHAME SHAME on this girl, and are you kidding me?! tia and her family are god sent! Tia with 2 daughters of her own would not allow this behavior, and im certain nor would she condone it. anything for a buck tho right?! even tho it would hurt countless animals! and im sorry however if i were ever raped..there is NO WAY i would go back to confront anyone…14 days later?! this was reported come on! please give me a break! disgusting!

  • Marsha Cody Reece

    Give them both lie detector tests. I think the girl is lying. If she wasn’t then she’d b just suing the guy she claims raped her. However she knows he has no $ so she decided to sue the rescue, Tia and animal planet.. She’s not even thinking that she’s gonna b taking away from those poor dogs. U accuse the person that does it to u. U don’t accuse ppl that had no part n it unless all u want is $. I say a lie detector will help sort some of this out. I pray she will stop lying if she is b4 she destroys this guy’s life and the animals lives all because he doesn’t have the same feelings for her as she has for him. She’s n love with him evidently. But don’t ruin someones life if they don’t love u back. If he really did rape her then by all means SUE HIS ASS! BUT DON’T SUE VRC, TIA, OR ANIMAL PLANET!!!! THAT’S JUST STUPID AND SCREAMS “ALL I WANT IS $!, $again this proves the saying “$ IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL! Another thing is she wants to b a preacher? Well u think god would want u doing this sweetheart? I mean yes if this man did this to u god would want u to forgive but also he’d want the guy to learn. But if your lying to just get $ then I think u need to find another line of wrk besides being a preacher.

  • mrtgirl

    While I can never condone violence against women I frankly find this entire thing highly suspect. The more I read about it the more I thing this woman is full of crap and looking for a payday at the expense of the reputation of a man who’s trying to get his life back on track and a group of people who have devoted their lives to the care and well being of abused, abandoned, and neglected animals and that frankly makes me sick!!! If as I suspect this is a case of regretting her own actions in the light of day and crying rape then she should be ashamed of herself for allowing things to get to the point where these defenseless animals are suffering!!!

  • Leshe Flood

    I don’t know what this lady’s problem is or her intentions, but thus situation isn’t just about you. This is an organization that helps animals and they definitely don’t have money to lose on a lawsuit. That bull about them needing to watch after the parole is crazy and only he can be responsible for HIS actions.

  • Denise Roy Clooney

    This is horrible! If this happened it is not VCR’s fault. She is just looking for money and by doing so hurting innocent animals.

  • Cornelia Ross

    I’ve been raped also. Never did i go back.This woman is plain evil, stealing from the dogs so Villalobos can defend itself. Seminary my foot.

  • Bill Watch

    Whenever I get raped I return to the place and see what’s going on.

  • Carolyn Gillette

    What has happened with this lawsuit? Hasn’t it been decided yet?

  • Jen

    This little biotch is ruining everything that Tia and her family worked so hard to accomplish for these beautiful animals!!!! Whatever happened – twice – to her has nothing to do with Villalobos the sanctuary/rescue!!! Leave them out of it! Praying that this goes away and that none of us Ever hear the name Stampfle again and that Tia and her amazing family keep saving these babies and keep doing the unprecedented work that they’ve been doing. Counter sue this useless girl and recoup the money that was wasted on this lawsuit that could’ve gone towards these precious aninals. God bless you Tia and Villalobos.

  • Carolyn Ann Pivarnik

    I don’t understand what a religious seminary student was doing in a bar!

