Erin Go Bark: The Most Popular Irish Dog Breeds and Names

wheaton terrier

This post was originally published March 17, 2015. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In celebration of St. Pawtrick’s — er, Patrick’s — Day, VPI, the first and largest pet insurance provider in the U.S., has listed the most popular Irish dog breeds and St. Patrick’s Day-inspired names, based on its database of more than 525,000 insured pets.

“The Irish heritage is widely celebrated in the U.S., and the pet loving community is no exception,” said Curtis Steinhoff, VPI director of corporate communications, in a press release. “While we may not have our own pet parade for St. Patrick’s day, we continue to see a trend of Irish-themed pet monikers year over year.”

No matter what breed or mix of breeds your dog happens to be, have a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day. And let’s hope every homeless dog has the luck of the Irish on March 17 and finds a forever family.

irish setter

Top 5 Irish Dog Breeds

  1. Wheaton Terrier (1,048 VPI customers)
  2. Irish Setter (366)
  3. Irish Wolfhound (257)
  4. Irish Terrier (152)
  5. Irish Water Spaniel (25)

irish wolfhound

Top 5 St. Patrick’s Day-Inspired Dog Names

  1. Lucky (1,571 VPI customers)
  2. Seamus (228)
  3. Clover (134)
  4. Patrick (98)
  5. Shamrock (52)

The most popular name for Irish Wolfhounds is Finnegan, VPI notes. Dublin, after the capital of Ireland, and Jameson, a famous Irish whiskey, are also popular names. Although VPI doesn’t mention it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bailey, after the famous cream liqueur, is also a very popular name, sure and begorrah.

irish terrier

Top 5 Irish Beer-Inspired Dog Names

  1. Murphy (1,443 VPI customers)
  2. Guinness (96)
  3. Harp (4)
  4. Smithwick (3)
  5. O’Hara (2)

irish water spaniel

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