Happy Day Care Dog Puts ‘Snoopy Dance’ to Shame (VIDEO)

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day care dog happy dance viral videoUntil now, Snoopy was pretty much the king of the happy dog dance.

But a little pooch in a doggie day care may have just snatched Snoopy’s crown. A video of the dancing pup has gone viral after being posted on Facebook and other social media, with nearly 64 million views as of this morning.

Kevin Clancy posted the 30-second video on YouTube Saturday, with the understated title, “Excited puppy spots its owner.”

Try not to smile as this little guy hops back and forth on his rear legs as he moves his front paws up and down (a lot like a sped-up version of the ’60s dance, the “Jerk”), then starts bouncing up and down.

And just try not to re-watch it two or 20 times!