  • Laura Louise Gascon-Goodwin

    I like many others wonder why a person who claimed she had been raped would go back to the same person at the same house for more. Apparently she wasn’t to afraid of the person who had supposedly raped her…if it had been me I sure wouldn’t have waited 14 days to report it. It sounds to me like this woman is just out to try and ruin a great cause and the lives of so many dogs that she rescues. VRC should not be in anyway responsible for what supposedly happened and anyone knows a woman who was supposedly raped would not go back to this guy’s home especially alone!!!!! Me personally, I believe that she willingly precipitated…..who knows she may be blaming an entirely innocent man….she was probably pregnant before ever being with the man she has accused bc she’s to ashamed to admit that she was sleeping around. And even say that it did happen between the two of them…..the rescue doesn’t deserve to be brought into it…..does that mean every time a woman goes to a bar and something happens that they cairan go after the bar owner??? I don’t believe her for a moment…..my God she went back for more…..come on makes no sense to me at all!!!! Anyone who has any sense at all should be able to figure that one out. Just want you to know I support 1000% what Tia Torres stands for….I admire and respect her so much! I only wish I could realize the same dream she has. My love for the pitbull is beyond measure and I’m the proud owner of a pitbull named Diablo….he is my life!!!! I hope that their are other people who believe the same as I do. Thank you for all that you do….I never miss a show. I hope that the show and rescue can continue for a long time to come! Don’t let this thing ruin everything bc she’s embarrassed bc she did something and got caught now wants to cry wolf.

  • Laura Louise Gascon-Goodwin

    She’s an embarrassment to the clergy and God. She should be ashamed of herself and what she is trying to do. It really angers me that these animals Are the ones suffering bc she wants the almighty dollar!!!!! Shame on you! God knows what your doing and he won’t be so forgiving to you…..remember that before you continue with your stupidity and greediness. I can’t believe that someone who claims to want to be a preacher would do something like this. How can you live with what you’re doing????? And why in God’s creation if this man allegedly raped. Why would you be DUMB enough to go back for more unless you meant this to happen just so you could make some money. You are one very sick and twisted person!!!!! May God be on the side of Tia and the rescue center….I say sue her for the damage to Tia and her rescue that she is causing. In no way should anyone be able to blame her or the rescue the woman obviously was stupid to go to the guys house she couldn’t be that darn DUMB….she knew what she was doing!!!!!!

  • Em L

    This girl needs to chill vrc is a wonderful organization that is ment to help dogs that are in need of help the dogs did nothing to this girl and they are going to be the ones paying for it how do you expect them to help the dogs if all the money is going into the lawsuit I think this girl should have just vrc out of it they have to take care of mad dogs and that’s hard enough how can you as an animal lover do this to them even like are u for real there are other lives to think about t

  • Softballumpire

    my problem with this women is she didn’t report till 14 days after she notice she was raped? and how would she not if he drug or not? i think this women its just looking for quick buck and using the popular so to hate on them she full of it

  • Sherita Johnson

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  • Sly’via Johnson

    This is my two cents on the matter / what was this “christian” girl doing in a bar? why did it take her getting pregnant to report the “rape”? I believe that this girl got pregnant and put out the “rape” story to cover her ass because she had sex with this boy and she didn’t want the school, church or her parents to know. It’s not the first time a chick wants to become a media ho after being caught being a ho. She aint the victim here and hopefully the courts will see through her.

    • Melissa

      Your right she got raped waited 14 days found out she got an std as well as pregnant goes back in the manner she did to confront him gets raped yet again then goes right to a lawyer. You’d think being raped the first time even being threatened that he’ll kill you if you say something would be anough to go to the hospital let alone the cops. Alot of victim’s will not call them selves victims they call them selves fighters I do & I was very young. Even if a lady has a knife to her throat & their life is passing by they do go to the hospital, cops. It would be a good thing if the Judge would read all of these remarks I don’t think he could not sure but like I wrote before not one of these comments are in her favor let alone no compassion. I can’t give her none,I think this is bullshit. I think your right that she’s trying to get money. & I’ve been on the painfull side of this story.

  • Kelly Myers

    Hold on… If this so called “victim” is planning on entering a Seminary, what the H*** is she doing in a bar? And any woman with half a brain knows that you keep an eye on your drink when in a bar! This girl is just after money! She met Converse at the bar and he probably (trying to impress her) told her who he worked for and she immediately saw $$$$!!!! This whole case needs to be thrown out and she needs to be prosecuted!!!!

  • SemperFi

    Does anyone know what the outcome of this case was or is it still pending?

  • Melissa

    Man this is so pathetic. First thing is NOT ONE person has sympathy for this girl, neither do I. That speaks volumes. I agree with everyone why would you go into a bar if your practising Christianity if i’m spelling it right. If by chance they don’t serve alcohol it still makes me wonder why you would go to a strange town a strange bar talk to someone you don’t know then leave with him go to a strange house even when she’s thinking her coke didn’t taste right feeling weird but still was able to know she was raped, goes back joins a victims program if I read it right only to confront him & it happens again. Others have been raped it could happen 2st but not like this why would you confront him alone who does that. Then claiming VRC,Tia,& the production company to be liable as well it is screaming $$$$. If he did do this it’s not like VRC & the production company helped. Why should they be responsible I understand he is on parole but he must have been given the ok to leave his home i’d think, if he’s able to go to a bar. But it’s still strange that this happened the way she’s claiming none of it makes since like doglover said why would you go to the lawyer first? I couldn’t help not say anything I watch PBs & Parolees I commend them for what they do for someone to mess this up is sad. Let the 2 adults work this out I do hope he didn’t do this cause it could give VRC a bad name & make things harder for Tia & the dogs thats another thing why would you rape someone cause you know it’s going to come out & I would think he’d know it would make things hard on everyone else that is if he cares. Being on parole as well if he still is. I do hope they really dig into this I wish we could read the txt & e-mails if any. The whole thing is pathetic it should be just the ones involved 2 grown ass adults. Not the crew the dogs Tia her kids. Man I really hope justice is done right the Judge flat out says you can’t include VRC Tia or the company just you 2 are in this case. Everyone has said alot here I just had to say something to cause it got me so upset I really feel bad for the dogs I really do.

  • Melissa

    PATTY FROM 7 MONTHS AGO YOU SAID IT GREAT. I just keep reading all the replies came across your finally & you said a mouth full I wish I could have said just as perfectly. Like I said in my other post this should be just between the 2 mentioned him & stampfel, if he did this then he’ll pay but why in the f#@k would you go back in the manner you did going back to the scene of the crime i’d hate to say that a lady could be asking for it b iut t how could I not say it in this case? Im a rape victim im a fighter & their is know way i’d do what you did. The only way I’d go back to confront him is with my brothers cause they would kick some ass. But once again if I told them this story they would stand by me but ask what was you thinking going to this guys house when your thinking my pop didn’t taste right your thinking is getting fuzzy ya they would ? The story then say go to the hospital then get the police involved

  • Becky Hankins Leger

    Something smells fishy here. Sounds more like someone looking for a fast buck. No way should bar or VRC be blamed even if what this lady is saying is true.

  • Pamela Ouellette

    I’ve seen this before! She didn’t cry rape until she found out she was pregnant. If it really was rape, why wait 2 weeks and then go back again??? I don’t believe her story because it’s too convoluted.This kind of b.s. makes it hard for actual rape victims to be believed.


    This is my opinion and it can be right and it could be wrong, but I am seeing a seminary student that made a bad choice and got pregnant. Rather than admit she made a bad decision, she accused a man of rape. After all he is a parolee so who will you believe?? I don’t believe her for a minute. She is just trying to get money and save face in school. Shame on her. Nobody waits 14 days to report a rape and then sues people that had nothing to do with it.

  • Jess Andrienne.

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  • All My Kids Have Paws

    Listen….all who have doing the whole back and forth with Tara Crabtree…this girl is apparently completely uneducated and not, by any stretch of the imagination, an intellect. I mean just pay really close attention to her posts. Her grammer and spelling are horrible..which is made worse when you know there are programs that can correct both. Plus, she purports to be some kind of trainer yet, she extols the e of collars, choke collars and leashes for dogs who pull. She really has a problem with harnesses but, there again, her ignorance dominates. Dogs who pull should NEVER be lead with a collar or choke collar because of the extensive damage it can do to their neck (inside and out), throat and airway. For example collapsing trachea is made much worse, much faster with a collar.
    She is completely off-topic … with all her ranting about pitbulls! The topic here is a woman who alleged a rape, etc. You know, I am sure that people who are truly ignorant enough to believe that any puppy comes into this world mean, you cannot argue with. I understand, believe me I do, but thankfully the people who can be taught and educated on the subject are the ones that matter. Just think of it like this, the time you spend going back and forth with someone who cannot learn, would be much better spent actually working to make sure that the people that matter know Breed Specific Laws do not work and are at their base nothing more or less than discrimination. BSL is racism towards dogs.. period!!! If she or anyone like her reply to this post, I will not respond because I have much more important things to do with my time.
    Now…to get back on topic…does anyone have any idea what Ms Stampfel supposedly did with this alleged pregnancy? Personally I think she watched the show and whether she had already focused on Mr Converse, or he was just the first one she ran in to, I think she went to NO with a plan. Maybe she figured she could hook up with somebody & get on the show & when that didn’t work, she cried rape, etc. Maybe she saw him on the show, developed a relationship in her head and figured she would go down there and they would get married. If you remember, one of the twins got married on the show. Maybe she had always planned to accuse a parolee of rape, whether or not she had one the plans above. I mean, who would the police believe, a seminary student or an ex-con? At any rate, I think she had ALWAYS intended that she would end up getting money and/or fame…which also explains why she “wanted to get tge story out”. She may still think she could end up with her own show or whatever. I don’t know what she thinks it is going to get her because nobody believes her and nobody feels sorry for her. We all know that the biggest victims, if she gets her way, will be the dogs. People will hate her for it…so if that is what she wants…she is there…we already despise her for the damage she has already caused them!!! She should be deeply ashamed!!!

  • nip

    her story stinks to high heaven….why would she go back, why would she not contact the police immediately, why is she suing VRC????? VRC is where he worked, and has no responsibility to his actions when he is not there.

  • Scott AD

    Today I checked my phone it was 11:11, filled my tank it shut off at 18.18. So I bought a lottery tickey , so I am playing Powerball and I definitely swear if I win the first thing I am doing is buying a huge rescue center for Tia, a year worth of quality dog food, paying vet bills and donating 1,000,000 to the Rescue Center.

  • Scott AD

    He got with her at the bar. They got messed up. She later found out she was pregnant, she was going to some Clean Church School, freaked out and made herself a victim, to make it alright at the church, make some money now she is pregnant and screwed, she in fact is raping the character of a parole because she can, and screwing Tia over, the rescue center over and the network.

    Selfish, careless, gold digging lying girl!

  • Beaty Klein

    She is suing everyone for “failure to supervise” Converse. WHAT! She went out with him. She did not claim rape until she was pregnant. Then she came back to “confront” him. Why confront him at his house? She could have done it at VRC. Why is there still a civil suit when the charges have been dropped? WOW WHAT A LOAD. GET A CONSCIENCE AND STOP TRYING TO GET RICH AT THE EXPENSE OF THE DOGS.

  • Jae

    I don’t care if she was at a bar. I don’t care if she decided to have a one night stand. I don’t care if she got pregnant out of wedlock. What I think happened is so obvious: a seminar student cuts loose, no big deal, but then upon finding out that she was pregnant she did what any girl would do in that situation… she went to tell the father of her baby she was pregnant. What follows is asinine, but a panicked, reaction to a desperate situation for her; considering her chosen future profession. The man that fathered her child didn’t give her the reaction she was hoping to see. So, she cries rape, sues him and everyone/thing that *he* cares for and about. That’s pretty clear.
    I will say that there is no ‘you should’ve’, ‘could’ve’, ‘would’ve’, whatever when it comes to rape. There’s no need to even use excuses. Rape happens because of rapists, period.
    Not because of what someone was wearing, or because of what someone was drinking, or because someone didn’t watch their drink, nor because someone chose to go to a bar (regardless of their religious affiliation). She freaked out. It’s as simple as that. We don’t need to demonize all the teeny tiny little things every other girl her age does on a regular basis, that’s not the point, and it is a huge disservice to those who are raped. Because victim blaming is just as lame as crying rape when it never happened.

  • Tracy Swenson

    Let me see,got raped,waited 14 days,signed up for a program at VRC to “confront” alleged rapist and got raped by him again,get a life you sleazy slut! and I in no way think a woman should be victimized,but how odd that 14 days AFTER supposedly being raped we all know there are no bruises signs of evidence etc. And then another rape,why at this point not go directly to emergency room? IF she had sex with the guy & IF it’s his baby,sounds more like a child support case between the two of them.

  • Tracy Swenson

    I would be surprised if she is allowed to keep all these people on any lawsuit anyways,they would have had to be part of this “alleged” crime,which sounds more like she had a fling with someone who works/worked there. How many of you got raped & were allowed to sue his employer? SMH

  • BlueDesert

    I’m just reading this tonight (9/30/2016). I am horrified ” Pitts and Parolees” is my favorite show. I keep checking Animal Planet because it seems it should be back with a new season. I finally Googled Villa Lobos Rescue and found this extremely disturbing article 9more than a year old). I feel like I’ve been kicked in the throat. I don’t believe this evil predator for one second.This is a set-up from the word go with some shady ambulance chasing lawyer.Tia,her family ,the parolees and all the dogs are gifts of grace and love to the world. This horrible creature is trying to destroy it all. She hangs out in a bar,picks up a guy and gets raped 3 times by him over a month ? Ridiculous ! Money-grubbing street-trash seminary student? She should be ashamed. I wonder if her parents are proud of their evil spawn ? I bet she never gave a second’s thought to Tia and her group and probably doesn’t like dogs. Hopefully this will be rectified quickly and Tia and her family can get back to their important work.Our entire planet is under siege by crazed lunatics at every turn. Ms Torres (and Dr Dee and Dr Jeff) were really the only things tha make me think everything will be alright. I do know that KARMA-when it comes-and it will come soon- will take care of this moron.

  • mike-mcdonald

    bring bac/k puttbulls and parolees for many many many more new seasons asap

  • Diane Mayfield

    Totally doesn’t sound right. You don’t normally test positive for pregnancy 2 weeks after sex. Her period would have just been due. Why would she go back a second time if he raped her? NOT!!! I think she was pregnant and knew it when she slept with him so she could yell rape and blame him. She is a theology major and gets pregnant before marriage. She is trying to avoid the scandal for her actions and what better than a parolee to blame.

  • mike-mcdonald

    new season of pitbulls and parolees nov.12th 2016 at 9pm eastern

  • Roxanne Baker

    I believe its the 9th season….

  • Sherena Marvin

    She SERIOUSLY waited TWO WEEKS, before reporting the alleged rape??????? Sounds a bit fishy to me. And suing Tia and the Rescue Center?? Wtf lady, the parolees are her EMPLOYEES, NOT her CHILDREN…she can’t keep an eye on each of them 24/7, nor should she have to!!! Most of them are responsible enough to keep themselves out of trouble and away from bitches like her, who want nothing more than to cause problems for them.

  • Denisa Guillermo

    Regardless of what happened with regards to “a rape”, so much good has come from this rescue for the pitbull bread. I love the bread. Pitbull are the most loyal bread I have ever known. And I know my dog breads. People in the south bread pitbulls and sell them for dog fighting. When I lived in Columbus, Georgia I called animal control because there were people doing this down the street from me. These poor dogs were on 500 pound chains, in minus 11 degree temps, and animal control did nothing. There were over 18 dogs. There were entire litters of puppies abandoned in the wood lines around us. So people please remember all the really wonderful love everyone at the rescue center has done and please don’t give up on the rescue center. We should all be so kind and generous with our time and hearts to give the bread as they have.

  • gay johnson

    why are Seminary students hanging out drinking in bars?

  • Lesli Arney

    The law suit against Tia is BS. She has nothing to with another person’s actions, period..this women has no right to sue Tia.

  • joz Harris

    What people don’t want to understand is that if you are drugged it takes a while to piece together your memory. It can take weeks and you may never even get the full memories back. Onlookers laugh at the woman who can’t hold her liquor after not even one drink and how great the guy helping the drunk is.
    Not smart to go back without at least one person as backup for you.
    The dogs get a tiny fraction of the profits from the bar so the family is suffering from loss of profits far more than the dogs suffer over the bad press. The a bar isn’t owned by villalobos where all proceeds go to the animals. It is for-profit owned by the family who then take the tax breaks with claims of whatever they donate to the shelter. There’s a massive difference between the 2.
    In public records there are a number of homes owned by villalobos where it would appear family and some employees get to live. If the bar and home are all owned by villalobos, they do have some responsibility in the matter. They employed the man around volunteers, they own a bar where an employee may have been able to drug someone because of lax security and they may have provided the home used to rape her in.

  • Elleon35

    Why go after Tia considering she wasn’t there when the two slept together and VRC is saving dogs lives. This just proves when you attempt to do a good deed the devil is always lurking around attempting to knock you down but there’s light at the end of tunnel and the truth will come out.

  • Pua

    Some people enjoy taking what’s not theirs , he’s a stud, sex is his game and then comes along a girl who gets used. SURELY she’s thinking he’d marry her now to make it official, sexed again and put out to dry. Well, She wanted his character smacked,she wanted revenge ,she, like most females that are raped, gets rocks thrown at her by the media fans… we’re no better than Sharia laws for females here in USA, land of sic football idolizers

  • lolinarose

    Whether she is telling the truth or not, I’m not sure. I would hope she wouldn’t be falsely accusing this man. If he did do this, he certainly needs to be held accountable. However, Tia and VRC definitely should not be brought into this. This rescue is supported by donations from the public and in essence they are being affected by this litigation since it is their hard-earned money that will be paying her off. Also negatively affecting the lives of present Villalobos dogs and other dogs that could have had a potential safe haven at VRC due to having to shut down some locations because of this lawsuit. Animal Planet should not be connected to this as well. I saw a show regarding the law in the past year and it spoke about how it used be law that if a family member committed a crime, all of that family and every generation to come would be held responsible as if they all did. So they changed the law because it was wrong, and ridiculous. Essentially, isn’t this going down the same path? Because a man works for you, you are responsible for him raping someone off the clock, without your knowledge? Rape is no joke. For the person it happens to, it is a life-changing experience, and one of the most horrible things to go through. I hope if this happened to her, she does get the help she needs, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and appropriate justice. However, because she is bringing people into this that have nothing whatsoever to do with it, which may be her lawyer’s idea, it makes her SEEM greedy and possibly untruthful or vindictive. I don’t want to be judgmental towards either her or him, because I don’t know what happened. All I can say is I 100% support VRC, Tia & her Family, and what they are trying to do to help the dogs (and hopefully some humans along the way).

  • rainbow

    Why is this conversation being had at all…..on line do we have no filters and putting that aside children that might just go on this site…..wow!

  • Olu Bukonla

    $137,000 is not a lot of money.

  • theknowgirl

    Craziest most f–led up story – women like this invalidate the voices of REAL rape victims who do not come forward for fear of not being believed because of wild stories like this. And to hold Tia and the rescue accountable for her lack of judgement (probably ‘religious remorse’ for her OWN actions) – and put this hardship on her, her family, her employees and her dogs infuriates me. So glad for Tia this ‘trial’ is over🐶.

    • theknowgirl

      Craziest most f–led up story – like this invalidate the voices of REAL rape victims who do not come forward for fear of not being believed because of wild stories like this. And to hold Tia and the rescue accountable for her lack of judgement (probably ‘religious remorse’ for her OWN actions) – and put this hardship on her, her family, her employees and her dogs infuriates me. So glad for Tia this ‘trial’ is over🐶.

  • Nunya

    Why has the discussion turned to that one lady? I was raped at the age of 12 and guess what? I live a normal life. Im not paranoid. And the fact of the matter is the lady above 👆 is trying to get some money. I was also a bartender for some years. If he was working at the time of her being drugged- the bar, bar manager, and/or bartender could be held responsible. If he was not working she has little to no case. Its a personal dispute. All other affiliates such as the rescue and sanctuary should not be held accountable. I dont know all the fact. But you really have to move on in life. Are you really living if your scared to go shopping? Get a gun sweetie. And learn how to use it.

  • Ruth DelaCerda

    So, my question is Where’s the baby and was a paternity test taken?

    • Debs

      seems she had a miscarriage?! This lawsuit is being dragged out in the hope that VRC/Tia would bleed so much money that they would be forced to settle just to stop from bleeding out but they aren’t just going after a celeb who would finally pay out of desperation but a non profit charity who has many supporters and who values their good name and are wise enough to know that to pay off a scam artist would open themselves up to even more low lives who care only for easy money. It’s just sickening that the money donated to help fight this bogus claim should have gone to the care of the dogs. It also seems that she is has been claiming that a std has given her cancer.

  • Tashia Chevalier

    If she was raped she was not raped by the people of Pitbulls and Parolees or the staff or the crew other than one individual why should it be everybody else’s fault why should this woman he’s trying to do good for dogs have to suffer because of the alleged bad choices from one individual people that seek out hurting everybody because of their selfishness they make me sick I can’t even at nowadays believe that she was right if she was I am so sorry I know what it’s like but it seems that everybody just wants to go after seeing somebody and getting the almighty dollar that’s what this entire world is come down to its disgusting now you can’t trust the word of anybody because their word is motivated by money and that’s it!

  • Roxy Bryant

    If a man drugs you then takes you to his house and rapes you why would you
    A. Wait 2 weeks to report it and only because you found out you were pregnant?

    B. You joined a “bully camp” to confront the guy and to inform Tia (you claim) so why the hell would you have went back to his house, where the first “rape” occurred to “confront” him alone and put yourself in the position to be “raped” again?

    C. Why include Tia, VRC, the production company or Joe Blow from Alamo in the lawsuit? They didn’t “drug or rape” you!

    Hell, if your that sue happy why stop there? Why not the court house where he was sentenced, the judge who sentenced him, the city he grew up in, his parents, the school he went to, the parole board, the prison, the parole officer?

    You are an opportunity whore, you meet a guy who works at a rescue center that you KNOW is a TV series and you see $$ signs so a few months later you run into this guy again at a bar go to his house have sex and then cry rape when you find out your pregnant hoping to cash in.

    Trifling bitches like you do real injustice to REAL VICTIMS OF RAPE!!

    You should be arrested for false reporting, slander, defamation of character and extortion!

  • Ryan Kenneth R

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  • SemperFi

    A lot of people are posting “what bothers me…” comments. There’s a couple of things that bother me about the comments on this article. So many people are saying a Christian wouldn’t be in the bar. Why? Christians drink. They are not supposed to drink in excess, as in get drunk. Even Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding, so we know there wasn’t an issue with people drinking alcohol. I don’t drink as a personal choice. I never acquired the taste for it nor do I care for the buzz if I had 1 too many. So I choose not to drink alcohol and to be the permanent DD, designated driver.

    Another thing is the number of people who say they worry about Tia and the dogs. It’s one thing to say it. How many people put their money where their mouth is? I’m not a rich guy. I’m disabled with some pretty high medical bills, but I budget every month and use PayPal to send a little money to Villalobos, Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rehab & Rescue, St Jude Childrens Hospital and to Shriners Hospital. I divvy up $100 a month between the 4 of them automatically, so I don’t even miss it. But every February when I do my taxes, it’s nice being able to put down that I’ve donated $1200 total and take it off my taxes. I help them, they help me. I don’t say this to brag. I say this because if I can do it, so can you. http://www.vrcpitbull.com/how-you-can-help/donations/ Every little bit helps. If you can send $30 a month, $25 like I do, $20, or just $10, it all adds up! So if you are concerned about TIA and the dogs, or the Beasley’s and the best Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehab on the East Coast https://www.seaturtlehospital.org/ or St Judes or The Shriners, then set up a plan to send them something each month. That’s one of the things that makes our country so great! We support each other through simple things like this.

    I still don’t know how the case turned out for Tony. I hope it went in his favor and that he’s continuing to do well under Tia’s guidance! God bless everyone and Semper Fi!

  • Cattrena Gilbert

    I watch VRC but not all the time just when I sit down and turn on TV every now and then. I did not know that this had happened and definitely think it outrageous that this girl would call this rape (twice). Why would you get raped and then go back for more? The real issue is that she has gone against a rescue group to get money. MONEY! That is the key issue here. It’s what she is after. So sorry to hear what you guys have been up against. I think you guys are doing a great job. People see you rescuing these animals on the show and you make it look so easy. It is not easy! … and it takes money to do this. I applaud you guys/gals I should say. I have not heard about this and today turned on your show to see that you are in New Orleans. I went to look at your site and saw the letter that you wrote to the person that let her dog down by sending it your way, “I Killed Your Dog Today”. I am in total agreement with you. I see this all the time. I just found out July 11th that apparently one of our long time neighbors had vacated their house 6 months ago. They left behind a little dog (part chihuahua). I had thought it belonged to someone around where it hung out and had not noticed that the neighbors were gone. I asked a different neighbor about dog and found out situation. This dog is not receptive to people. I noticed the dog was pregnant and set about to trap her. Too late!!! She had the babies under a neighbors porch and now am feeding her there. I reached down in gesture to let her smell hand after she was done eating and she was aggressive toward me. I know that she is defending her babies but wonder if this will be an ongoing problem after babies are grown. Other then feeding her, I don’t know direction to take. Any information would be great. I don’t get on internet every day so if you leave me info I will get back. Why can’t these people take care of their own situation instead of leaving it for others to deal with? They didn’t even get her spayed. I own/love 11 discarded animals. Cattrena G.

  • BlueDesert

    @CoJenn. Sorry sweetie but’s time for you to shut up and go away now. You have completely usurped this conversation for your own pity party. I’m sorry you were raped/ This story is NOT ABOUT YOU.It’s about the ruination of a wonderful rescue organization and what tthe fake lawsuit is doing to them financially while they struggle to help homeless dogs. You need to seek psychiatric help. In 30 posts (at least) you just keep repeating the same baloney over and over. Rape is a tragedy but there are many disturbed women who claimed they were raped just to get noteriety. Just like the orginal sue-happy nut you sound completely un -balanced.You need to seek help for youself and stop blaming the world for your rape (if it ever even happened)

    To those of you reading this latest post (July 27,2017) Please scroll down thru all the comments to see CoJenn’s litany of insanity in post after post after post.The whole story of Pit Bulls and Parolees horrendous story has been taken away from VRC by your flapping gums. SHAME ON YOU !

  • irene mccallister

    She was raped in her home. Her fault for not having security at her home. VLR is in no way at fault. Not VLR responsibility to have armed guards around all parolees all time. Fault of prison for letting him out on parole.

  • Michelle Evans

    Here’s what I don’t understand: If she was raped by this person, tried to move on, etc., only to visit VRC, KNOWING that Ms. Tia works with parolees, then it sounded like the perfect set-up. The sad part is that Ms. Tia, her family, and the parolees are doing their part to save dogs who have gone through hell at the hands of humans, now have to contend with a person who’s only interest is revenge because she’s either possibly a gold digger, or a very sad, spiteful person. VRC may have their faults, but seeing only through TV the work Tia and her crew have been doing, the only thing this lawsuit will do is hurt the dogs that are either looking for homes or future dogs that could be rescued.

  • Linda Jo Lawson-Bruton

    I, too, have been raped. It’s not JUST that she went back – perhaps I would too, seeking revenge – but she allowed them both to be in an area private enough to engage again. I’m thinking, “I’m getting this guy back for raping me!” I’m going to confront him in front of a bunch of people. Her story is not credible.

  • Lori Wall

    Did she have a puppy or a kitten. I don’t believe her for one second. Nobody goes back for seconds if you were raped as she’s claiming. All she wants is money from who doesn’t matter.

  • Joan Darnell

    How do you determine that you are pregnant 14 days after a rape? She must be really fertile and a fast worker.

  • Claire

    She wanted her name KNOWN? To me that just says she’s an attention whore. I don’t buy it.